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Arrjuun Parthasarthhy is NASA certified at 6!

We are very proud of our son – Arrjuun Parthasarthhy, studying in grade 2C at Inventure Academy, who earned his NASA Certificate of Achievement this summer and was NASA certified at the age of 6!

Arrjuun learnt many concepts about space during his first grade in Inventure Academy at the age of 5. Theme based learning and an engaging methodology used by his school fuelled Arrjuun’s interest in the subject. Arrjuun fondly recollects how his grade teacher – Ms. Humera made the topic interesting, particularly the funny video about planets that she showed them.  He also remembers how the field trip with his classmates to Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum helped him gather knowledge about space.

Arrjuun frequently talked about the space concepts he learnt at school – solar system, galaxies, comets, shooting stars, rockets, astronauts, etc. Being a voracious reader, he liked reading about it too. He would make drawings/paintings of the solar system/space/astronaut – all reflecting the fact that space fascinated him. He even built the LEGO Space Center and LEGO Space Shuttle (both complex constructions) at the age of 5 without any adult assistance.

When the ‘NASA Academy of Future Space Explorers’ program was announced in Bangalore this summer, we were certain that Arrjuun would thoroughly enjoy the program.  It is an international program from NASA and MAD Science that is typically open to students from grade 4 to grade 7 with kids getting NASA certified at the age of 11. Since Arrjuun was just 6 years old, we discussed with the organizers about Arrjuun’s knowledge, interest and curiosity about space. They were accommodating and enrolled him for the same.

During the program, Arrjuun learnt about planets and moons; rocket science; earth and beyond; space phenomena, travel and technology; the sun and stars; and living in space. He was very excited about the unique hands-on activities, amazing demonstrations and fun educational take-homes.

We received very positive feedback about his participation in the NASA program. He not only related to the concepts, but also made the sessions interactive by enthusiastically and aptly articulating about various space related topics. He confidently assembled a rocket model by himself even before it was demonstrated. He amazed folks by his quick illustration of a rocket launch on paper and the instructor asked us if he had seen a live rocket launch. When we enquired with Arrjuun, he said that the Camlin geometry box advertisement on TV gave him a quick idea about a rocket launch! We were impressed by his keen sense of observation and assimilation.

Arrjuun’s knowledge, confidence, enthusiasm and creativity shone through in the program and made him achieve a memorable milestone at such an early age!