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Appliances & Coldplay

The straightening iron and the toaster were tossed before our Fuhrer, our mighty King. They shivered as he towered over them, his suction pipes gleaming under the glow of the store’s fluorescent lights. The toaster, Haiku, spoke up, “Have mercy on us, Cleaner sir. Please have mercy”. He broke down, sobbing, as Ion, the straightening iron, consoled him. “CLEANER?”, thundered our King, as the crow gasped. “CLEANER? IS THAT HOW YOU ADDRESS THE SON OF THE GODS, THE CHOSEN ONE?”. Haiku cried harder, his apologies barely comprehensible. “Guards, take them away! That seals your fate, foolish ones. To address me in that manner! Execute them!” The crowd stood in silence as Ion and Haiku were dragged away, the air heavy with their screams. Vacuum Cleaner looked around, satisfied, an evil smirk on his face. “For future reference”, he said, “It’s ‘Fuhrer’ or ‘Lord’. Address me by my name, and you will pay”. With that threat he swept out of the room, leaving shouts of “Herr Fuhrer!” in his wake. An ominous silence hung over the room as the crowd exchanged nervous glances.
Finally, the electric razor stood up and shouted, “We want freedom!” The microwave shouted, “We want the violence to end!” Soon, this was followed by the cheers of other appliances as they shouted their protests.
Far away, in the storeroom, King Cleaner looked up, puzzled by the noise. He shrugged and went back to his administration plans, as the refrigerators circled his chambers. The huge refrigerators prevented anything from disturbing our King – anybody who dared to stray near his lavish abode was imprisoned immediately. His palace was beautiful, and ostentatiously-decorated, with state of the art bubble-wrap curtains and the very best thermocol recliners. It was even rumored that he had the most beautiful iPod nanos at his every beck and call. To us, mere appliances, it was unattainable. His power, fame and fortune couldn’t grace us even in our wildest dreams. He had totalitarian control over us – his every whim, wish or fancy was our command, and we always had to comply.
Back at the check-out counters, a meeting was held, just like every other night. However, tonight was special. Watching our dearest friends being ruthlessly murdered was the last straw. We weren’t upset anymore. We were livid. We wanted revenge. We wanted his blood, his death, his downfall, and we wanted it now.
The hair dryer stood up, her face streaked with angry tears. “For many years I loved Ion. He was my life. He was the kindest person I knew, and never did any wrong. He was gentle and caring. It’s time we put a stop to the carnage. For us. For Haiku. For Ion.” Many appliances shouted their approval as the mp3 player pulled her into an embrace and led her out of the room.
“I have a plan”, said a voice from the back, as all of us whipped around to search for its owner. The air conditioner slowly rose, adjusting her vents.
At the storeroom, Vacuum Cleaner dismissed his guards. The refrigerators headed back to their boxes, leaving two of their own at the doors of the palace. The Fuhrer headed to the intricately crafter storage box, and lay down, as the iPod nanos fed him bits of lint. He slowly drifted into a deep slumber, unaware of the growing chaos outside his chambers.
We crept towards the palace, a safe distance from the sleeping refrigerators. The Picked – the group that had been voted to carry out the mission walked up to the refrigerators. The electric razor cut their power cords, as they fell to the floor noisily. As soon as they hit the ground, the group threw open the door and stormed into the storeroom. The nanos gasped and tried to flee, only to be captured by the waiting mob. Our Fuhrer had nowhere to run. He was captured by the washing machine, and marched out, amidst our cheers, the light bulb crown yanked off his head.
The Picked stood in front of us, as the applause slowly subsided. The hair dryer was led to the front, and the crown was placed on her head. We cheered as our new Queen waved at us, our hearts bursting with elation.
Now, every night, we sleep peacefully, knowing that no harm can come to us. Vacuum Cleaner, however, spends the night in solitude. He uses it to sweep alone. Sweep the streets he used to own.

Shalaka Kurup

Grade 12 ALevel