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Kaavya and Ameya Mundkur’s meet with the Chi...

  In response to a casual dining table challenge, where they were told that if they felt so strongly about the right to privacy they should write to the Chief Justice of India, Ameya Mundkur (Grade 5) and Kaavya (Grade 8) did just that. They wrote a letter to the Hon. Chief Justice of India, J.S. Khehar, about the Right to Privacy being a Fundamental Right and mailed it to him. Later at a chance encounter in Bangalore, they actually got to meet and ask him if he had received and read their letter. He was surprised that the letter was written by kids as it was so well written. They immediately told him about the writing program taught at Inventure, Publishing, and invited him to school. The Publishing program at Inventure, and the Inventure culture of encouraging students to think and express themselves in a constructive manner, is highlighted at such occasions.

Inventure Academy Hosts Screenagers

  For the first time ever to an adult audience in India, Inventure Academy invited parents and their friends to a showing of the movie ‘Screenagers’ on Saturday,19 August, 2017. The documentary was followed by a lively discussion about the movie, led by Dr. Sheela Jayanth of Enfold. Dr. Sheela is a captivating facilitator and helped the audience navigate ideas such as:
  • How best to lead by example so that we can tell our children to “do what I do” and not “do what I say”.
  • How children can learn to be responsible for themselves and learn self-control; Dr. Sheela shared that self control is a bigger predictor of success than academics.
  • The need to both set and enforce consistent boundaries, especially around screens.
  • The teenage brain and the functions that it has not yet mastered.
Screenagers is an award winning documentary that probes into the vulnerable aspects of family life, including the director's own, and depicts challenges faced by teenagers over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through surprising insights from authors and brain scientists, solutions emerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world. More at The parent audience was engaged by both the documentary and the discussion and felt it was an afternoon very well spent. A 9th grader's father shared that his key takeaway was that “we should work on ourselves”. A mother of Grade 8 triplets appreciated the “straight talk” while another mom of students in Grade 6 and 10 felt that “this is just the start of the conversation. We’re all in this together and the more we work together, the more effective we can be.” The movie was first screened during Inventuring week to our senior students. Charmaine Alexander, senior school faculty noted that the “movie was an eye-opener for students of Grades 9-11” and that the startling fact that “under certain circumstances, permanent damage to nerve cells can happen was quite scary to learn.” Student reactions to the documentary varied from a 9th grader who said “it used more hyperbole than necessary”, to another who stated, “it was thought provoking” to the tongue-in-cheek, 7th grader’s “it doesn’t apply so much to me, but my mom really should watch it!” But perhaps the best summary of the documentary came from Primary & Kindergarten Head, Preet Aarons who feels - “Every parent should see this! It changed my mindset!”

What makes Inventure Academy the best internationa...

At the heart of education at Inventure Academy are the ‘Core Values’ that we seek to instill in each and every student - Nurturing Individuality and Teamwork, Providing Maximum Exposure, Inculcating a Passion for Excellence, Instilling Integrity, Encouraging Sensitivity and Fostering Dynamism. This ‘Spirit of Inventure’, is invoked by individual and collaborative pursuits of charitable, literary, artistic and intellectual natures, done in a way that is unique to Inventure. Here’s a look at some of the unique initiatives that make Inventure Academy one of the best schools in Bangalore:
  • Inventuring

At Inventure Academy, we begin each year with our week long foundation programme, Inventuring, which aims to discover each student’s unique learning style, strengths and needs. The informal atmosphere and the novelty of shared teacher-student activities generate a free flow of thought and ideas, paving the way for old and new students to ease into the more formal space of the classroom and the new academic year. Old and new students are oriented (or reoriented) into the school culture of teamwork, learning through exploration, creative thinking, problem solving etc., through exciting projects and experiences. This year’s highlight was the 'sleepover' at school - exciting, fun, and a liberating experience for some! The sleepover taught the students to be independent, to bond with classmates and teachers and feel comfortable about school. Students had fun building a tree-house and a rope course, making Dream Catchers and a Mandala, creating mosaic work on the benches in the Zen garden, and engaging in dance, music, public speaking, script writing etc., among other activities.

