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An Elephant – ful Monday!!

As we boarded the bus that day, we expected it to be just like every other Monday morning: uneventful and gloomy but little did we know…

The loud ringing of a cellphone from the front startled me as I woke up from a dreamless sleep. The bus came to an unexpected halt and suddenly all eyes were on the teacher whose odd expression changes into a baffled one as she spoke on the phone. Suddenly from behind me I heard a loud gasp and a deep voice announcing, “Guys, we have a holiday today! There are elephants in school.” There was a moment of silence in the bus which was followed by a chorus of hysteric laughter.

A small part me hoped that it were true, we all knew he was just joking around as usual. That was just until the teacher turned around with a startled expression on her face as she confirmed his bizzare statement!

The bus turned around and we were on our way back home, I still couldn’t believe that this was happening!

There were so many questions in my head that were left unanswered; ‘Where had they come from?’ ‘How did they get into school?’ ‘How many were there?’ I finally reached home and hastily turned on the television, there were people all over school investigating the cause of the elephants being there and the damage that was done to school.

I sat and watched in awe as they walked around the tennis court and analysed the damage that was done to school.

A few hours later it was brought to my knowledge that they had come all this way only because of the deforestation that has taken place due to destructive human activity. This had caused the elephants to lose their natural habitat.

It was estimated that there were around twenty-two elephants that were in Bangalore of which fifteen had found their way to our school!

It had later come to my notice that four people were killed because they tried harming these homeless animals. But are they really to blame?

By: Ahana Gupta and Rahael Kuruvilla

Grade 10 IGCSE