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Tomorrow’s Innovators Practice Imaginative Think...

  Every year, FIRST® LEGO League releases a Challenge, which is based on a real-world scientific topic. Guided by adult Coaches, FIRST LEGO League teams research a real-world problem such as food safety, recycling, energy, etc., and are challenged to develop a solution. They also must design, build, program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology, then compete on a table-top playing field. Each Challenge has three parts: the Robot Game, the Project, and the Core Values. Teams of up to ten children, with at least two adult coaches, participate in the Challenge by programming an autonomous robot to score points on a themed playing field (Robot Game), developing a solution to a problem they have identified (Project), all guided by the FIRST LEGO League Core Values. Teams may then attend an official tournament, hosted by FIRST LEGO League Partners. All this adds up to tons of fun while they learn to apply science, technology, engineering, and math concepts (STEM), plus a big dose of imagination, to solve a problem. Along their discovery journey, they develop critical thinking and team-building skills, basic STEM applications, and even presentation skills, as they must present their solutions with a dash of creativity to judges. Inventurers participating in the challenge formed teams and used a week of their vacation to attend a robotics foundation workshop at school. They made a vehicle that could move easily on a rocky terrain, in circles and take u-turns, without toppling over. Past Challenges have been based on topics such as nanotechnology, climate, quality of life for the handicapped population, and transportation. By designing our Challenges around such topics, participants are exposed to potential career paths within a chosen Challenge topic, in addition to solidifying the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles that naturally come from participating in the program. Team members also learn valuable life and employment skills which will benefit them no matter which career path they choose.  

What makes Inventure Academy the best internationa...

At the heart of education at Inventure Academy are the ‘Core Values’ that we seek to instill in each and every student - Nurturing Individuality and Teamwork, Providing Maximum Exposure, Inculcating a Passion for Excellence, Instilling Integrity, Encouraging Sensitivity and Fostering Dynamism. This ‘Spirit of Inventure’, is invoked by individual and collaborative pursuits of charitable, literary, artistic and intellectual natures, done in a way that is unique to Inventure. Here’s a look at some of the unique initiatives that make Inventure Academy one of the best schools in Bangalore:
  • Inventuring

At Inventure Academy, we begin each year with our week long foundation programme, Inventuring, which aims to discover each student’s unique learning style, strengths and needs. The informal atmosphere and the novelty of shared teacher-student activities generate a free flow of thought and ideas, paving the way for old and new students to ease into the more formal space of the classroom and the new academic year. Old and new students are oriented (or reoriented) into the school culture of teamwork, learning through exploration, creative thinking, problem solving etc., through exciting projects and experiences. This year’s highlight was the 'sleepover' at school - exciting, fun, and a liberating experience for some! The sleepover taught the students to be independent, to bond with classmates and teachers and feel comfortable about school. Students had fun building a tree-house and a rope course, making Dream Catchers and a Mandala, creating mosaic work on the benches in the Zen garden, and engaging in dance, music, public speaking, script writing etc., among other activities.

Inventuring at Inventure academy

  Primary School students enjoyed Inventuring Week tremendously. They participated in all the activities such as aeromodelling, pottery, quilling, waste management, etc with great enthusiasm and creativity. Here are a few videos you can watch, to get a sense of what Inventuring week is all about.

Inventuring at Middle School

Inventuring at Primary School

  • Maker Space Program

Inventure's ‘Maker Space’ is an environment which encourages students to think and execute ideas freely, without being overly concerned with the end outcome/failure/success. It focuses on building a student's confidence by stimulating cross pollination of ideas and encouraging them to enjoy the process of learning while ‘making'. The space encourages student's ideas to be thought through, with minimal restrictions, promoting the ideology to 'learn while you make’. Watch here to know more about this program:

Maker Space Program at Inventure Academy

  • ChangeMaker Program

The Inventure ‘ChangeMaker Program’ is a platform to teach our high school students to be advocates of positive change, in their neighbourhoods and beyond. This program is run by a pioneering teaching-learning community of volunteers, including academic experts, parent-entrepreneurs & activists, Inventure Management, and faculty. Here are some of the questions and problems that the Changemaking teams are passionate about pursuing and solving:

Chain Reaction

- Can students who understand a topic teach other students who may not have understood and maybe reticent to ask an adult?

