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Beyond the Bubble ~ Behind the Scenes ~ Music

Lyrical Inspirations!

“Music to me is the air that I breathe; it is the blood that pumps through the veins that keep me alive.” ~Billie Joe Armstrong.
In the same way, music is the pulse of Production 2015, making every aspect of the play come alive!
As we entered the music room, we could feel the excitement in the air and everyone’s enthusiasm to put up a great show. Music has been given a whole new definition thanks to the efforts of Akhil Sir. His main objective in this year’s Production is to play the songs which have been composed by the students of the music group. With teamwork, trust and understanding, we will work very hard to make this Production a memorable one.
The young musicians are learning new skills on a daily basis. The Music coordinators are encouraging them to come up with original scores.
In the words of the budding musicians, “I enjoy it”, says Divij, Grade 8. “I feel that the music will add another dimension to the script”.
In this year’s Production music plays a crucial role and will act as the glue that holds together the entire play.
We are loving every day as it unfolds. Every beat touches a chord in our hearts.
~ Darsh Pant 7B, Nikhil Mishra 7A, Aviva Jalona 7BDSC_0041

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