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The Paris Agreement

  Sannah Mudbidri (Grade 9 IC), whose paper was on ‘The Paris Agreement’ (combating climate change and adapting to its impact) was awarded the Best Position Paper. Ananya Vepa (Grade 10 IG), Neha Suryadevara (Grade 10 IG) and Agastya Vinchhi (Grade 9 IG) won Honourable Mentions.    Topic: Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC’s) Country: The Republic of the Philippines Committee: Paris Climate Change Summit The Intended Nationally Determined Contribution of the Republic of the Philippines is based on the principle that mitigation of climate change is an adaptive function. Although Philippines accounts for only 0.31% of the worlds greenhouse gasemissions, it is a nation highly susceptible to the consequences of global warming, such as the Typhoon Rosing, which caused 9.33 billion PHP worth of property damaged and cost 936 human lives. Climate change is an issue that affects every nation but, some more harshly than others. The Philippines has been affected by the results of climate change in the form of typhoons and a drastic rise in sea level. Sea level rise can be caused by the melting of glaciers and the expansion of water as it heats up. The global average rate of sea level rise is 1.4 millimeters a year with the Philippines lying close to 5 times that amount. Although Industrialization is considered a priority, Climate change is also a very real problem which we believe is more important. In “Addressing climate change shall be a top priority but upon a fair and equitable equation. It should not stymie our industrialization.” said President Rodrigo Duterte. The target of the Philippines is to reduce about 70% of emissions relative to the business as usual scenario by 2030. This is assuming the losses and damages from extreme events due to climate change will not divert resources from mitigation activities and climate and that climate projections were considered in the assessment of mitigation options. Pre-existing policies of the republic of Philippines with respect to climate change include the Philippine development plan, The national framework strategy on climate change, the national disaster risk reduction and management plan and the Philippine national REDD-plus strategy. Climate change and national hazards will progressively impact economically important sectors such as agriculture, fisheries and water resource management. The National framework strategy on climate change identifies adaptation as the anchor strategy with these sectors, and healthcare, being the priority. Adaption measures are prioritized to ensure that impacts of extreme events are minimized, therefore supporting the achievement of national development targets.The implementation strategies consist of mainstreaming adaptation and disaster risk reduction into plans and programs at all levels.The priority measures include firstly, system strengthening for downscaling climate change models, climate scenario-building, climate monitoring and observation. Secondly, the mainstreaming of climate and disaster risk reduction in the form of plans, programs and projects. Next, the development of climate and disaster-resilient ecosystems. Then, the systematic transition to a climate and disaster-resilient social and economic growth, and lastly, the research and development of climate change, extreme events their impact for improved risk assessment and management. In order to achieve the goals that have been set for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, Philippines has certain technical needs. Technical assistance is needed for certain sectors including the efficiency of the standard development of energy and water, cost effective renewable energy, and renewable high efficiencytechnology for conventional power generation. Technology transfers and innovation are needed to support adaptation for the minimization of loss and damages and enhanced mitigation capacities. Finally, external assistance is required to enable the adoption of technology to improve adaptive capabilities and resilience, for example, climate and natural hazard modeling and risk management measures. Full implementation of the INDC also requires adequate, predicable and sustainable financing. Public financing will prioritize adaptation to reduce vulnerability while also providing a policy environment that will enable participation of the private sector to optimize mitigation opportunities and reduce business risks towards climate-smart development. Philippines believes that although economic progression and industrialization are essential, climate change is the top-priority. The opposing view however believes that industrialization is essential, even at the cost of the environment. This view is misguided because, in the words of President Rodrigo Duterte, “Economic progress is unattainable if the country has to deal annually with mounting losses in productivity, damage to infrastructure, damage to food crops and deaths due to the impacts of climate change”. While in the past, economy took precedence over the ecosystem, that is no longer the case and our whole efforts will be put to use to help combat climate change. In conclusion, The Republic of the Philippines hopes to collaborate with other member states to come to a reasonable solution to this crisis. We hope to achieve our goal of reducing 70% of emissions of greenhouse gases relative to the BAU scenario by 2030.

