INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

Annual Athletics Meet 2017

The Annual Athletic Meet 2017 was flagged off at the Inventure Academy campus on 13 December with the field finals and a few track finals held on that day. The remaining track finals, general races, Grades 1 – 4 dance display and relay events were conducted on Saturday, 16 December with the students exhibiting great sportsmanship and competitiveness! It was exciting to see the Houses rally against each other to score the maximum points needed to win the House Championship, which was won by The Nurturers with 396 points. Quite a few new records were also created on these two days! Congratulations to all the winners!

The list of individual champions and record breakers can be found below.

House Championships



Raw Points

4 Adventurers 217
3 Inventors 287
2 Venturers 354
1 Nurturers 396

Individual Championships


Boys/Girls Name House


Division 1 Boys Shyam Anand Adventurers 10
Division 1 Girls Riya Ganesh Venturers 13
Division 2 Boys Aaryan Kuppachi Venturers 10
Division 2 Girls Adrika Kar Mishra Adventurers 14
Division 3 Boys Siddhant Mukherji Nurturers 10
Division 3 Girls Kayli Diya Maini Venturers 18
Division 4 Boys Abhinav Aman Vallur Venturers 15
Division 4 Girls Stuthii Kaveriamma Kallangada Venturers 20
Division 5 Boys Nicholas Daniel Whabi Venturers 27
Division 5 Girls Manasi Bommareddy Inventors 18
Division 6 Boys Aryaman Dev Harlalka Nurturers 18
Division 6 Girls Arya Guhan Nurturers 35
Division 7 Boys Shantam Agarwal Venturers 21
Division 7 Girls Armani Vikram Nurturers 38

Annual Athletic Meet 2017 -18 New Records


Name of the students Division House


Relay 4x50m 2 – Boys Venturers 37.98sec
Ball bend throw (medicine ball) Esa Akhib Syed 3 – Boys Inventors 10.00mts
200mtrs open race Viraaj Sharma Nanda Adventurers 35.74sec
Relay 4x60m Nurturers 40.62sec
200m Open Event Kayli Diya Maini 3 – Girls Venturers 37.80sec
600m Open Event Abhinav Aman Vallur 4 – Boys Venturers 2:05.68sec
Shotput Om Mehta Venturers 8.75mts
Relay 4x100m Venturers 1.05:20sec
100m Stuthii Kaveriamma Kallangada 4 – Girls Venturers 14.86sec
200m Stuthii Kaveriamma Kallangada Venturers 32.64sec
400m Samara Varghese Adventurers 1:20.78sec
600m Open Event Samara Varghese Adventurers 2:16.47sec
Shotput Stuthii Kaveriamma Kallangada Venturers 7.90mts
Long Jump Stuthii Kaveriamma Kallangada Venturers 3.36sec
Relay 4X100m Nurturers 1:07.44sec
100m Nicholas Daniel Whabi 5 – Boys Venturers 12.27sec
400m Arnav Pratury Rakkhit Adventurers 1:02.92sec
800m Arnav Pratury Rakkhit Adventurers 2:38.90sec
800m Open Event Ghazal B Thiruvengadam 5 – Girls Inventors 3:26.11sec
Discus Khayaal Kadam Nurturers 19.33mts
Relay 4x100m Inventors 1:04.92sec
400M Rishi Gupta 6 – Boys Nurturers 58.90sec
800M Divij Gupta Nurturers 2:26.52sec
Relay 4x100m Nurturers 51.10sec
400m Arya Guhan 6 – Girls Nurturers 1:12.20sec
800m Arya Guhan Nurturers 2:59.47sec
Discus Arya Guhan Nurturers 19.21mts
100m Shantam Agarwal 7 – Boys Venturers 11.07
1200m Open event Kunal Raj Mehrotra Adventurers 4:02.30sec
Discus Sachin Krishna Dwarakanath Adventurers 26.89mts
Relay 4x100m Nurturers 51.86sec
200m Armani Vikram 7 – Girls Nurturers 30.62sec
400m Armani Vikram Nurturers 1:15.51sec
800m Armani Vikram Nurturers 3:14.79sec
1200m Open event Samyukta Shrivatsa Adventurers 5:36.64sec
Javellin Armani Vikram Nurturers 22.90mts
Long Jump Armani Vikram Nurturers 4.02mts
Relay 4x100m Nurturers 1:02.24sec