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Mentoring Day – Inspiring and Motivating Sto...

  Be passionate about what you do, love what you do and know your job well; dream big - the sky is not the limit; believe in your journey and yourself; set goals in life and work towards reaching it, - are just some of the words of inspiration and motivation that the parent guest speakers imparted to students on Mentoring Day at Inventure Academy. Inventure’s philosophy of education that strives for excellence in academics and beyond, in addition to preparing your children for life strikes a resonating chord here where Inventurers are mentored to step out into the world with confidence and the ability to face challenges and deliver their best. Listed below are the parent guest speakers and their industries:  
Parent Speaker Career Industry
Ms. Tanya Bali Textile design
Ms. Mini Gopinath Architect
Mr. Sampath Iyengar Entrepreneurship
Mr. Rohit Rajdev Business
Mr. Krishna Kalyan Biotech
Mr. Akbar Ladak Mechanics/ Computers
Ms. Melina Soares Biotech
Dr. Pawan Veterinary sciences
Ms. Vani Saraswathi Journalism/ Human rights advocacy
Mr. Baskar Ethirajan Mechanics/ Computers
Ms. Rachna Singh Entertainment/ Event management
Dr. Ganesh Sambandamoorthy Doctor (Cardiologist)
Ms. Ayesha Dastagir Psychologist

Open House at Inventure!

  Inventure Academy held Open House on 9 and 16 December, showcasing its unique learning system to prospective parents. The two days offered a deep dive tour into the Inventure way of teaching and learning, its ethos and culture. Nooraine Fazal, our Founding CEO & Managing Trustee led the session on both days by giving an overview of Inventure, its ideologies, philosophy & beliefs; followed by introductions to the Inventure way of learning through the different sections, given by the section Heads - Preet Benjamin Aarons, Head of Kindergarten & Primary and Shruthi Y. Arun, Head of School, Middle & Senior. Meenakshi Myer, Principal wrapped up the program by talking about how Inventure aims to instill in its students the ability and conviction to realise their full potential, be socially responsible citizens and excel anywhere in the world. Following this, parents were taken on a campus tour where they explored the classrooms, teaching methodologies, subject showcases & more. Open House at Inventure Inventure Academy Bangalore One of the parents who visited the classroom where Maths is taught had this to say, ‘The way Mathematics is taught at Inventure can make this difficult subject very interesting for children. Rather than just solving questions on paper, they are learning real life applications of maths and will get answers to the questions they need to know through these experiential activities. Great way to teach!’ Best Schools in Bangalore Top Schools in Bangalore

Parikrma Festival of Science

Parikrma Festival of Science Going for the Parikrma Festival of Science was one of the biggest eye opening experiences of my life. I learnt various things about air pollution (the theme for this years festival), but also, about the way the students are taught in colleges like IISc. Typically when one hears word ‘lectures’ we assume that they're going to be extremely boring and lengthy, especially for someone like me who has the attention span of a goldfish, but the fantastic IISc professors and scientists showed me that a single man/woman can hold my attention for more than an hour, and keep me interested every step of the way. The professors made the extremely complex topics like the composition of air now vs then, the effects of air pollution on the human body, the formation of clouds and monsoon etc, seem so simple and easy to comprehend that as soon as the talks were over, we felt on top of the world. Science Festival in Inventure Academy We also did this activity called the Air summit, which in a nutshell tested all the students ability to create ideas and prototypes to solve air pollution in cities around the world. This, along with the lessons held, really showed me the state that the world is in right now, and how all of us can do out bit to stop it. I really thank Inventure and Parikrma for the exposure that was given by the 'Parikrma Festival Of Science 2018'.  Science Festival by Neha Talla

Neha Talla (Grade 8)

Workshop on Cross Cultural Intelligence

  An insightful session into what it takes to work with people from different cultures was held for Grade 12 as part of Preparing for College and Beyond. The session was facilitated by Ms Rachna Singh who has over 20 years of experience as a Learning and Organization Development professional and has studied cross cultural communications at the Tokyo Academy of Communication, Japan and developed several learning modules on cross-cultural skills.

The topics covered were:

  • A broad model that can be used to characterize different national characteristics as linear-active, multi-active, and reactive.
  • Different cultures and how they shape attitudes toward time, leadership, team building, and affect a range of organizational behaviors.
  • Common patterns in different cultures with examples of how different groups act under different situations.
  • How to prepare oneself for being a successful professional in a multi-cultural organization.
Cross Cultural Intelligence Her depiction of real life situations in other countries due to cultural differences was hilarious and had the students in splits. Yet, they understood how important it is to recognize and accept cultural differences and how best to work around it while studying/working in another country. Events at Inventure Academy

Every Inch Upstream

  Every year, the Inventure community comes together to bring to the forefront causes which they feel passionately about and work towards accomplishing change. This has also been the focus of their annual school musical productions, and issues include exploring the purpose of education, child safety & protection, traffic, clean water and reviving Bangalore’s lake ecosystem have all been brought to the forefront. Inventure Academy In the play this year, ‘Every Inch Upstream’, is about many things, but at its core makes us question how the everyday stagnation that we survive in holds us back. It makes us realise that sometimes we need to let go of things that are holding us back, even if they are dear to us. If we really do want to challenge the status quo, why do we find ourselves taking the easy way out, always swimming Downstream? What brings about internal and external change? Best Schools in Bangalore The play chronicles the journey of self-realisation, reflecting that change is a constant and one has to work at it at different levels (personal, raising awareness and challenging the existing root of neglect and apathy) for it to be really effective. Top Schools in Bangalore In the play, we join five young teenagers on this journey of change, progress and transformation as they swim upstream. Complete with great music, some crazy dancing, a splash of courage and a bit of the unexpected, 'Every Inch Upstream' will entertain you, while provoking you to think about positive change!

