INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

Battle Of The Bands

“It only becomes art if it touches other people.” -Andreas Eschbach

Battle of the Bands had been a highly anticipated event that was set to take place on the Tournament of Minds finals on 21st February and the general buzz amongst the participants and audience was hard to miss. Every house  had been practicing hard, staying back after school, taking time out of lunch and free periods to get their songs right. Finally the day had come. It was now the final chance for each band to prove what they were made of.

The key to a great performance is to captivate the audience in the first bars of your song and to maintain that interest (if not raising it) as you play on. This is never an easy feat, but as both an audience member and a performer, I’m happy to say that all 4 bands managed to achieve this. The performances were passionate, entertaining, and brilliant.

The Adventurers started off with classic “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by American punk rock band Green Day, followed by “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. Not only did they involve the audience by making them keep the beat (talk about audience response!) but they also topped that with the sweet vocals of 10th grader Keya Viswanathan and wicked guitar solos by the likes of talented musicians such as Ansaar Fatehally of 12th grade.

The Inventors performed “Do You Wanna Know”, a song by indie band Arctic Monkeys that was very popular amongst the seniors. They then played “Castle of Glass” by Linkin Park. This house managed to make the audience laugh with their own little mascot dancing around stage as they performed. What would Battle of the Bands be without some onstage gimmicks, right?

The Nurturers, ever the entertainers, did their own rendition of “Pumped Up Kicks”, a song by Foster The People and boy, did they do it well! Following that stellar performance, this house had a bunch of Nurturers come down and dance in front of the stage, as they grooved to “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys.

And finally, the Venturers performed the slow song, “Let Her Go” by Passenger, along with chart topper “Radioactive” also by Imagine Dragons.  The bassist, 12th grader Abhinav Mohan’s passionate head-banging was perhaps the major source of the audience’s entertainment. No one can deny that he certainly knew how to have a good time!

It was clear by the conclusion of the last performance that everyone had fun – judges, performers and audience alike. In the end, that’s exactly what matters. While it may have been an inter-house competition, Battle of the Bands also provided some of the talented 12th graders a last chance to rock out at school. And after the hype created over the week, this event did not disappoint!

Middle and senior school eagerly awaits the results. Till then, one question remains: which band truly won this battle?

Niketa Nerurkar,
Venturers House Captain