Inventuring at Inventure academy

  Primary School students enjoyed Inventuring Week tremendously. They participated in all the activities such as aeromodelling, pottery, quilling, waste management, etc with great enthusiasm and creativity. Here are a few videos you can watch, to get a sense of what Inventuring week is all about.

Inventuring at Middle School

Inventuring at Primary School

  • Maker Space Program

Inventure's ‘Maker Space’ is an environment which encourages students to think and execute ideas freely, without being overly concerned with the end outcome/failure/success. It focuses on building a student's confidence by stimulating cross pollination of ideas and encouraging them to enjoy the process of learning while ‘making'. The space encourages student's ideas to be thought through, with minimal restrictions, promoting the ideology to 'learn while you make’. Watch here to know more about this program:

Maker Space Program at Inventure Academy

  • ChangeMaker Program

The Inventure ‘ChangeMaker Program’ is a platform to teach our high school students to be advocates of positive change, in their neighbourhoods and beyond. This program is run by a pioneering teaching-learning community of volunteers, including academic experts, parent-entrepreneurs & activists, Inventure Management, and faculty. Here are some of the questions and problems that the Changemaking teams are passionate about pursuing and solving:

Chain Reaction

- Can students who understand a topic teach other students who may not have understood and maybe reticent to ask an adult?

Our Lakes Our Voice

- This will be the city and the ecology that we will inherit. Lakes are a vital resource for our city. They are dying. Can we save one?

Our Future Our Voice

- We may care about issues that decision makers taking decisions regarding our future may not be considering. How might we get our voice heard by them?

Our Traffic Our Voice

- Being hungry, sleepy, or wanting to go the bathroom while being on a one-hour school bus ride is not fun. Especially everyday! What can we do to decongest our roads?


- Beyond the bubble of our privilege are children just like us. Can we form connections and do something for them concretely?

Watch this video to know more about the changemaker program

  • Special Team Inventure Members

Labrador puppies at inventure academy   4 very special, furry and totally adorable, labrador pups are now part of ‘Team Inventure’! Mia, Talia, Raksha and Tasha, who are being trained as therapy dogs, have been brought to the school premises to bring students closer to nature, learn empathy towards other living beings, and draw them away from their gadgets. Read more about the initiative here
  • OLOV (Our Lakes Our Voice)

You would be aware of the numerous awards & accolades (including having a planet named after her at ISEF) that Sahithi Pingali, a Grade 12 Inventurer, has won in the past couple of months for her extraordinary work on the depleting condition of lakes in Bangalore. Sahithi’s journey with Bangalore’s lakes began with Inventure’s unique ‘Change Maker’ initiative, ‘Our Lakes Our Voice’. OLOV aimed at students from AIF(American Indian Foundation) and Inventure, doing an experiential case study on Varthur Lake, a 450-acre water body, to understand the impact of human development on the natural environment, with regard to water as a scarce resource. The team’s ndings through OLOV prompted Sahithi and her team to research the various factors that contribute to the pollution of our water bodies, through surveys, sessions with experts, and interviews with people who live and work around the lakes. The team carried out regular testing on ten dierent Bangalore lakes, for over a year. Here are a couple of videos that will tell you more about the OLOV initiative.

OLOV Part1

OLOV Part2

Here are some links where you can read more about Sahithi’s work and achievements.

Tree Relocation

Sensitivity and respect towards the environment are given utmost importance at Inventure. Three trees were translocated to #InventureAcademy in a unique initiative termed as the country's first crowd funded tree translocation. The trees which would otherwise have been chopped down due to a road widening project, are thriving in their new, loving and nurturing environment. Staying true to our core values of being socially responsible, we have demonstrated how technology can be used to bring about positive change and promote sustainable development and living. Click here to know more about the Tree relocation initiative. These, and many more such initiatives, are essential to the teaching-learning process at Inventure Academy, and are activities that go beyond academics of a traditional kind, that make children well rounded and aspire towards purpose and achievement. We work to ensure that these values and the spirit of Inventure, stay with our students through their lives, manifesting in their every action, adding confidence and enabling them to achieve, and lead, with wisdom, foresight and caring. Tree relocation at inventure academy