Letter to Honourable Chief Justice of India

  Dear Honorable Chief Justice, I am from Bangalore in a school called Inventure Academy, in 5th grade. Right now we are learning about the constitution and I heard from my parents who are lawyers about “if privacy is a fundamental right or not” and I have 5 reasons why it is not only a fundamental right but a human right too Reason 1: -we should all have the FREEDOM of privacy. Reason 2: -it will affect us in the future. Reason 3: -as it says in the preamble we all have our RIGHTS and FREEDOM I think this is our Main right. Reason 4: -as it says in the Leila Seth book “we are the children of India” we have the right to live without fear but we will have fear of people finding out our identity, stalking us even maybe have the fear of people finding out our deepest secrets. Reason 5: -we should all have our boundaries and we should all have our rights to believe that nobody will know about any of your secrets Those were my 5 reasons. I hope you understand what I am trying to say Thank you Ameya Meera Mundkur Inventure Academy

VIVUM Results

  Football Inventure Senior Girls - Winners. Finals - Inventure won against Deens Academy in Tie Breaker by 2 - 1 Goals. Basketball Inventure Senior Girls - Winners . Finals - Inventure won against NPS Indiranagar by 22-16 points. Megan Malhotra was adjudged has most valuable player of the tournament. Tennis Inventure Senior Boys - Winners Finals - Inventure won against NPS Rajajinagar by 2-1 Sanjith Devineni was adjudged has most valuable player of the tournament. Table Tennis Inventure Senior Girls - Runners Up Finals - Inventure lost against Indus International by 2-1 Table Tennis Inventure Senior Boys - Runners Up Finals - Inventure lost against NPS Koramangala by 2-1 Abhishek Jain was adjudged has most valuable player of the tournament.
Sahithi Pingali with award

Sahithi Pingali from Inventure Academy Gets a Plan...

Sahithi Pingali, a Grade 12 student from Inventure Academy, continues her winning streak at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) in Los Angeles, where she has been on a roll, claiming four awards. Earlier this month at ISWEEEP (The International Sustainable World Engineering Energy Environment Project) Olympiad held in Houston, Texas, Sahithi Pingali won the Gold Medal for her research on 'An Innovative Crowd sourcing Approach to Monitoring Freshwater Bodies'. At the INTEL ISEF international finals, she won 3 special awards in addition to placing overall second in the category Earth and Environmental Sciences. She has also become a star, err planet, and is sharing space with other luminaries in the Milky Way by having a minor planet named after her.

Sahithi Pingali

  • The ASU Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives Special Award

The ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives are the result of a $27.5 million investment in Arizona State University's Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability by the Walton Family Foundation.
  • A Special Award from King Abdul Aziz and his Companions for Giftedness and Creativity

King Abdul-Aziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, MAWHIBA, is a national cultural foundation established to help develop a comprehensive environment of creativity in Saudi Arabia to enable gifted citizens from all areas to properly use their talents for prosperity of their country.
  • US Agency for International Development Special Award

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is the federal government agency responsible for administering foreign aid. USAID works to promote economic and social development in more than 100 countries around the world.

