INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: EducationWorld India School Ranking 2018-19 - Ranked #4 in India, Ranked #2 in Karnataka, Ranked #2 in Bengaluru.

Assembly by Aditya Kolasetti

Each morning, these doors open, along with our minds
For a world beyond a book is what we strive to find
Walking down these halls of orange, white and blue
Each step is of fearless abandon, born of wit and virtue
We reach for the stars, though we stand years apart
Distance fuels determination – never once do we lose heart
Yet we still are plagued by distress and defeat
And in search for a sun, we get lost in its heat
Sometimes, victory is never within reach
And the canvas of our mind is numbed by bleach
But even in the times when we lose our grip in the climb
When our hands fail, millions support us from behind
Words beyond a whiteboard create our reality
Each one a nurtured bloom of individuality
So though the road is long, full of ashes, dust and dirt
Only when we walk the valleys, do we know a mountain’s worth