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Art Exhibition

The field trip was really an eye-opener for me. The curator was really engaging and was really interesting to talk to and hear from. He spoke about how he selected the works for the exhibit and about sales of artwork and valuation. Those topics really interested me, as I was not very well informed in the business aspect of art.

The exhibit itself was very interesting. We spent a lot of time on the first floor, where the sculptures and the more abstract art was present. I learned a lot about abstract expressionism and developed even more respect for the style and artists.

The third floor, with the more traditional pieces, was jaw-dropping. Although there was more traditional art, the concepts and the art itself seemed abstract to me. For example, this piece by Ashu Gupta which really amazed me –

While traditional, the concept itself seems abstract.

I realised the importance of a concept. A meaningful concept makes the artwork even more appealing and rich.

All in all, the most important thing I learnt in this field trip is that art has to have a subtle, honest meaning. If that’s absent, no matter how technically perfect the artist is, the art will never be historical or world changing. That’s what separates good art from great art.

By Anjali Mallmpooty (10 ICSE)