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School Football Championship

  The Tata Motors ‘School Football Championship’ kicked off to a very successful start at Inventure Academy on the 14 January 2017. The SFC is organised by Just For Kicks, one of the biggest interschool football tournaments in India and ran until 22 January 2017. This was an U10 and U12 age group championship for both boys and girls and we participated with 4 Teams. On the day 1 itself, our Inventurers from both U-10 and U-12 categories won a total of 6 Matches against Kadugodi Cheetahs, Greenwood High, Avalahalli Invincible and Oakridge International. The results of Day-1 are as follows: 1. Under - 12 Boys Category ● 1st Match - Inventure won against Kadugodi Cheetahs by 11-0 goals. 2. Under - 12 Girls Category ● 1st Match - Inventure won against Greenwood High by 3 - 1 goals. ● 2nd Match - Inventure won against Kadugodi Cheetahs by 6 - 0 goals. 3. Under - 10 Boys Category ● 1st Match - Inventure won against Oakridge International by 6-1 goals. ● 2nd Match - Inventure Won against Avalahalli Invincible by 10 - 0 goals. 4. Under - 10 Girls Category ● 1st Match - Inventure lost to Greenwood high by 3-0 goals. ● 2nd Match - Inventure won against Avalahalli Invincible by 3-0 goals. Inventurers continued the winning streak on Day 2. We won a total of 6 matches against Avalahalli Invincible, Immadihalli Super Kids, Nallur Direwolves, Oakridge International, Agrahara Blitz and qualified for the Semi-Final matches. The results of the Day 2 are as follows: 1. Under 12 Boys ● 1st match - Inventure won against Avalahalli Invincible by 5-0 goals. ● 2nd match - Inventure won against Immadihalli Super Kids by 12-0 goals.   2. Under 12 Girls ● 1st match - Inventure won against Nallur Direwolves by 5-0 goals. ● 2nd match - Inventure won against Oakridge International by 9-0 goals. 3. Under - 10 Boys ● Inventure won against Agrahara Blitz by 9-0 goals. 4. Under - 10 Girls ● Inventure won against Agrahara Blitz by 7-0 goals. School Football Championship concluding day was on 21 & 22 January at Inventure Academy. Inventurers added one more feather in Inventure Academy’s Cap by emerging as the winners in U 10 Boys and U 12 Girls Category. The results of the Semifinals and Finals are as: ● Semifinals - Inventure Won against TISB by 3-2 goals. ● Finals - Inventure won against Greenwood High by 2-0 goals. Hyunjoon Ahn emerges as the top scorer of the tournament with 17 goals and Inventure Academy declared as winners in Under 10 Boys Category. Inventure Academy was declared winner in the Under 12 Girls category and ‘Treia Menon’ emerges as the top scorer of the tournament by scoring 19 goals. ● Semifinals - Inventure won against Brigade by 1-0 goals. ● Finals - Inventure won against Greenwood high by 6-0 goals.   In U 10 Girls and U 12 Boys Category, Inventure Academy lost to Greenwood High and Ebenezar but our Inventurer Ananya Jain was declared top scorer of the tournament. ● Under 10 Girls Category - Runners Up ○ Finals - Inventure lost to greenwood high by 1-0 goals. Under 12 Boys Cat - Runners Up ○ Semifinals - Inventure won against Ebenezar by 1-0 goals. ○ Finals - Inventure lost to Greenwood by 3-1 goals. We are delighted to have got this opportunity to be a part of SFC. It was a very inspiring & fun event for our Young football enthusiasts.   Inventure U-10 Boys and U-12 Girls teams won the Bangalore leg of the SFC Championships held at Inventure and qualified for the the Nationals held in Mumbai on 5 February 2017. At the Nationals, our U-12 Girls team won the championship while our U-10 Boys finished runners-up. In addition, Treia Menon won the Golden Boot (Best Player of the tournament) and Trisha Pereira won the Golden Boot (Best Goalkeeper of the tournament) awards.   Here are more details on the matches the teams played: ● U-12 Girls: ○ Semi-finals - Inventure Academy, Bangalore won 5-0 against Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad ○ Finals - Inventure Academy Bangalore won against Sitaram Mill Compound Public School, Mumbai 2-0 in a tie breaker (Full time score  1-1) U-10 Boys: ○ Semi-finals - Inventure Academy Bangalore won 2-0 against Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad. ○ Finals - Inventure Academy Bangalore lost 2-4 to St. Anne’s High School, Mumbai. Here’s what our parents say about School Football Championship. “As a first time parent at the School Football Championship, I was overwhelmed at the participation and interaction between the students over football. I think getting young children to compete with other schools builds a certain level of confidence, camaraderie and a love for the game which is unparalleled. The interaction between children from diverse backgrounds was interesting to watch.While for some it was a new experience and a whole new kind of exposure, for others it was a grounding experience. But an experience, I think, every child must have when playing any sport. I congratulate Inventure Academy and the team of organizers for hosting such events which provide our children with a platform to develop essential life skills and good sportsmanship.'”