Our Lakes Our Voice

- This will be the city and the ecology that we will inherit. Lakes are a vital resource for our city. They are dying. Can we save one?

Our Future Our Voice

- We may care about issues that decision makers taking decisions regarding our future may not be considering. How might we get our voice heard by them?

Our Traffic Our Voice

- Being hungry, sleepy, or wanting to go the bathroom while being on a one-hour school bus ride is not fun. Especially everyday! What can we do to decongest our roads?


- Beyond the bubble of our privilege are children just like us. Can we form connections and do something for them concretely?

Watch this video to know more about the changemaker program

  • Special Team Inventure Members

Labrador puppies at inventure academy   4 very special, furry and totally adorable, labrador pups are now part of ‘Team Inventure’! Mia, Talia, Raksha and Tasha, who are being trained as therapy dogs, have been brought to the school premises to bring students closer to nature, learn empathy towards other living beings, and draw them away from their gadgets. Read more about the initiative here
  • OLOV (Our Lakes Our Voice)

You would be aware of the numerous awards & accolades (including having a planet named after her at ISEF) that Sahithi Pingali, a Grade 12 Inventurer, has won in the past couple of months for her extraordinary work on the depleting condition of lakes in Bangalore. Sahithi’s journey with Bangalore’s lakes began with Inventure’s unique ‘Change Maker’ initiative, ‘Our Lakes Our Voice’. OLOV aimed at students from AIF(American Indian Foundation) and Inventure, doing an experiential case study on Varthur Lake, a 450-acre water body, to understand the impact of human development on the natural environment, with regard to water as a scarce resource. The team’s ndings through OLOV prompted Sahithi and her team to research the various factors that contribute to the pollution of our water bodies, through surveys, sessions with experts, and interviews with people who live and work around the lakes. The team carried out regular testing on ten dierent Bangalore lakes, for over a year. Here are a couple of videos that will tell you more about the OLOV initiative.

OLOV Part1

OLOV Part2

Here are some links where you can read more about Sahithi’s work and achievements.

Tree Relocation

Sensitivity and respect towards the environment are given utmost importance at Inventure. Three trees were translocated to #InventureAcademy in a unique initiative termed as the country's first crowd funded tree translocation. The trees which would otherwise have been chopped down due to a road widening project, are thriving in their new, loving and nurturing environment. Staying true to our core values of being socially responsible, we have demonstrated how technology can be used to bring about positive change and promote sustainable development and living. Click here to know more about the Tree relocation initiative. These, and many more such initiatives, are essential to the teaching-learning process at Inventure Academy, and are activities that go beyond academics of a traditional kind, that make children well rounded and aspire towards purpose and achievement. We work to ensure that these values and the spirit of Inventure, stay with our students through their lives, manifesting in their every action, adding confidence and enabling them to achieve, and lead, with wisdom, foresight and caring. Tree relocation at inventure academy

Inventurers Experience the Wider World Through Int...

  The Inventure Internship Program is part of our Wider World experience and all students of grades 11 and 12 are required to engage in for a minimum period of two weeks during the May or July school breaks. This year, our students interned in various sectors, including Health, Engineering, IT, Media, Education, NGOs etc. Read on for our student feedback - My internship was an eye-opening experience for me, since it not only allowed me to explore my interest in the field of Computer Science, but also gave me a taste of what life in the IT field would be like. I learned the value of teamwork and integrity. – Pranav Kumar My internship experience was one of the most memorable moments in high school. Data Analytics is raw data modelling and analysis. Thanks to my internship I knew that this is what I wanted to pursue. This internship experience helped me learn to make mistakes, recognise them on my own and ask for help. – Rhea Sarah Sam

Our clothes represent us, not define us!