Student Council Office Bearers


Middle and Senior School

School Captain Druti Naik
School Vice Captain Advay Ramgopal
Sports Captain - Boy Shantam Agarwal
Sports Captain - Girl Aarushi Matyani
BA Captain Aryaman Dubey
Adventurers Inventors Nurturers Venturers
House Captain Aditya Narayanan Ananya Parthsarthy Yashvardhan NC Pratik Bhargava
House Vice Captain Sports Deviah P.C. Aayush Varghese Armani Vikram Ritu Alapatt
House Vice Captain BA Karan Sanal Visvaant Vardharaj Albana Khanna Ahana Advani
Academic Prefects Abhishek Jain Dhruv Bhatia Sahithi Pingali Aditiya Kolesseti Yash Podar
Wider World Prefect Diya Rakesh        
CommunityOutreach Prefect Ridhi Saksena        
Changemaker Prefects Sanaya Katrak Neil Karrerakatil Rohit Rayappareddy Kabir Madan
  Primary School    
Head Boy Aditya Narayan
Head Girl Kaavya Murugan
Sports Captain Ameya Mundkur
BA Captain Laasya Puranam
Adventurers Inventors Nurturers Venturers
House Captain Sohvi Mate Gautam Bhatia   Ananya Jain Arhaan Menon
House Vice Captain Arnav Raj Agarwal Kashvi Nigam Urvi Murgude Alayna Zaid

Mentoring Workshops for Teachers and Students

  Teacher Training: Inventure Academy had its first ever mentor training for all the mentors. The interactive and highly engaging session was conducted by Enfold and included topics like: The importance of mentoring in schools, mentoring skills (listening, empathy, a non judgmental attitude and caring confrontation). The various stages of mentoring was also discussed during the session. Inventure aims to conduct regular mentor training during the teacher training sessions. Students: The program aims at providing students with a person they can trust and rely on as well as to work with students on life skills and in setting life and academic goals. The Mentoring program merges into the values of Inventure academy i.e. encouraging sensitivity, nurturing teamwork and individuality, instilling integrity, inculcating a passion for excellence and providing maximum exposure. Inventure's Mentorship program has been crafted to ensure our students are provided with the necessary academic and emotional support, to guide them into a successful career. Students are assigned a mentor through their journey at Inventure, with whom they will work closely on nurturing their strengths and assisting them to prepare and cope with real life situations. Mentors also act as communicators to enrich relationships with the parent, student and the institution.

Meet Namrata Ramesh, UC Berkeley 1st Year – ...


1. What are you currently doing?

I'm a first year undergrad at UC Berkeley, intending to major in Physics.

2. Which colleges did you receive acceptances from? Which did you choose and why?

I received acceptances from:  - UC Berkeley  - UPenn  - University of Madison  - UC Santa Barbara  - Carnegie Mellon I chose Berkeley as it has one of the best physics programs in the world, and because of its unique and multicultural atmosphere.

3. How has Inventure helped you achieve your goals thus far?

Doing A-Levels at Inventure helped me place out of at least a semester's worth of introductory courses. Also, Inventure's flexibility in allowing me to pursue advanced mathematics, MUN, and student council has prepared me both for coursework and equipped me with crucial people skills.

4. Why would you recommend Inventure to a friend/anyone you know?

Because Inventure takes risks, and it thinks outside of the box - which is how you need to be as an individual at places like Berkeley, as opportunities are not given to you on a platter unlike in some other schools - you need to seize them, be creative about them. What I mean by taking risks is that Inventure approaches education unlike other Indian high schools - we are not afraid to try out new things. Take, for example, Maker Space or the Writing Workshop - these are interesting additions to Inventure as they focus on enriching our students' intellectual stimulation, rather than in other schools that focus merely on programs that 'look good'. In my particular case, Further Math was definitely taking a risk that paid off in the long run for me.

5. What were your major accomplishments at school?

Well I loved all the community outreach work that I did at Inventure. I also loved being a part of the MUN team and in student council - really helped me become the person I am today.