-Sonali Nikhil (Parent of Ishaan Nikhil Yathiraj Grade 3)

Trip to Lalbagh Gardens (A Theme – Based Lea...


Education at Inventure Academy combines the best of progressive and traditional learning and assessment models. Modern research has reconfirmed that children have differing gifts and there is no one, single method to draw the best out of them.

As a part of Theme-Based learning approach or learning outside the classroom, Inventure students of Grade 4 visited Lalbagh to see the flower show.

theme based learning at inventure

outdoor learning

It was really exciting to see children making the connection with whatever they had learnt in class, and applying the learning very comfortably to the outdoors.

inventure students at lalbagh

These aha moments speak for themselves of the wonderful experience the students had on their field trip to Lalbagh Gardens.

They also took part in IPL EDGE for ‘Zero Litter Campaign’.

inventure academy bangalore

top schools in bangalore The informal atmosphere and the novelty of shared teacher-student activities generate a free flow of thought and ideas. As part of our Wider World Programs, we greatly emphasize on sports, arts, as well as different ways of connecting with what students learn in class, like field trips, internships, and community service.

When I Met Myself…


At Inventure Academy, oftentimes during Yoga, an activity called ‘When I Met Myself’ is taken up. During this activity, students write about themselves continuously for 10 mins without lifting their pens off the paper.

yoga at school

This activity engaged students in spontaneous writing without stopping to think, about themselves, their likes and dislikes, their deepest feelings and strongest desires, what makes them happy, tough times, problems and solutions and most importantly and above all, despite all good and against all odds... Why they love themselves?

student self esteem  

This exercise is one of reflection- a beautiful way to check and correct oneself and when we consciously write about our qualities we start valuing ourselves more.

inventure academy   schools in bangalore

We also get more aware of looking after ourselves and nourishing ourselves every day and every moment of our life.

Have you done this activity before? Give it a try and it will definitely help you in knowing a little more about yourself, your internal thoughts and feelings.

best schools in bangalore

First Assembly of the Year by KG students on the 1...


"Kindergarten presented a thought-provoking assembly on the lines of 'Saving our Planet' and the Significance of 'Carpe Diem-Seize The Day'- our school's motto.

Kindergarten School in Bangalore The show by K2 was dotted with presentations on the topics of 'Solar System', KG School in Bangalore 'Pollution and its Ill Effects', Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'. Best Kids School in Bangalore

These students from ages 3-6 shared their ideas and enlightened all the students, parents and teachers alike, on ways to keep our planet earth clean, green and happy.

Best Schools in Bangalore There were special performances by Ishana on the keyboard and Kezia on drums. These were a big hit with the audience. Top Schools in Bangalore The assembly ended with beautiful dance performances by the children of Pre-K and K1. KG School in Bangalore International School in Bangalore

In their gorgeous attire, they danced to the tunes of 'Socha Hai' and 'Love you Zindagi'.

Kids Dance in School Bangalore

It was an absolute delight watching the little ones put up their first assembly of the year!"

‘Are We There Yet?’

  In keeping with Inventure Academy’s tradition of a meaningful, thought provoking, inclusive extravaganza of talent, music and dance – this year’s production Are We There Yet left the audience suitably impressed, wowed and provoked to action. ‘Are We There Yet?’ was directed by the team of Arati Punwani Sunawala, Priyanka Gurjar and Deepthi Shetty, and premiered at the MLR Convention Centre, Whitefield on 17th of Dec 2016.

Are we there yet The day witnessed two packed shows, one in the morning for parents and school children and a second evening showwhich was open to the general public.