I like my shorts 10 inches above my knees, but other people don't. I don't have an issue baring my midriff, but other people do. Why is it that we have to dress the way other people want us to? It makes us regret decisions, our self esteem drops, we've lost respect for people we once respected most. Why? Because of the comments passed on our clothing. I've had enough of this judgmental society, haven't we all? To begin with, judging women on their clothing makes them regret their decisions. Not small decisions like choosing what to wear, but larger, life impacting decisions. A study done by SSISH in 2013 showed that almost 16% of married, Indian women regret getting married into traditional families because of the restrictions put on their clothing. Do we really need to put restrictions on women on something like their clothes after an event in their life that's supposed to make them happier? I don't see men being barred from wearing any type of clothing after their marriage. We're all done regretting decisions. We believe in our decisions, other people need to too! Secondly, when you pass comments on a woman's dressing sense, her self esteem drops. A study done by SFSC in 2015 showed that 11% of suicides commited by girls between the ages of 14-22 were due to insults made on their apparel. This is just one of the few studies that prove my point. 3/5 women in India feel insecure to step out alone on the streets in India (done by AHISM in 2015), 4/5 rapists first justify their actions by saying the victim was wearing “provoking” clothes (by STSKC in 2012). Why do we as a society not have an issue with this? How can these people have the nerve to blame their actions on the victim and that too on something like her attire? But most of all, what does a woman's clothing depict about her? The fact that she has a good sense of fashion, or the fact the she's “available”? I feel worthless sometimes, we all do! Girls have lost respect for people who were so much to us. Everytime you judge us for what we're wearing it makes us feel as if all you see are our clothes. Are we really nothing more than what we wear? Is that all you see? Studies done by SCRIPPS in 2014 have showed that approx. 32% of women have lost relationships due to the person constantly trying to change their way of dressing. This frustrates me, it frustrates us all! Now some people may say that wearing clothes that expose skin are “offensive” towards god and religion. If this truly is so, please tell me why a 6inch gap between a saree and a blouse is considered “cultural”, however a 2inch gap between a top and jeans is “shameful”. Please tell me why it's socially acceptable for a woman to wear a lehenga is which a sheer dupatta is the only thing covering the entire midriff, but not socially acceptable if we wear a dress which has sheer panelled cutouts on the sides. Exposure of skin isn't offensive to our culture and tradtion, infact our cultural and traditional attire exposes considerable amounts of skin. Stop saying that “god” will be angry with us, it's you, only you. What I'm trying to tell you is you need to help us believe in our choices, we can't feel useless anymore and most importantly, we hate destroying relations. All of this has a single root cause: DISCRIMINATION BASED ON CLOTHING!!!
  • - Noor Dixit
  • Grade 7, Inventure Academy

Publishing at Inventure Academy

[gallery ids="4759,4760,4761,4762,4763,4764"] Inventure Academy fosters multiple talents amongst its students. This constant endeavor is a reflection of its advocacy of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Recently, the school celebrated the writing journey of its primary school students. As a culmination of their writing workshop, portfolios of each student’s work were published. This included persuasive letters, restaurant, book and game reviews, poetry and narrative writing. These printed portfolios included the students’ reflections on their writing journey and a blurb with a profile of each student. This event was held on the Inventure Academy campus between the 11th and 13th of March 2015 and the ecstatic visitors included parents and grand parents who were awe-struck by the students’ work. A mother said, “I did not know that my daughter could write such beautiful poetry.” For another parent, the publishing project was testimony that he had indeed, chosen the right school for his child. Students at Inventure Academy from Grade 1- 8, write and publish 3- 4 times during the year and this covers all genres of writing – narrative, argumentative, descriptive and poetry. The writing program fits into the overall culture of excellence that Inventure Academy promotes and serves to hone each student’s writing skills. Mallika Sen, the principal of the school said, “Our writing program builds the foundation for all forms of academic writing and gives students an edge in preparing them for writing college essays and being able to articulate their thoughts clearly.” In middle school, all student writing is posted onto blogs, helping to create a community of thinkers and writers. Many writers from Inventure have participated and contributed to online blogs and magazines such as Maya Patra, Mitaji Singh, Namrata Ramesh and Siddarth Sharma. Inventure Academy believes in nurturing 21st century skills that prepares students for the world beyond school and the writing program helps to address the need for effective communication, which remains the cornerstone of all successful enterprises. With its innovative and child-centered educational approach, Inventure Academy has in a short span of ten years, been rated among the top ten co-ed day schools in the country by EducationWorld and the C-Fore Survey. Inventure Academy Middle School Personal Essay Blog: Links to articles:   Links to videos:

Inventurer, Saloni Dalal takes the BRONZE for the ...