6. How have you built/used what you learnt at Inventure… how has the Inventure experience helped you in college/life?

Inventure's a school that gives you many avenues and opportunities. Unlike some other high schools, where academics is the only thing you do, at Inventure you are encouraged to be a part of a POD, work with your houses, and be a part of schools productions over and above your primary interests (which could be academics or sports or a combination of both). This is useful in Berkeley, as I've noticed that people have to juggle many roles in order to be truly successul in college. You are encouraged to be a part of many extracurricular clubs to build your skill sets and your network, to reach out to your professors and do research... And to simply be involved with the rest of campus. In order to be successful at college, you need to be more than someone who simply focuses on academics, which is what Inventure's philosophy perfectly reflects. Read other World Ready stories here-  - Sridhar Prabhu (1st Year Student at Cambridge University)  - Alisha Kalyanpur (JIPMER, Pondicherry 2nd Year MBBS Student)  - Tejas Rao (Currently at Gujarat National Law University)  

Meet Sridhar Prabhu, Emmanuel College Cambridge Un...


1. What are you currently doing?

I am a first year undergraduate student studying Natural Sciences at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The modules I've chosen are: Physics, Chemistry, Math and Computer Science  

2. Which colleges did you receive acceptances from?


Imperial College, University of Warwick, University College London, Cambridge University, University of Nottingham


Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California Davis, Purdue University

3. How has Inventure helped you achieve your goals thus far?

Inventure really helped me find a balance in my student life. I was encouraged to pursue my interests in science as well as in sports (athletics and football). Inventure's holistic approach in terms of the wide variety of opportunities and guidance provided really helped me realize my true potential both on and off the sports field.  

4. Why would you recommend Inventure to a friend/anyone you know?

One of the unique features of this school is that your class teachers are also your mentors throughout your school career. Many of teachers who taught me in primary school are still part of the faculty and keep in touch! This is just one instance of the tight knit community at Inventure, ranging from parents to students to faculty!

5. What were your major accomplishments at school?

Sport Day Individual Championship Awards from Grades 3 to 5 100, 200 and 400m gold medallist from Grades 3 to 8 Participating and being part of the winning team of the first two MIX events at school CIE India Topper Awards in A Levels Physics and Chemistry; and High Achievement Award in Computing

6. How have you built/used what you learnt at Inventure… how has the Inventure experience helped you in college/life?

The breadth of opportunities provided at Inventure have helped develop my interests. For example, I learnt how to listen to other perspectives and lead a team when I was a member of the Student Council. Today, I am the student representative for the Math course at university. The faculty at Inventure also helped me pursue my passion for Physics beyond the curriculum. This has culminated in my colleagues and I publishing a paper. Read other World Ready stories here-  – Alisha Kalyanpur (JIPMER, Pondicherry 2nd Year MBBS Student) – Namrata Ramesh (1st Year student at UC-Berkley)  - Tejas Rao (Currently at Gujarat National Law University)


Meet Alisha Kalyanpur, JIPMER Pondicherry 2nd Year...


1. What are you currently doing?

I am in my 2nd year of MBBS at JIPMER, Pondicherry, studying to become a doctor.  

2. Which colleges did you receive acceptances from? Which did you choose and why?

I had the choice between JIPMER and Bangalore Medical College and I chose JIPMER for a number of reasons. For one, it's known to be a very good medical college for aspiring doctors with a cohort of intelligent students and inspiring professors. As it is a government institute, it comes with patient exposure which is invaluable. It also had some sentimental value as my mother had attended a semester here in her med student days. And lastly, I wanted to be away from home and have that romanticised 'growing up experience'.

3. How has Inventure helped you achieve your goals thus far?

In Grade 11, I decided that my dream was to become a doctor and Inventure helped me get one step closer to that dream by giving me expert guidance and helping me ace the final exams. There was never any pressure from any of my teachers on me to pursue any particular profession. After seeing many a batchmate who has been pressured into the medical field, I feel grateful for the freedom I received to follow my own path and dream my own dreams. By not being a believer in pure academics, Inventure also taught me how to multitask and manage my time such that 24 hours feels much longer than it is and I think I owe it to this skill that I am surviving med school!

