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‘Are We There Yet?’

In keeping with Inventure Academy’s tradition of a meaningful, thought provoking, inclusive extravaganza of talent, music and dance – this year’s production Are We There Yet left the audience suitably impressed, wowed and provoked to action. ‘Are We There Yet?’ was directed by the team of Arati Punwani Sunawala, Priyanka Gurjar and Deepthi Shetty, and premiered at the MLR Convention Centre, Whitefield on 17th of Dec 2016.

Are we there yet
The day witnessed two packed shows, one in the morning for parents and school children and a second evening showwhich was open to the general public.

Inventure’s productions are never just entertainment, though this aspect is a very successful by product! The main idea of our Annual Musical Production is to create awareness, raise funds and provide solutions for a social-economic cause. The event in itself nurtures individuality by creating a canvas for various talents and encourages the spirit of teamwork and school spirit.

The process started with dialogue with the participants about issues that impact their life, concerns they have and trends in their sub culture. A writer then wove all this into a clever, witty, age appropriate narrative that entertained as much as it informed. This year, the focus was on Bangalore’s favourite gripe – TRAFFIC!! The play was a call to action, urging the audience to take ownership of the problem and actively make good on their pledges to change the situation.

Our Traffic Our Voice (OTOV) – an initiative of the Change Maker Program @Inventure, involving senior students and focusing on traffic solutions driven by students – shared Apps that make carpooling simple and offering public transport connectivity that would create a dent in the volume of traffic on the roads.

Inventure Academy

Students aged 6 -11 and their faculty spent hours rehearsing music, dance, acting, creating a vivid backdrop, designing costumes, working on a media plan and working with the Traffic Police. The curtain raiser was an invitation from the Senior School OTOV +Change Maker team asking the audience to download Apps that can make the traffic management easier with the support of people.

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Set in a traffic jam, the protagonists suddenly find that their parents and cars have abandoned them. A bolt of magical lightning imbues the actors with special powers and they go about righting their world.The ideas, issues and the solutionsemerging from the narrative have been ideated by the students themselves. The message was that we should look for a solution rather than simply complaining about the traffic. We need to own the problem and take responsibility for it.

The play also highlighted the interesting relationship that parents and children share. The narrative was interspersed with vivid, colourful dances and the choirs added meaning to the play’s message. The significant achievement was that every student in the Primary school participated and contributed – it was a show completely by our children, they did everything. What better evidence do we need for individuality and teamwork!

The play came to an end with a pledge in which children requested the audience to join their hands with them to save Bangalore since we have only one Bangalore to live our lives. One of the key points to be noted was that the more we opt for public transport, the more we help Bangalore to be a better place with less pollution and less traffic.

Through audience contributions, the show was able to raise eight lakh rupees which will be used by Our Transport Our Voice to positively impact traffic solutions and awareness. A multi panelled painting by students was auctioned off to the audience and contributed to the cause.

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475 students 50 odd teachers and a 90 minute action packed, spell binding and meaningful spectacle was surely thought provoking and enjoyable and at the same time a testament to the talent, dedication and work ethic at Inventure!

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And here are some of the responses from our audience including Nooraine Fazal: Co-Founder & Managing Trustee and Ms. Nafees Fazal: Inventure Academy Trustee.

Nooraine Fazal quoted “The core message of the play is to take ownership. As the name of the show (“Are we there yet?”) implies, this is a lifelong journey – be it for a person, community, an institution, an idea, neighborhood or a city. The students’ powerful performance showed the audience how we don’t need superheroes because each one of us has the power within us. They thought us how giving up is never an option, even when you don’t see an immediate impact of your efforts. In time and when we stick to our commitment/s and work in collaboration with others, positive change is inevitable.”

“The show was superb, and the message was so relevant. Everything that the children said about roads and traffic is true. The talent on show today was absolutely astounding!” added Ms. Nafees Fazal

Also, we would like to add the reaction of our senior students – “Such a fantastic play! We couldn’t believe that they were Primary School kids. So professional!” ~ Niveditha Narendran and Sanaya Katrak Grade 11, Inventure Academy.

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Well, how could we miss the real heroes of the traffic situation, the ‘Traffic Cops’ themselves. They showed up for the morning play and here is what they want to say to all of us, “The performance showcased by Inventure kids was of exceptional standards, and we’re trying our best to resolve the traffic issues, but we need your help too.”

And here’s what the parents thought – “Congratulations on the huge success of the Production event! It was a visual delight seeing all the children perform with such dedication giving their 100 %…and to see them completely enjoy what they were doing. All our anxiety and concerns vanished the moment we saw them. Thank you so much for giving our child such a memorable time.”

~ Ritu Sureka.

“This evening will always be one to remember. For two reasons: First, it had restored my faith in good education and educational institutes (yet again – the faith was rekindled a year back when we first visited Inventure Academy), and, second – it has made me, and us all, better people.”

~ Sahil and Sheetal.

“The theme of today’s Primary School Production, its expression, the ideas (apps, flyers, car stickers, and the involvement of the audience in the promises/pledges), the costumes, the band, and the choir – every bit was exemplary. I say this every year, but we are really amazed at how you guys surpass yourselves with every production!!!!”

~ Tanya & Vishal Bali.