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Are We There Yet?

#AreWeThereYet #PrimaryProduction2016

The Primary Production is round the corner and all the teams are working very hard with the teachers to get everything set up to stage an exciting, entertaining and informative show.
So, Are we there yet?, I think we are!
In the beginning we all thought we wouldn’t be able to complete the allotted work in the time given, but when we were going through the process it became much easier for us.
The Actors
You can only imagine the amount of time and hard work the actors have put in to memorise their lines. They kept practicing till they got all their lines crystal clear without even a minor mistake!
The Dancers
The dancers are as important as the actors because I can’t imagine a show without mind-blowing dances. They practiced with lots of effort and energy to get every step right!
The Musicians
The lovely music that they play is going to bring the auditorium alive. The grade and the fixed choirs are doing a fabulous job even at practice!
The Artists
Guess who made the wonderful props that are put up on the stage, it is the art department! They worked till their hands started aching and none of them gave up till their work was perfectly done!
The Media team
The media team is also equal to the other teams. They made posters, took videos and pictures. They did all this without even getting confused!
So, we can’t say that only one team is important.
All are equally important to put up this grand show.
~Srishti & Vaishnavi Gr 5