4. Why would you recommend Inventure to a friend/anyone you know?

Inventure has been like a second home to me. All my cherished high school memories are from Inventure. My peer group was very down to earth and the faculty was incredibly passionate and caring. I still recall pieces of advice I was given from teachers, like my biology teacher telling me that if one puts in a little effort every day, no mountain will seem to high to scale. I still wear my uniform shorts around. I am grateful for the habit of physical activity that I inculcated at Inventure, which keeps me healthy and happy. And most importantly, the school's cheerful environment taught me how to have a positive attitude at all times in life.

5. What were your major accomplishments at school?

Thanks to Inventure, academic achievements like topping the country in ICSE, weren't the only ones I had. I learnt leadership skills as the vice captain of my house, Adventurers. I learnt about worldly affairs and the art of debate by attending MUNs. I had enriching experiences at MIX for which I was selected to represent the school. And I gained some invaluable life lessons while representing Inventure at tennis events in interschool fests.

6. How have you built/used what you learnt at Inventure… how has the Inventure experience helped you in college/life?

In retrospect, I realize that Inventure is a great school to prepare you for not just college, but life. One of the greatest lessons I learnt at Inventure which has helped me in college has been optimism. I imbibed a carefree attitude from the happy-go-lucky students and the positive teachers. I know now not to take life too seriously and I feel like this is very important especially in medical college where I'm constantly confronted with heart-rendering instances of disease and death. Inventure also taught me how to be independent which is vital for living the college life. This I gained by the numerous extracurricular activities at Inventure, from setting up stalls and selling things, to attending leadership workshops by inme, to organising amazing annual theatrical performances ('Muse-ical Magic' in my year). When I hear horror stories from my friends about their ‘coaching days’, I find myself reminiscing about my own pleasant high school days. And to this day when I find myself in a large lecture hall surrounded by a hundred and fifty fellow batchmates, I remember my high school class of ten students, in which my every word would be heard and acknowledged.

7. Could you elaborate on why you decided to stay/study in India? Why not go overseas?

I've wanted to be a doctor so that I can make a difference in a few people's lives. I feel like India has given me so much, from a lovely growing up experience to a cultural background that I'd be proud of anywhere in the world. And so I'd love to be able to give back to my country in whatever way I can. As an aspiring doctor, I feel like if there is a need for medical services, it is here. So it made more sense to me to study in India where I could learn about its endemic diseases and the attitudes of its citizens so that I can eventually get qualified and work here. Also, I attended a summer school program in the USA during my 10th grade summer that made me realise that India is where my heart lies. That's why I decided not to go overseas for college. Note: Alisha also made it through the written exam to the interview rounds at CMC Vellore and St Johns hospital, Bangalore but chose not to pursue.   Read other World Ready stories here- – Namrata Ramesh (1st Year student at UC-Berkley)  - Tejas Rao (Currently at Gujarat National Law University) - Sridhar Prabhu (Currently at Cambridge University)

Meet Tejas Rao, Gujarat National Law University &#...


1. What are you currently doing?

I presently study Law, for an Honours dual-degree in Arts & Law at the Gujarat National Law University.

2. Which colleges did you receive acceptances from? Which did you choose and why?

I applied to and received acceptances to study Law at King's College London, as a Dickson Poon Scholar, and subsequently from University College London, the University of Durham & Warwick University. Additionally, I was accepted at the School of Law, Christ University. All of these acceptances were prior to the CLAT Examination. Having secured a rank via the Common Law Admission Test, amidst 45,000 test-takers, I got a merit seat at the Gujarat National Law University. I chose GNLU over all other colleges owing to my desire to stay within the country and discover it further, and my wish to possibly come back to India and practice Law one day. I also dream of making a change within the sphere of Legal Education and Practice within India - and learning about the workings of the system was possibly the best way to do it. Lastly, India's Legal Education focuses a lot more on practical learning, with internship breaks after every semester and opportunities to participate at Moot Court Competitions and Debate Competitions.

