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A Workshop on Signages

Today in 4th Grade, we had a guest lecture. The lecture was made by Mr. Prashanth Nair, the CEO of Sign-A-Rama. We learnt a lot about signage.

First, we went through the uses of signs (informative, security, warning, etc.). Then we saw the different types of signs (Board, Banner). Next, we saw the things used to make signages. How they are made using plastic, cardboard, metal, PVC and lot more materials. Finally, we saw the types and colours of banners that one should alter for their needs.

At the end, we got posters (signs) saying “WATCH OUT! I am SMART & COOL and STUDY at Inventure!” I think that is perfectly true.

Aditi Narayan Khanaavilli,

Grade 4

We had a presentation on signages today that is 24/7/2013. Come let me share some cool points about them with you!

Seven Qualities of a good sign board are:

You can get all types of fonts, colours, shapes and sizes of signs.

A few types of signs are: Finger post, Inspirational Signs, Motto Signs, Sport Signs, Safety Signs, Information Signs and Security Signs.

The colour coding of signs are: Danger – RED, Orange, Chill – BLUE, GREEN and Excitement – Yellow

Vanshika Somani, 

Grade 4 B

We learnt about signage on 24th July. It was an interesting learning experience. The parent volunteer Mr. Prashant Nair, told us about why signs are used and how important they are. He also showed us an episode of ‘Mr. Bean’ and how his antics were conveyed even without talking and with only hand and eye expressions. He explained the different signs used, the common ones memorized, basix signage factory, its people, the material used for boards, headings, traffic signages etc. All that he talked about was based on signs. He was also going to help make signs for Inventure for visitors, students and parents.

At the end of the session, he conducted a quiz for all the students, girls vs. boys, where the girls won! Later he passed around a sign to every 4th Grader saying ‘WATCH OUT! I AM SMART AND COOL, I STUDY AT Inventure Academy!”

Sheya Venkant,

4 A