Inventure’s productions are never just entertainment, though this aspect is a very successful by product! The main idea of our Annual Musical Production is to create awareness, raise funds and provide solutions for a social-economic cause. The event in itself nurtures individuality by creating a canvas for various talents and encourages the spirit of teamwork and school spirit.

The process started with dialogue with the participants about issues that impact their life, concerns they have and trends in their sub culture. A writer then wove all this into a clever, witty, age appropriate narrative that entertained as much as it informed. This year, the focus was on Bangalore’s favourite gripe – TRAFFIC!! The play was a call to action, urging the audience to take ownership of the problem and actively make good on their pledges to change the situation.

Our Traffic Our Voice (OTOV) - an initiative of the Change Maker Program @Inventure, involving senior students and focusing on traffic solutions driven by students - shared Apps that make carpooling simple and offering public transport connectivity that would create a dent in the volume of traffic on the roads.

Inventure Academy

Students aged 6 -11 and their faculty spent hours rehearsing music, dance, acting, creating a vivid backdrop, designing costumes, working on a media plan and working with the Traffic Police. The curtain raiser was an invitation from the Senior School OTOV +Change Maker team asking the audience to download Apps that can make the traffic management easier with the support of people.

Best Schools in Bangalore

Set in a traffic jam, the protagonists suddenly find that their parents and cars have abandoned them. A bolt of magical lightning imbues the actors with special powers and they go about righting their world.The ideas, issues and the solutionsemerging from the narrative have been ideated by the students themselves. The message was that we should look for a solution rather than simply complaining about the traffic. We need to own the problem and take responsibility for it.

The play also highlighted the interesting relationship that parents and children share. The narrative was interspersed with vivid, colourful dances and the choirs added meaning to the play’s message. The significant achievement was that every student in the Primary school participated and contributed – it was a show completely by our children, they did everything. What better evidence do we need for individuality and teamwork!

The play came to an end with a pledge in which children requested the audience to join their hands with them to save Bangalore since we have only one Bangalore to live our lives. One of the key points to be noted was that the more we opt for public transport, the more we help Bangalore to be a better place with less pollution and less traffic.

Through audience contributions, the show was able to raise eight lakh rupees which will be used by Our Transport Our Voice to positively impact traffic solutions and awareness. A multi panelled painting by students was auctioned off to the audience and contributed to the cause.

International School in Bangalore

475 students 50 odd teachers and a 90 minute action packed, spell binding and meaningful spectacle was surely thought provoking and enjoyable and at the same time a testament to the talent, dedication and work ethic at Inventure!

Best International Schools in Bangalore

And here are some of the responses from our audience including Nooraine Fazal: Co-Founder & Managing Trustee and Ms. Nafees Fazal: Inventure Academy Trustee.

Nooraine Fazal quoted “The core message of the play is to take ownership. As the name of the show (“Are we there yet?”) implies, this is a lifelong journey - be it for a person, community, an institution, an idea, neighborhood or a city. The students’ powerful performance showed the audience how we don’t need superheroes because each one of us has the power within us. They thought us how giving up is never an option, even when you don’t see an immediate impact of your efforts. In time and when we stick to our commitment/s and work in collaboration with others, positive change is inevitable.”

“The show was superb, and the message was so relevant. Everything that the children said about roads and traffic is true. The talent on show today was absolutely astounding!" added Ms. Nafees Fazal

Also, we would like to add the reaction of our senior students - “Such a fantastic play! We couldn’t believe that they were Primary School kids. So professional!” ~ Niveditha Narendran and Sanaya Katrak Grade 11, Inventure Academy.

Inventure Academy Bangalore

Well, how could we miss the real heroes of the traffic situation, the 'Traffic Cops' themselves. They showed up for the morning play and here is what they want to say to all of us, "The performance showcased by Inventure kids was of exceptional standards, and we're trying our best to resolve the traffic issues, but we need your help too."

And here’s what the parents thought - "Congratulations on the huge success of the Production event! It was a visual delight seeing all the children perform with such dedication giving their 100 %...and to see them completely enjoy what they were doing. All our anxiety and concerns vanished the moment we saw them. Thank you so much for giving our child such a memorable time."

~ Ritu Sureka.

"This evening will always be one to remember. For two reasons: First, it had restored my faith in good education and educational institutes (yet again - the faith was rekindled a year back when we first visited Inventure Academy), and, second - it has made me, and us all, better people."