3. How has Inventure helped you achieve your goals thus far?

Inventure was the stepping stone and breeding ground for me - in terms of everything I learned about subjects I studied, and the way I discovered myself - my passions, my inhibitions, my strengths and my hobbies. The faculty at school allowed me to go beyond what was in the textbooks and the syllabus and read around the things taught at school, which was lovely - it inculcated a passion in me for research. Additionally, the beauty of school and my fondest memories lie in the amount of autonomy I was given as a student - to join all the clubs I desired, or PODs that I wished to, which enabled me to find my penchant for public speaking, and seize every opportunity around me - whether these were MUNs I attended, or visiting the National Law School in Bangalore for Debates - which was where I ultimately found the Law. School also ensured we did an internship, and introduced me to a wide range of people, such as Ms. Menaka Guruswamy, whose success stories and inspiration guides me in my work and studies even today.

4. Why would you recommend Inventure to a friend/anyone you know?

This is a biased question - as an alumnus, Inventure is the only school I'd recommend to anybody and my heart bleeds the Orange, White & Blue, as my mind chants Carpe Diem. But if I have to set that bias aside and reason my decision, I'd highly recommend Inventure for the following reasons:


The Student Population: Inventure's student crowd is the most dynamic crowd I've been a part of - and there's so much to learn everyday from people around you. In the 12th Grade, especially, I found my classmates to be the most comforting, inspirational, and humble people I knew - and that creates motivation to come to school everyday. School is an atmosphere of fun - even in classrooms, so learning isn't stressful or strenuous. It's enjoyable.


The Faculty: The Faculty-Student relationship is the one that stands out at Inventure. Teachers go beyond their call-of-duty, acting as Mentors and Guides, and as Heads of PODs or Beyond Academics, teach you so much about organizing events, and organizing your life, and figuring out values and morals you stand for. I knew I could speak to my Faculty about everything under the sun, whether these were problems at home, or conflicts in my brain, and having multiple Grievance Counselors, or fora to address concerns was lovely. Teachers are also receptive to feedback in senior classes - so if we told our teacher we were bored, they found ways to make classes more lively and interactive - through models, or fun activities to make learning so much more enjoyable. For the A Levels I took, I couldn't have asked for anything more.


The Facilities and Infrastructure: Can you name something the school doesn't have? I think the beauty of Inventure lies within how much the school helps you find yourself. You want to be a champion footballer? We have the Coaches, the Field, and the Opportunity. You want to become a Theatre Artist? We have annual productions. You're an avid reader? Every book you want is in the Library. You're a budding Musician? There's the Music Room. There's nothing school doesn't give you. It's just the question of going and using it.


The Administration and all the Support Staff: What I loved was how much the Administrative Staff helped the students. Nobody is as helpful. I've spoken and interacted with students from several schools, and no one can match the warmth of Preet Ma'am greeting you every morning, or Varsha Ma'am helping you out with any issues you may have. Every student forms relationships with every single adult at school, and as part of the Inventure family, going out into a big, scary world isn't as scary, because you know the warmth of individuals, and how easy it is to strike and form a rapport with people.


The Community Outreach: I undertake Pro-Bono Work at college, and serving the society is something that is inherently part of my profession. But Inventure really taught me the value of these tasks through different opportunities - whether it was visiting the Urdu School, or the Government Schools around us - I learnt the importance of helping the underprivileged and enabling them to reach a fair start.

5. What were your major accomplishments at school?

The MUN Culture I helped to create is one of my favourites. It's so nice to see my juniors - the ones I trained with my batchmates, winning awards at every Conference they go to these days. It's very father-like, in a lot of ways. I was an active MUNer, and served as an Assistant Director at the Harvard MUN India 2013, in addition to winning awards at other conferences. A treasured accomplishment was hosting INMUN 2014 - my last INMUN, which had over 100 participants, a huge improvement from the 15 that MUNed during the first edition. At the NLS Debate, I was a semi-finalist. Additionally, my most treasured accomplishments and memories are from my tenure on the Student Council - I was Venturers House Captain & School Captain, and raising Rs. 7 Lakhs through The Kick, The Quest, The Question, for an underfunded school was a satisfying feeling. Lastly, working for the DAKSH Legislation Drafting Challenge, winning an Honorable Mention in a college-level competition, and working on Our Safety, Our Voice, are memories and experiences I value deeply. Read other World Ready stories here-  - Sridhar Prabhu (1st Year Student at Cambridge University)  - Alisha Kalyanpur (JIPMER, Pondicherry 2nd Year MBBS Student) - Namrata Ramesh (1st Year student at UC-Berkley)  

Inventure Academy Aces the ISC & ICSE Board E...

