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An Independent India : Student’s perspective

What does Freedom mean to me?

Freedom means a lot to me. It means you have the rights of a citizen of India. The right of equality must be enforced. I am grateful to our leaders for their devotion and sacrifices. We Indians must hold our heads high, not only when the national anthem is sung but anytime and stand up against corruption and injustice. I am inspired by Gandhiji and in future, when I am faced with corruption or a crisis, I will be bold and stand up, and report any sort of corruption and racism. “Even in the darkest times, hope can always be found”

Rohit Rayanareddy, 8 ICSE

What Message I want to Give to my Countrymen, and what I want to contribute:

India – My Country, the place where I belong; my home, your Home and our Home.
66 years of freedom. We’ve come so far, seen so much, accomplished so much. But there’s still much more to achieve and experience.
It’s so easy to write and lecture, but how many of us actually walk the talk? Practice what we preach? I don’t want this to turn into a long essay with a moral, but what I am trying to say is India is not using its potential to the fullest. When we sing our National Anthem we should be able to belt it out with pride. I’m talking small things like saving whatever water we can, switch off lights when we don’t need them, recycling, showing compassion in small ways.
Take a look around you – the roads are filled with litter, corruption is everywhere, the number of crimes increase day by day, and everywhere you look you see poverty. What are we, we the youth of India, are doing? We should be out there, helping those in need, and fighting against corruption. So what are you waiting for?


Maya Patra, 8 ICSE

India, My Country!

As Children of India, we believe that our country has developed a lot since our Independence in 1947, but we still have a lot to improve. We would like to help our country by doing little things like keeping our country clean, and helping people out at small scale, for example in school. We think that we should be nice and tell other people to be considerate.
When you see someone in trouble don’t stop to think, go on over and help in whatever way you can. We want to be able to sing our National Anthem with pride and say we belong to India, this is our Home. We want to be able to praise our country and be respected by other countries too. We have the ability, we have the capacity, but we lack the drive and passion. We know we can do it, so what are you waiting for?

Riddhi Bhatt & Maya Patra,

What Independence Day means to me?

The day we got freedom from the British, the day we got to express our views even at my age, the day when we chose what we want to be, that’s Independence Day. Even though India is a free and democratic country, India’s next objective should be to make this country a corruption free and a better place to live in.


Independence Day

Back in the 1900’s, when the British had been ruling over India, enslaving its citizens, there was just one wish on all India’s citizens’ hearts and minds – INDEPENDENCE. Now that we are independent, I feel proud of my nation, and have an immense sense of gratitude and respect towards the many freedom fighters who laid down their lives to free India. I shall use this hard-earned freedom to contribute to my country and not misuse it.
As a young citizen of India, I want to do something for the development of India; something that will help India grow. I want to further unite the different groups of the citizens of India. I see India as a successful, developed country in the future. There are many things that we citizens of India can do to fulfill this dream and I will work hard towards achieving this goal.

Ishi Tripathi, 8 ICSE

India, My Country

Freedom to me means that you are allowed to be what you are and not forced to do what you don’t want to.
Independence Day is a day is when we remember all the people who laid down their lives for our country and celebrate Independence.