INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

A Tribute to the Faculty who completed 5 years at Inventure Academy

15 years or more ago, those of us who went to school would vouch for one thing…our teachers used to stay on and on and on. They were the one constant through all our years of education.

In this age of constant transfers, pursuit of “bigger money” and “better jobs”, and the general absence of true commitment to the profession of teaching for its own sake, it is indeed rare to find educators who are willing to stay on at one place of work for more than a few months. 

Inventure Academy takes pride in providing a professional environment that is challenging, yet homely. The school finds the loyalty of its staff truly heartwarming and finds joy in celebrating their “stay power” at the end of 5 years – a pretty long period in these times. 

And so it was, that at this year’s Awards Day, 10 members of our faculty were commended and congratulated on achieving this milestone and for helping the school in its pursuit of excellence in education.

 A Brief Description of the Ten Teachers was read by CEO and Managing Trutee, Nooraine Fazal.  The audience was then given an opportunity to guess which faculty member fit the description.


Humera Nooreen

She’s fun, outgoing, and as childlike as the little ones she guides. Always ready to shake a leg, she definitely is one of the movers of the Inventure family. Be it crazy costume parties, outdoor activities, dancing or spontaneous one-act plays, she is the first volunteer and the classiest performer. And of course, she is a gifted teacher too! Welcome on stage – Ms. Humera Nooreen!

Meenakshi Elangovan

Whether our students are prepared for their boards or not, this teacher sure is! And if the senior school teachers want to be in her good books, they better send everything from predicted grades, mark lists and student registration details on time! She is sincere and well-meaning, and has difficulty saying no to any task assigned. It’s been 5 eventful years for the lady whose attire reads like “Westside story” – she is none other Ms. Meenakshi Elangovan.

Meenakshi Ramaswamy

She worries, she stresses, and she worries some more! About her lesson plans, about others’ lesson plans, about meetings, about student performance, about class assemblies, about meeting deadlines, about student discipline, about awards for the deserving students, about missing classes, about field trips, about special days at school…phew! You name it, and she worries about it! But it stems from a concern to do things well and to the best of her ability. Beneath all that stress is a warm and caring person who I am certain worried about being able to complete 5 years at Inventure! And voila, here she is today – Ms. Meenakshi Ramaswamy.

Rashmi Katti

Understated and reserved, this colleague of ours has grown from being an assistant teacher to a teacher in her own right. She has a soft corner for her students and the tiny tots she interacts with bring out the best in her. Some people’s presence and involvement is apparent for all to see, while others – like this person – blend in and make a difference silently. Congratulations to Ms. Rashmi Katti.

Arpita Daityari Deb

This intro could go on for a while! Teacher par excellence, creative genius, organized to the very last annoying detail, present on all days despite being a part-timer, a personality that inspires love, commands respect, and strikes fear in her students [oh they wouldn’t dare cross her if they know what’s good for them!], a reputation for achieving perfection in all that she touches, a Bengali by birth and in her taste for food, but a Brit in her profession…the list goes on, but let’s stop there as we have a long way to go still! Please put your hands together for the very special Ms. Arpita Deb!

Helen Gilbert

Dealing with students from Grades 1 to10 can’t be easy! But she has done so with élan. She has braved the challenges of a lively dining room, echoing corridors and latecomers who claim that “they lost their way”, as she carried on with numerous classes. Her sunny smile, warm personality, tireless reminders to the team on completing work on the school management system, and her willingness to help everyone whenever asked, have truly endeared her to one and all. Say hello to Ms. Helen Gilbert.

Geeta Singh

You don’t want to mess with her! A tough lady who loves her trekking and the outdoors, the minute you see her, all you want to do is stand respectfully and say, “Namaste, ma’am!” She takes her work very seriously, and the presence and achievement of her students even more so. Ever-willing to learn, she nevertheless wonders why computers invaded education and made her life more difficult! A true veteran of the old school, she is the one and only, Ms. Geeta Singh.

Umadevi Maharajan

Our next colleague is indeed unique. She completes all her work religiously, spends hours researching to make her classes more engaging and creative, diligently provides feedback to all her students, breaks her head over the most complicated time table on earth, organizes PTMs as if they were her own child’s birthday party, and then frets over all that she has done! If you see her marching up to you with a hassled look, don’t get too worried. She’ll bounce back within a few minutes and go home smiling. Please welcome, Ms. Umadevi Maharajan.


Rina Khaitan

Gentle, deliberate, analytical, reflective, and more stressed about the results of exams than all her students put together! Her signature style is the way she begins most conversations with, “You know what?”, followed by a thoughtful pause. More often than not, she raises several queries and promptly provides the answers herself. She insists on her students being proper and humble, regardless of the generation they belong to. But beyond all this is a kind and compassionate person whose love for her work and her students is exemplary. Give it up for Ms. Rina Khaitan.

Ugam Raj

He takes calculated risks, foremost of which is a quick getaway on his precious steed – the scooter. A hard man to fathom for he is lost in his own little world of teaching numbers, he nevertheless has a wide fan base amongst the Grade teachers – especially during report card time when they relentlessly tail him until he fills in his comments! His countenance is furrowed in thought at most times. But when he breaks into a smile, his face is flooded with an innocence and joy that is infectious. A man with a subtle sense of humour, he is none other than our beloved Mr. Ugam Raj.