  Inventure Academy, a Pre-K to Grade 12 School, located on Whitefield-Sarjapur Road, today celebrates its outstanding ICSE & ISC results. Students in Grade 10 ICSE and Grade 12 ISC have performed very well, with almost 50% of the ICSE class scoring an average of 90% and above, while 50% of the ISC class scored 86.5% and above. The class average for ICSE is 87.14%. Nooraine Fazal, Co Founder & Managing Trustee said, “Two aspects, which make these results more special: 1) Inventure does not screen students based on prior learning outcomes or potential to score high marks in their board exams. These classes include students with special needs as well. 2) Inventurers aim for excellence not only in academics, but in one chosen co curricular activity, in addition to being fit for life. We back this up through our educational programs, offering & approach, time-table, infrastructure, people and other learning resources. This single minded focus helps every child discover their passions and life’s purpose, and learn knowledge, attitude and life skills to be the best that they can be.” In particular, the following students have secured excellent marks: ICSE Ritu Alapat – Overall average of 96.6%, scoring, 99% in Math, 97% in Economics, 96% in Science and Hindi, 95% in English and 94% in History Civics and Geography (The School Topper). Ritu is also part of the Senior School Football team. Roshni Ganesh - Overall average of 95.80%, scoring 100% in Math, 97% in History, Civics and Geography, 96% in Science, 95% in Economics, 92% in Hindi, and 91% in English. Roshni plays basketball and is part of the school team. Sitara Ballal – Overall average of 95%, scoring 97% in Math and Computer Application, 96% in History Civics and Geography, and 94% in English, 91% in Science and 89% in French. Rahul Menon - Overall average of 94.6%, scoring 100% in Computers, 98% in Math, 93% in English, 91% in History, Civics & Geography, 91% in Science and 86% in French. ISC Shivi Khanna- Average mark of 96%, scoring 98% in Sociology, 96% in History and Elective English, 94% in English and 87% in Psychology. Toppers voiced their excitement on learning about their stellar performances. Ritu Alapat, who scored 96.6% in her ICSE exams says, “I have been consistent for the past two years and now I feel it has been worth all the hard work I have put in.” Ritu was part of the Senior School Football team. Roshni Ganesh who scored a 100% in Maths and an overall grade of 95.8% says, “I feel really happy to have ended the two years on a good note, especially with regards to Maths, as I had been making silly mistakes in the past years. Thank you to my Maths teacher Ms Pramila and my parents for the encouragement and support.” Roshni also plays Basketball and was part of the school team. Rahul Menon who scored 100% in Computer Science and 98% in Mathematics says, “I am ecstatic as I worked hard but was not expecting to do so well. Thanks to Inventure, I have had the benefit of a very balanced education. I have had exposure to a range of opportunities, learnt how to set goals, and manage my time between academics, sports and music very well. Teachers have been very flexible and supportive in terms of scheduling exams, and clearing any doubts I have.” Rahul was part of the Inventure Football team and won best player of the tournament at an inter school meet. He is also part of a four-member (comprising of Inventurers) band, Kyojin and is all set to release their maiden album. Mousumi Haldar, Coordinator for Grades 11 & 12 expressed the delight of their teachers, “Overall we have done well. Our students and faculty have really put in a lot of hard work and have the results to show it.” Meenakshi Myer, Head of Middle and Senior School says, “Excellence in academics superbly matched with excellence in co- curricular activities, year after year!! A salutation to the Inventure way of learning. Congratulations to the ICSE and ISC batch of 2017!” The Students collectively expressed their gratitude towards their teachers, admin and management team who worked hard to prepare them for the exams and to the school for an excellent and well-rounded academic program.