Every Inch Upstream – An Inventure Academy C...

  Why do we need Changemakers? A quick glance around us reveals a world of poor roads, potholes, overflowing drains, frothing lakes and everything seems on the brink of an apocalypse, and everyone seems anxious and stressed. However, change is slow and has to be fostered at all levels in order to bring about lasting change. Our youth are our future and igniting their passion for grappling with the messy problems that they will inherit will help us develop socially responsible citizens of tomorrow. As Richard Branson says, ‘Once a change maker, always a change maker, but only a few swim against the tide.’ We strongly believe that all of us can channel our passions to swim upstream and bring about change in our own spheres of influence. Our goal is to create change makers all around Bengaluru who will be the change they want to see in this world. We plan to use the proceeds from our annual musical production to fund this Challenge and therefore inspire, young change makers all over our city. About the Challenge: Every year we dedicate our annual school musical drama to a social cause and this year the theme of our production ‘Every Inch Upstream’ is about change - both personal and social. What brings about internal and external change? What are the things that hold us back from making this change? As part of our endeavor to nurture Change makers across our city, we invite students of Grades 9-12 to participate in the ‘Every Inch Upstream Challenge’, an exciting and unique city-level change making challenge spanning October 2017 to January 2018. It encourages students to take on a compelling problem/issue they care about and address it constructively - by proposing and implementing solutions in their neighbourhoods and communities. Click here to find out more details about this Challenge. Here is the form that you can use to apply. Participating teams will have the chance to vie for a total of INR 5 lakhs to fund their projects.

Independence Day Celebration At Inventure Academy

Kindergarten children came beautifully dressed in tri color and ethnic wear to celebrate India’s 71st Independence Day. Celebrations began with a talk on the importance of Independence Day. K2 children who dressed up as freedom fighters also spoke a few lines about the personalities they represented. A fun quiz on India and its culture was followed by patriotic songs in Hindi and the National Anthem. The children also prepared a collage and made bookmarks to mark this special day. Their enthusiasm was infectious! For Grades 1 to 12, the day began with the flag hoisting ceremony, followed by the National Anthem. Various activities like Clay Modelling and Rangoli kept the Primary students busy for the next hour while the senior students held an intense debate on whether secularism is under attack in 21st Century India. The last hour of the morning saw a dance performance by Sahithi Pingali (Gr 12), after which the Primary students enthralled us with a patriotic song, skit, dance and a fancy dress representing our icons through the years. The day’s celebration ended with a speech by Advay Ramgopal (Gr 11, School Vice Captain), who spoke about freedom and the responsibilities which accompany it.

Dentist Visits KG as a part of Theme-Based Learnin...

  As part of their Theme based learning on the topic, ‘Community Helpers’, Kindergarten invited Dr.Sameera, a dentist and an Inventure parent to speak about Dental care and oral hygiene. Speaking about the importance of taking care of our teeth, she demonstrated the proper way to brush and maintain hygiene to stay healthy. The children immensely enjoyed interacting with her. They promised to take care of their teeth by brushing twice daily and eating healthy food.

Inventurers Triumph at Volkfiesta!


Deens Volksfiesta Athletics Meet 2017

Under 17 - Seniors Under 14 – Juniors
Nitin Diwakar 100mtr Silver Khayaal Kadam Shotput Silver
Aryaman Dev Harlalka 100mtr Hurdles Gold Advika Ravish Yavagal Relay Bronze
Shantam Agarwal 100mtr Hurdles Silver Ananya Prakash
Sachin Dwarakanath Shotput Gold Harini Andal Srinivasan
Divij Gupta 400mtrs Gold Manasi Bommareddy
Aryaman Dev Harlalka Long Jump Silver      
Nitin Diwakar Relay Gold      
Shantam Agarwal      
Divij Gupta Under 12 - Sub Juniors
Aryaman Dev Harlalka Aayush Pavan Bhat Shotput Bronze
Advaita Dubey 400mtrs Gold Arushi Patel Relay Bronze
Armani Vikram Long Jump Gold Dhanya Kolisetti
Anika Desai Long Jump Silver Kannika Murthy
Tanya M Thatha 100mtrs Silver Gia Gupta
Advaita Dubey Relay Gold Trisha Marie Pereira Shotput Gold
Armani Vikram      
Anika Desai      
Tanya M Thatha      
Advaita Dubey 100mtr Hurdles Silver      

Final Medals Tally
Gold 8
Silver 7
Bronze 3
Total 18