~ Sahil and Sheetal.

"The theme of today's Primary School Production, its expression, the ideas (apps, flyers, car stickers, and the involvement of the audience in the promises/pledges), the costumes, the band, and the choir - every bit was exemplary. I say this every year, but we are really amazed at how you guys surpass yourselves with every production!!!!"

~ Tanya & Vishal Bali.

Sahithi Pingali wins the Grand Award at the IRIS N...

  More than 5 months of hard work and perseverance paid off on 24 Dec when Sahithi Pingali student of Inventure Academy Grade 11 won the Grand Award at the IRIS Science Fair in Pune. Sahithi has emerged a winner from among 107 finalists who showed their research work to a panel of industry experts, academia and the general public from 20-23 at Pune. Sahithi’s research project was titled “A New Approach to Monitoring Lakes in Developing Countries: Crowdsourcing Environmental Science”. Sahithi Pingali wins the Grand Award At a separate event held at Rajkot, Gujarat, Sahithi competed against the top 20 gold medallists of the country and emerged as one among the top 3 winners to represent India at the International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering, Environment, Project (I-SWEEEP). This Science Fair will be held in Houston, Texas from 3-8 May , 2017 and will have participants from 65 countries. Grand Award at the IRIS National Science Fair Sahithi has been further selected to represent India at the International Intel Science and Engineering Fair to be held in Los Angeles in May 2017. She also won a special “Student Award for Geoscience Excellence” for her project from the International Association for Women Geoscientists. Sahithi Pingali wins the Grand Award   Sahithi Pingali said, " I wanted to thank all of you and all my teachers for your guidance, understanding and encouragement that has given me both the ability and flexibility to participate in these fairs. Mary ma'am in particular for being my official guide." About IRIS Fair: IRIS National Science Fair is an outstanding example of public–private partnership initiated by Intel Technology India Private Ltd (Intel) with the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, and the Indo-US Science & Technology Forum (IUSSTF). The fair promotes and nurtures science and scientific research among young Indian innovators. It recognises and rewards outstanding projects and also provides a platform for winning students to represent India at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, held annually in the U.S. Having begun as the Intel Science Talent and Discovery Fair in 1999, IRIS has been nurturing the spirit of innovation among school students in India since 2006. The aim is to infuse the spirit of discovery in school children, increase their interest in science and technology, and build a robust scientific temper among the youth of the country. Inventure Academy wins the IRIS National Science Fair Each year, research-based science projects by young students, across 17 subject categories—are reviewed by an eminent jury comprising of scientists and domain experts. Then, the short-listed entries are showcased at the annual IRIS National Fair. Students who have an idea that is original and innovative, are eligible to participate; individually or in a team of two. Research-based projects or novel engineering design qualify to participate at the IRIS National Fair. Hence, the project must be original in content and should be substantiated with data collected from experimentation, if appropriate. Engineering projects should have novelty improvements over the existing solutions. 21 Grand Award winners of Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science (IRIS) 2016 will represent India at the annual Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) in May 2017 in Los Angeles, U.S.A competing for scholarships and project support. Congratulations to Sahithi and we at Inventure Academy wish her all the very best at the IISCE Fair in 2017!

Our clothes represent us, not define us!