Sahithi Pingali with award

Sahithi Pingali after her winning her Gold Medal at ISWEEEP had said,The interesting thing about my project is that it’s all about crowdsourcing; getting students and citizens to contribute scientific data. OLOV was the inspiration for this – it was the dedication and commitment of my team members at Inventure that convinced me that high school students were capable of gathering such reliable data, while increasing their environmental awareness and knowledge of science. I hope students all over Bangalore will take this as a call for action to adopt lakes and lead the way for the rest of the world.” Nooraine Fazal, Co-founder & Managing Trustee, Inventure Academy says, “We need to revamp our education system to ensure that every student studies design thinking, entrepreneurship, science, technology and the humanities, in order to solve our many problems including climate change, sustainable development, inequity, etc. Hope Sahithi and the rest of the team focus their expertise on solving our wicked problems, irrespective of where in the world they go for their higher education” Sahithi was first exposed to the impact of development on Bangalore’s lifeline - our network of lakes - in July 2015, when she won a scholarship from Inventure to participate in the American India Foundation (AIF) program, to study the impact of urban development on scarce resources. Sahithi was also part of the Inventure team that participated in the Our Lakes Our Voice (OLOV) (an Inventure Change Maker initiative) aimed at students from AIF and Inventure doing an experiential case study on Varthur Lake, a 450-acre water body in Inventure’s vicinity. The team’s findings through OLOV prompted Sahithi (the Change Maker OLOV student coordinator) and her team to research the various factors that contribute to the pollution of our water bodies through surveys, sessions with experts, and interviewing people who live and work around the lakes, while carrying out regular testing on ten different Bangalore lakes, for over a year. Sahithi went on to develop an integrated mobile phone app and lake monitoring kit which is being used to visualize changing lake conditions by crowdsourcing lake monitoring to citizens and students (our future citizens!). All the collected data feeds into a first-of-its-kind live web-based water health map of the world which automatically indicates the status of each monitored water body. The months of hard work and perseverance paid off when Sahithi’s research project 'An Innovative Crowdsourcing Approach to Monitoring Freshwater Bodies' won her the Grand Award at the IRIS National Science Fair in Pune. At a separate event, the Indian National Science and Engineering Fair held at Rajkot - Gujarat, Sahithi competed against the top 20 Gold medallists of the country and emerged as one amongst the top 3 winners to represent India at ISWEEEP. Sahithi is currently at the University of Michigan pursuing an internship under Professor Lutgarde Raskin in the Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Centre within the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department ( A rare and unusual opportunity for a high school student, Sahithi will be working along PhD students as a summer intern, and return to school in August.

About Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF)

ISEF is the world’s largest international high school STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) competition. ISEF has been honoring young researchers since 1950. Created and run by Society for Science & the Public (SSP), it is now sponsored by Intel. ISEF this year brought together students from 78 countries, regions and territories.

