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Bengaluru students, grades 8-12, we want your opinions!

Here’s calling children of Bengaluru aged 13 – 19 to voice their opinions on safety at school, home and outside…

19th November is the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse. On that day Inventure Academy hosted a unique event on child safety that gave almost 200 children of Bengaluru – aged 8 to 18 and from diverse backgrounds – an opportunity to share concerns, needs and wishes on child safety. At this event, children came up with recommendations and campaign ideas that they wanted to see parents, schools, police and government adopt for their safety. These are being incorporated into a Charter on Child Safety by the Children, for the Children, and of the Children of Bengaluru.

In developing this Charter we would like to communicate the voices of an even wider group of children. To do this, we have created a survey that contains key points that were raised by children at the 19th November event. We are aiming to get responses from over 1,500 students by 11th December 2014, so that we may submit a final Charter reflecting children’s voices to the government by the 15th.

So, if your school is in Bengaluru and you currently study in grade 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12, then please fill out the survey: Thank you!

When the survey is complete, we will post more information about it here. Stay tuned!

– The Student Charter Committee