I like my shorts 10 inches above my knees, but other people don't. I don't have an issue baring my midriff, but other people do. Why is it that we have to dress the way other people want us to? It makes us regret decisions, our self esteem drops, we've lost respect for people we once respected most. Why? Because of the comments passed on our clothing. I've had enough of this judgmental society, haven't we all? To begin with, judging women on their clothing makes them regret their decisions. Not small decisions like choosing what to wear, but larger, life impacting decisions. A study done by SSISH in 2013 showed that almost 16% of married, Indian women regret getting married into traditional families because of the restrictions put on their clothing. Do we really need to put restrictions on women on something like their clothes after an event in their life that's supposed to make them happier? I don't see men being barred from wearing any type of clothing after their marriage. We're all done regretting decisions. We believe in our decisions, other people need to too! Secondly, when you pass comments on a woman's dressing sense, her self esteem drops. A study done by SFSC in 2015 showed that 11% of suicides commited by girls between the ages of 14-22 were due to insults made on their apparel. This is just one of the few studies that prove my point. 3/5 women in India feel insecure to step out alone on the streets in India (done by AHISM in 2015), 4/5 rapists first justify their actions by saying the victim was wearing “provoking” clothes (by STSKC in 2012). Why do we as a society not have an issue with this? How can these people have the nerve to blame their actions on the victim and that too on something like her attire? But most of all, what does a woman's clothing depict about her? The fact that she has a good sense of fashion, or the fact the she's “available”? I feel worthless sometimes, we all do! Girls have lost respect for people who were so much to us. Everytime you judge us for what we're wearing it makes us feel as if all you see are our clothes. Are we really nothing more than what we wear? Is that all you see? Studies done by SCRIPPS in 2014 have showed that approx. 32% of women have lost relationships due to the person constantly trying to change their way of dressing. This frustrates me, it frustrates us all! Now some people may say that wearing clothes that expose skin are “offensive” towards god and religion. If this truly is so, please tell me why a 6inch gap between a saree and a blouse is considered “cultural”, however a 2inch gap between a top and jeans is “shameful”. Please tell me why it's socially acceptable for a woman to wear a lehenga is which a sheer dupatta is the only thing covering the entire midriff, but not socially acceptable if we wear a dress which has sheer panelled cutouts on the sides. Exposure of skin isn't offensive to our culture and tradtion, infact our cultural and traditional attire exposes considerable amounts of skin. Stop saying that “god” will be angry with us, it's you, only you. What I'm trying to tell you is you need to help us believe in our choices, we can't feel useless anymore and most importantly, we hate destroying relations. All of this has a single root cause: DISCRIMINATION BASED ON CLOTHING!!!
  • - Noor Dixit
  • Grade 7, Inventure Academy

Publishing at Inventure Academy

[gallery ids="4759,4760,4761,4762,4763,4764"] Inventure Academy fosters multiple talents amongst its students. This constant endeavor is a reflection of its advocacy of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Recently, the school celebrated the writing journey of its primary school students. As a culmination of their writing workshop, portfolios of each student’s work were published. This included persuasive letters, restaurant, book and game reviews, poetry and narrative writing. These printed portfolios included the students’ reflections on their writing journey and a blurb with a profile of each student. This event was held on the Inventure Academy campus between the 11th and 13th of March 2015 and the ecstatic visitors included parents and grand parents who were awe-struck by the students’ work. A mother said, “I did not know that my daughter could write such beautiful poetry.” For another parent, the publishing project was testimony that he had indeed, chosen the right school for his child. Students at Inventure Academy from Grade 1- 8, write and publish 3- 4 times during the year and this covers all genres of writing – narrative, argumentative, descriptive and poetry. The writing program fits into the overall culture of excellence that Inventure Academy promotes and serves to hone each student’s writing skills. Mallika Sen, the principal of the school said, “Our writing program builds the foundation for all forms of academic writing and gives students an edge in preparing them for writing college essays and being able to articulate their thoughts clearly.” In middle school, all student writing is posted onto blogs, helping to create a community of thinkers and writers. Many writers from Inventure have participated and contributed to online blogs and magazines such as Maya Patra, Mitaji Singh, Namrata Ramesh and Siddarth Sharma. Inventure Academy believes in nurturing 21st century skills that prepares students for the world beyond school and the writing program helps to address the need for effective communication, which remains the cornerstone of all successful enterprises. With its innovative and child-centered educational approach, Inventure Academy has in a short span of ten years, been rated among the top 5 co-ed day schools in the country by EducationWorld and the C-Fore Survey. Inventure Academy Middle School Personal Essay Blog: Links to articles:   Links to videos:

Math Magic!

Nooraine Fazal, Math Magic at Inventure Academy What do you get when you put 18 Kannada speaking 5th graders from a government school in front of PCs with access to Khan Academy? Magic! These kids had been bussed in from their school in Ramagondanahalli and were seated in Inventure Academy’s Computer lab on a bright sunny morning. We had a bunch of dedicated volunteers, 11th grade students from Inventure Academy and staff ready to help them if they needed help. We had planned the experiment to last an hour. At the end of the hour, we asked each child, should we stop the session and each of them said – “Please, can we have 5 more minutes?” We told them there was a yummy snack waiting for them when the session ended and that didn’t budge them either. These are kids who don’t necessarily get any breakfast when they come in to school and yet they were all glued into learning Math and couldn’t have enough of it. