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Beyond the Bubble ~ Behind the Scenes ~ Costume Design

In the Mind of a Costume Designer!

As we walked into the Biology Lab where the costume designers were working, the first person we saw was Anjali who was working on the Shaolin Monk Dance costumes. She told us that the Monk costumes were finalized and Ponnu Ma’am liked the designs, she would take them to Aditi Ma’am, who would give the final nod of approval. She told us that the designs should be finalized by mid-August and then they would have to start getting the costumes stitched.
“Costume design is fun because I can be creatively involved with my peers to work on the look and feel of the characters”– Anjali of Grade 7
Next we spoke to Roshni, Ritu and Aisha of Grade 9 who were very eager to tell us about every single design they had created as they listed costume after costume, idea after idea. They told us how they were briefed about the bright colors in the Mumbai Dance costumes, the look of the Arc Archivist in his long flowing robes and a crown, while the Archivists wore formal clothes, metallic colors and a small crown. The students came up with numerous designs which did justice to the brief. They imagined the Bombay kids with uniforms similar to local schools and told us how the Malthus were like Gods in superhero costumes. Their excitement was palpable as they told us about the Gaya costume, who was a warrior monk dressed in a loose playsuit.
With less than two weeks to go, days are going to become more and more hectic, with all of us striving to finish in time.
Srushti Grade 9 and Ansh Manuj Desai Grade 7
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