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15th August 2012 Independence Day Celebration

One India

To mark the 65th Independence Day of our country, my friend Nitya Basrur and I went around school recently asking senior students (9th-11th grade) what freedom means to them. Some were inspiring while others made us muse, but every one of them was unique. Here are some of the responses we got:

“Freedom is to be free and let others be free” – Duruvan, School Captain

“I think freedom is being able to feel the wind in your hair” – Anusha, 9IC

“Being able to do whatever you want without crossing the line is freedom”

-Tanuj, Inventor’s Captain


“The ability to express my voice is freedom” – Nidhi, 11 AS

“Freedom is working hard but playing harder” – Raoul, 9IG

“I believe that being able to just let go is freedom” –Tehmina, 10IG

Young India

“Freedom is being able to express yourself without fear of being judged”–Maya, Inventor’s Vice Captain

“Freedom is the ability to make your own choices with responsibility. When I think of freedom, the first thing that comes to mind is my camera” – Dipali, BA Captain

“My freedom is being able to live my dreams” – Rhea, 11 AS

“Freedom is everyone’s right. It is the bright light that helps us have a clear sight” –Dhrouv, 11 AS

Patriotic fervor at its best

“The belief that you are your own sovereign unit living by a code is freedom” – Akshay, Nurturers Vice Captain

“Freedom is like dance: it is expressing your emotions” –Nitya, 11 ISC

“Freedom is the power given to everyone to express their views in any way they want” –Nakul, 11AS

“Trying to restrict freedom is like trying to pin down a cloud” – Namratha, 9IC

Rhea Nath.

11 AS

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