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The Naukuchiatal Experience

  Outbound trips are an integral and compulsory part of the Beyond Academics Program at Inventure Academy. INME, an organisation well known to design learning experiences using adventure and challenge has collaborated with Inventure to create a graded curriculum, so that every year there is a fresh focus and area of learning against the backdrop of adventure activities in different locations. For Grade 10, the curriculum works towards enhancing consciousness by focusing on leadership and decision making. The students also learn a variety of skills, both physical and mental, all of which helps to develop their confidence and capabilities. These trips are meticulously planned for the students so that along with safety and comfort, they return with insightful experiences and a great deal of learning about independence and team-work.   Students of Grade 10 could not have asked for a better experience for their Outbound Trip, than the one recently enjoyed in Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand. Leaving Bangalore on 13 May, the students accompanied with some members of staff, flew to Delhi and then traveled on to Lake Resort via Kathgodam, where they set up camp and began their happy sojourn. Each day began with limbering up exercises to energize and prepare the students for the day ahead. Split into two groups, from the first day onwards, the students were assigned different activities. One team was engaged in an activity called terra terra where they learnt how to construct a bridge using ropes and put their learning into action by making a bridge and safely crossing it; while the other group went to the Serene lake and learnt about the basics of flat water kayaking. They also got a chance to kayak on their own with assistance from the Kayaking instructors. These outdoor activities are based on the program’s learning objectives and have a defined curriculum, rolled out by a team of experts. Activities were exchanged after a couple of days so that both groups got a chance to experience all the learning projects that were planned for them. They also learnt Target Jumping and Tree Jumaring. All these activities took place in the first half of the day. After lunch students were given some free time to read or catch up with friends or just relax. Afternoons were spent in discussions around the results of the specific life skills included in the program; where the focus was stimulating students’ minds, encouraging them to share their feelings and thoughts, and involving them in a constructive dialogue with both their peers and the INME instructors. These sharing sessions centered around individual experiences, struggles, triumphs, and personal realizations. Pranet, a student on the trip said, ‘The trip helped us to learn the responsibilities that come with Leadership.’ Campus time for two hours, was set aside for fun activities which included Helter Skelter, Marble & Spoon, Retro Games, Invisible Maze, Key Punch, Dumb Charades, Antakshari and other games. Games like Invisible Maze and Key Punch are games of memory, coordination, team-work and communication. Students were also given time to work on their Program Workbooks which helped build a greater understanding and appreciation of Self-Discipline, Sense of Leadership, Social Consciousness, and School Spirit. Sheryl, a student on the trip said, “The trip made us aware of the things that we never thought we were good at”, while Sagarika quoted, “It gave us an opportunity to unlock and explore our skill sets and talent.” The students were fed very nourishing and nutritious meals throughout the day, including healthy snacks and soups to keep hunger at bay. Their physical, social and emotional well being is high on the priority list of the organizers. The staff who accompanied the students gave regular updates via whatsapp to the parents of the students involved. Plenty of photos were uploaded of the activities the students participated in, and morning and evening posts were sent to the parents to keep them worry-free. As a parent rightly stated, “We were given a virtual tour of the trip!” Many parents suggested similar trips be organized for parents too! The students have had an amazing experience, full of fun and excitement, and at the same time an experience which challenged their physical and mental skills, gave them opportunities of tremendous learning, bonding, team-work, coordination and self introspection. Shalini Patrick, Educator, Counselling Services - Careers, Colleges & Life Skills, who accompanied the students on this trip said, “It was the most exhilarating and enriching experience. Students displayed confidence in every activity they participated in and did so most enthusiastically. They also gave some excellent and insightful ideas and thoughts during the sessions on Leadership and Decision Making. This was a great opportunity for self-awareness and team-work which, I am sure, benefitted the students tremendously.” Mahesh Srinivas, a parent, summed it up aptly when he said, “Manavi has been talking nonstop about her stories from the trip. She says that this was the best trip EVER for her. It is so obvious that the school has done a fabulous job along with INME to give the kids an unforgettable experience. Thank you!”

Inventure Academy takes Students for the Criticall...

  Inventure Academy, as a renowned international school, believes in the empowerment of children and ensures that unique techniques are utilised to widen the knowledge of the students. Recently the students from grade 6-12 were taken to watch the acclaimed hindi movie 'Poorna' at Phoenix Mall, Bangalore. The entire event was an enriching experience for all the students where they were given a chance to learn about Malavath Poorna, an Adivasi from Telangana, who in the year 2014, at a tender age of 13, became the youngest girl in history to climb Mount Everest. The children were indeed overwhelmed by the intensity of the story and gave a standing ovation at the end of the movie. Excerpts from some of the students were: Sanchi Kapadia from 11AS says “ The movie was very inspiring and motivating. It made me feel that I can achieve much more in life” Another student, Mansha Bhasin from Grade 6 says, ‘I was amazed that a young girl had accomplished such a great task. Everyone has the potential in them to do good things.” Inventure Academy strongly believes in reaching out to the community and took this opportunity to sponsor the screening of the movie for 800 children of the Parikrma Foundation This was planned to give them an understanding of success & learning with a visual aid like films. Anusha from Grade 9 Parikrma, Nandini Layout says, “Rich or poor, opportunities don’t discriminate. It’s the capability in us that matters.” Another student, Varalakshmi, Parikrma Junior College, “Never give up, even if the problems/difficulties seem to stop or break us.” The Inventure staff who accompanied the children for the film said, “Poorna was an inspirational movie and made me feel very proud of this young 13 year old, who proved beyond doubt that human endurance, in the face of adversity, can be achieved in all walks of life. The casting was superb as the characters fitted their role and played the same effortlessly. Our students enjoyed the outing and the experience. There was silence throughout the movie - both before and post interval which showed me that they were absorbing every scene and the various nuances portrayed by the actors. Once Poorna made her climb one of the students yelled out 'I love you Poorna’.” As they say, visual learning helps children to imbibe immense knowledge. This movie encapsulates all the lessons that are taught in school: empowerment of the socially marginalized, gender equality, the importance of education, and last but not least how with courage, determination, and hard work, a child can achieve anything; there is nothing stopping them.

