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Awards Day 2011 – 12

Awards Day 2011 - 12

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”

Awards Day at Inventure is a celebration of excellence. Inventure Academy is committed to developing a passion for excellence in its students and Awards Day, is a testimony to the fact that excellence is within the reach of many, and not just a select few. Our definition of excellence is about achieving set goals and targets. While the Scholar Awards recognize the toppers in every subject in every grade, the announcement of Excellence Awards are a much looked forward to, part of the programme. For, this is where students are recognized for being multi – achievers, nurturers, book lovers, good sports people, entrepreneurs, dancers, musicians, artists, etc.

Needless to say, an Awards Day of such magnitude requires careful planning and hard work. Lucy Joseph, History Teacher and Awards Day Coordinator at Inventure Academy, explains in detail about the meticulous preparations behind the scenes…
Another milestone at Inventure Academy was approaching and we had to be ready for it: Awards Day 2011 – 2012 (June 23, 2012). It dawned on us that a lot had to be accomplished… The wheels had to be set into motion, to prepare for an event where our young Inventurers would be acknowledged and rewarded for their achievements. The occasion demanded utmost dedication and commitment and the team of teachers (as usual) rose to the occasion. A chain of events evolved, as teams were divided into their respective areas of expertise. Carefully and meticulously, the lists of awards were scanned; this was no time for complacency! Of course, the task also demanded arduously sorting the awards, arranging the books, labeling presents and prizes, working on the pins and caps and setting the details for the big event (on and off the stage). As one day of preparation blended into the next, teachers worked seamlessly, with smiles on their faces in recognition of the names of students they had grown to know so well.
Voila! At long last, it was time for Awards Day 2011 -12. An air of curiosity and excitement filled the air, as students expectantly waited for the programme to begin. They all knew they would be acknowledged and rewarded for something special they had achieved; for, it is that belief and confidence that Inventure instills, in each and every child. Lightning of the Lamp and the Invocation was followed by the Scholastic Awards – recognition of class and subject toppers. The toppers of the Board exams were also felicitated and awarded Gold medals:
IGCSE 2011 – Mihir Bhaskar
A Levels 2011 – Abhilash GovindanNair
ICSE 2012 – Dipali J Bajaj
ISC 2012 – Aashna Rao
Five faculty and staff members who had served for over 5 years at Inventure, were also felicitated with a citation and gold coin. Our path to glory continued, with recognition of various students in external and internal competitions.
As for the Excellence Awards, a total of 2450 Awards were given away! Inventure’s system awards a cap of excellence and pins are presented to students who meet the stringent selection criteria to earn those accolades. The idea is to make excellence attainable for anyone. This is in sync with Inventure’s philosophy that children are gifted with multiple intelligences and excel in diverse areas.

Excellence Awards

Areas                       Awards

  1. Art                                   308
  2. Attendance                    126
  3. Book Lover                    377
  4. Comp Whizz                  59
  5. Dance                             285
  6. Music                             66
  7. Nurturer                        328
  8. P Art                              45
  9. Public Speech              106
  10. Organization skill       248
  11. Scholar                          237
  12. Sports Cap                    106
  13. Multi Achiever             159

It was curtains for the Awards Day 2011-2012! But not before acknowledging the Parent Volunteers, whose contributions have always remained the hall mark of success and inspiration.
A thought provoking speech by Ms Mallika Sen , the Principal, Mr Ramesh Hariharan, the Vice Principal and Ms Preet Aarons the head of the Primary, marked the highlights of the Event.
Carpe Diem!!

By: Lucy Joseph                                                                   Preet Benjamin Aarons

History Teacher / Awards Day Coordinator                  Section Head, Primary School