M.I.X – Multiple Intelligences Xplored

Inventure Academy presents
A fun and educational inter-school event to explore Multiple Intelligence.
Inventure Academy. A progressive, learner focused school that recognizes how children are intelligent in different ways: Word smart, logic smart, music smart, body smart, picture smart, people smart, self smart and nature smart. The ability to distinguish that a child can be talented in special ways, apart from mathematical or linguistic intelligences, has a powerful positive impact on a child’s self esteem which encourages excellence inside and outside the classroom. You are invited to participate in a fun and educational inter-school event – M.I.X. Students from grades 1-11 are welcome to showcase their inherent intelligences. Leading educationists have designed this challenge to recognise and reward abilities across the eight intelligences.

Inventure Academy welcomes Howard Gardner, one of the world’s most influential thinkers, @ Inventure Campus Bangalore. Watch here… .