Encouraging Sensitivity Through Our Community Outr...

  Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. Desmond Tutu Students of Grades 9-12 are involved in various yearlong Outreach programmes with four government schools at Dommasandra ,GKHPS at Sarjapura & Koodithi . Armed with teaching aids, worksheets and books our students go to these schools to help the students improve their skills in English, Math & Computer. The students from Grades 9-12 of Inventure devote a few hours each week to tutor students in Government School. They support the work of classroom teachers by working directly with Government school students to reinforce previously taught literacy and numeracy concepts and skills. Resource materials for the students of Government school are created by our students to enable them to build their skills. One approach that has consistently shown promise in improving learning outcomes is one-on-one tutoring. It has been a mutually beneficial relationship for students of Inventure and the children at the Government School.     The program aims to instill the importance of cultivating an awareness of human circumstances and differences that extend beyond the students’ classroom experiences. Students develop sensitivity to others needs and cultures; and become aware of and appreciate the differences that exist amongst us as a community and find solutions that benefit the community. We have also participated in collecting articles of clothing and food to help towards the Chennai Drive as well as notebook drives for the government schools in our neighbourhood.

Inventure Academy wins two categories in the Healt...

Inventure Academy VP, Ramesh Hariharan The Parikrma Humanity Foundation, which has an aggregate enrollment of 1,600 children in its four free-of-charge schools in Bangalore and over the past 12 years has enabled 146 slum children to enter university and placed 52 alumni in well-paid jobs, instituted its annual Health Awards for schools in Bangalore this year. “Over the past 11 years that we have been running our schools, we have learnt that good health is an important prerequisite of children’s achievement in academics, sports and social spheres. Schools need to give it adequate attention,” stated Shukla Bose, founder-CEO of PHF. The Parikrma Address School Health Awards conferred 12 awards to schools at a well-attended awards ceremony on February 7, 2015 at the Le Méridien Hotel in Bangalore. The awards were given to schools who displayed excellence through an active program for counseling and mental health; an innovative health education curriculum; ‘physical activity for healthy living’ program; encouraging good nutrition and personal hygiene practices; substance abuse, tobacco and alcohol use prevention; innovative child safety program; timely health check-ups; health and sanitation community programs, promoting the health of staff; innovating to deliver in-school health services; and fostering a healthy school environment. Almost 70 schools participated in the event and had submitted extensive application portfolios, along with pictorial evidence. Shortlisted schools were called for an interview and questioned by a jury of eminent doctors and educationists. Inventure Academy Vice Principal, Ramesh Hariharan and Psychology teacher / Personal Counselor Venmal Elango, represented the school at the interview. Inventure Academy bagged top honors in the following categories: * Best School for Innovative Child Safety Program * Best school for Counseling & Mental Health Program

Social Responsibility comes naturally to Inventure...