Saloni Dalal Inventure Academy Swim Meet 2014 CONGRATULATIONS to Saloni for her excellent achievement! Saloni Dalal is the youngest member of Karnataka Swimming Team for National Games 2015! She may even be youngest swimmer all over India. In the national games- there are NO age group for swimming, so Saloni was competing with the best swimmers from all over the state. She qualified for two events- 100 m & 200 m breaststroke. She gave her best timing for 100 m breaststroke 1:21:23. This 2nd best time from Karnataka for this category. For 200 m breaststroke race, she did 2:55:34. This is best timing to represent Karnataka for this category. The games are to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 31. Goodwill ambassador of the Games is Sachin Tendulkar. Saloni is super excited to be part of the games!

Inventure Academy Student, Alisha Kalyanpur excels...

Inventure Academy Student Alisha Kalyanpur Alisha Kalyanpur of Inventure Academy, Bangalore, who had topped South India and was the second highest scorer in the country with an aggregate of 98.2% in her ICSE Exams in 2013 has done it again. Two years later Alisha has achieved yet another milestone in her journey of excellence.  She has achieved the highest possible grades in the Cambridge AS / A level syllabus scoring an average of 95% in her five subjects (three A* at the A Level and 2 A’s at the AS Level), with a score of 99% in math. It is exceptional for a student to achieve such results in the Cambridge system. Alisha has decided upon a career in medicine and says “By studying and practicing medicine in India, I’ll have opportunities to give back to my country.  There is a huge need and I am happy here and see no reason to go elsewhere.” Alisha also goes on to say “my teachers at Inventure were extremely supportive and believed in me more than I believed in myself. I owe my success wholly to them. I would like to thank  Nooraine Ma’am (our Managing Trustee) and Mallika Ma’am (our Principal) and the entire school for standing behind me and believing in me.” Alisha strives for excellence in all that she does.  Over her years at Inventure, Alisha has been appreciated as an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and keen tennis player. She has been an excellent ambassador for the school and truly embodies the ethos and holistic educational philosophy of Inventure Academy.

Class of 2015 Graduation- Highlights

[gallery columns="4" ids="4338,4339,4340,4341,4342,4343,4344,4345,4346,4347,4348,4349,4350,4351,4352,4353,4354,4355,4356,4357,4358,4359,4360,4361,4364,4365,4366,4368,4369,4370,4371,4372,4373,4374,4375,4376,4377,4378"] The Class of 2015's Graduation theme was "Miles To Go". The evening events commenced at 5:00 pm, and the ceremony opened with the Invocation song, followed by the ceremonial Lighting of the Lamp. Principal, Mrs. Mallika Sen addressed the Class of 2015 with her inspiring words of wisdom, and Vice Principal, Mr. Ramesh Hariharan introduced our Chief Guest, Mr. Harish Bijoor to the stage. Mr Bijoor shared his humorous views and advice on preparing for the world beyond high school. The Inventure Choir performed "The Days", followed by funny reflections about the Inventure teachers by Tejas Rao and Niketa Nerurkar. Three of our Class of 2015 parents graciously spoke to the audience about their children's experiences at Inventure Academy, with a common theme of the "happiness quotient". The evening grew darker, and the amphitheater became aglow with twinkling lights and a soft breeze, as the Grade 10 Moving Up ceremony commenced with their candle lighting, followed by the Candle lighting ceremony for the Class of 2015. Inventure Co-Founder and Managing Trustee, Nooraine Fazal then led the Class Pledge and School Song. We were all treated to an outstanding performance by Ms. Sinduja Karthik, as she sung a heartfelt rendition of "Hero" to the graduates. As the evening was winding down, "The Spark" dance performance brought some hand clapping energy to the crowd. Wrapping up the evening performances was a nostalgic look back at our graduates' highlights of their years at Inventure Academy, presented in a video, which was produced by their 9th grade juniors. It was a WONDERFUL Graduation evening!

Annual Sports Day 2014- Final Scores

Inventure Academy Sports Day Champions - Inventors First Place - INVENTORS - 346 Second Place - VENTURERS - 315 Third Place - ADVENTURERS - 292 Fourth Place - NURTURERS - 276 Well done INVENTURERS!