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Anubhav Saxena Gr 9 shares his thoughts on our lakes…#OurLakesOurVoice #Changemakers@InventureAcademy


I have done a write up about lakes and my opinion on them. I hope you enjoy it.

I would look out of my window of my school bus on my way to school everyday. I love the environment, I always did and I always will. I would look outside the window, looking at the beautiful lakes, smiling, feeling the stress leave my body. I would smile, looking at the beautiful lake, and I would smile, imagining the diverse and vivid forms of life making the lake their home; the greenery and the numerous number of fish and aquatic animals living peacefully. I would smile just thinking about it.

Now, whenever I look at a lake from my school bus window, I shut my window, and look away from it, disgusted. I get depressed because these beautiful bodies of water, home to many life forms, would be destroyed. I would feel depressed, imagining the dead, rotting, drying up living things, being treated like they made a mistake making a lake their home. After this, what’s left is filth and only filth, the filth we have built up in these lakes.

Let me tell you something I would see often: A family. A husband and a wife, with 2 children. They have a good car, and they seem to be having a nice time in their car. Then, I would see them throwing a plastic wrapper or a plastic bag, or even spit in a lake. It would shock me, that people who are educated would do that. These people would destroy the lake, bit, by bit, by bit.

People don’t seem to care. People will throw something, spit and even urinate in the lakes. What’s worse, on many occasions, many of these people seem to be educated, and privileged. This is ignorance. This ignorance will lead to and has lead to the destruction of lakes, and this is also leading and has led many creatures to die. Imagine, if someone came in your community, and started poisoning people, killing them, slaughtering them, suffocating them, etc, will that person be forgiven? Definitely not.
We demand a peaceful society, free of destruction. Yet we destroy the peace and calm of the aquatic creatures, and we destroy their peace. So, if you litter or pollute the lake, think twice before you think you want a peaceful society…

I hope and pray, that the next generation of children will look out of their window of their school bus, and smile, looking at a beautiful lake, feeling happy, looking at one of nature’s masterpieces. I hope that day will come very soon.