[gallery columns="4" ids="4482,4483,4484,4485,4486,4487,4488,4489,4490,4491,4492,4493,4494,4495,4496,4497,4498,4499"] Inventure’s six core values- Nurturing Teamwork and Individuality, Providing Maximum Exposure, Inculcating a Passion for Excellence, Instilling Integrity, Encouraging Sensitivity and Fostering Dynamism, are merely a collective pie in the sky if not translated into action through acts of social responsibility. On Saturday February 7, 2015, Inventure Academy students, faculty and students literally ‘walked their talk.’ Inspired by the civic group ‘Whitefield Rising’ (which has many Inventure parents as key members), around 75 Inventure Academy students, faculty and staff, gathered at Vathur Circle to stage a peaceful protest / awareness rally to ban heavy vehicles from plying on the Whitefield Sarjapur Road during peak traffic hours (see letter from Whitefield Rising below). Spurred on by Nooraine Fazal, CEO and Managing Trustee of Inventure, several schools on the Whitefield – Sarjapur Road joined in on the protest in an attempt to reduce the oppressive commuting time and horrible traffic conditions that children are currently subjected to. Social Responsibility comes naturally to Inventure students… Not content with merely standing at Varthur Circle in muted silence, the Inventurers took it upon themselves to galvanize the crowd and composed witty slogans and chants to lend relevance and credence to the peaceful protest. It was indeed heartening to witness children ignoring the merciless onslaught of the heat, glaring sunlight, dust, noise, exhaust fumes and grime to make a point. The enthusiasm and resolve of the students was infectious, even as the traffic police overtly began helping the students in their cause by lending the protesters a portable PA system and megaphone and suggesting where the protesters should stand to have maximum visibility to the motorists. The students, faculty, parents and staff of Inventure Academy learned an important fact about themselves last Saturday: they learned that they can make a difference and having the courage of one’s conviction is truly the Inventure way. Carpe diem! “Be the change you want to see in the world” - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Participating Inventure Students include: Aahika, Ahaan, Anika, Arjun, Aryaman, Ashwin, Ashwin, Dhruv, Divyanshi, Diya, Druti, Eesha, Gokul , Mahima, Milan, Neha Nikhileshwar, Nikhita, Parthiv, Paul, Rohit, Roshni, Sahil, Sannah, Sara, Shivjeet, Srusthi, Sudhir, Tanish, Teghveer, Tehmina Tejesh, Teresa, Varun, Varun, Vihaan, Vishwanatha, and Vyshnavi And Inventure Faculty: Nooraine Fazal, Ramesh Hariharan, Varsha Saxena, Anasuya Sirca, Anita Pant, Anappa, C. Stalin, Prabhu, Charmaine Alexander, Dinesh SY, Ekta Bhasin, Jason Basker, Lavanya Vimla, Neetika Khurana, Saiqua Zaki, Shampa Goswami Swapnil Chikte, V. Lakshmi Narayan, Veerabhadrappa Read more about Inventurers making a difference, in the Press:    

Our Deepest Condolences

Anne Warrior Dear Members of the Inventure Academy Community, On January 30, 2015, we lost Anne Warrior, a close friend, mentor, guide and source of inspiration to many of us at Inventure Academy. We have all been enriched in various ways through our relationship with Mrs. Warrior and she will be sorely missed. Ms. Warrior was one of Bangalore’s most respected educationists and her sphere of influence and connections in the world of education, extended far beyond the confines of this city. Mrs. Warrior was born in England and studied at the University of London. She was a well-known educator in India and served as a member of the Standing Committee on Examinations for the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. She was Co-Founder and Founding Principal of Mallya Aditi International School. She also served as Principal and educationist in other schools in Bangalore. Anne Warrior was Chairperson of Ujwal Trust and Co-founder of the renowned Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. The Srishti School of Art and Design, currently trains 38 of Inventure Academy’s teachers through the CERTAD PPDE program ( Nooraine Fazal, Co-founder and Managing Trustee of Inventure Academy recalls, “She was one of the first people I met in K-12 education, shortly after I returned to India, about eleven years ago. She encouraged and supported me tremendously. Every conversation we had was meaningful.” Please read more about her by visiting the following links: Mrs. Warrior’s funeral service was held on Monday, 2 February, at the Hebbal Crematorium. A memorial service has been scheduled for Wednesday, 4 February at 6:00 p.m. at Mallya Aditi School. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. “Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.” ―Aristotle Inventure Academy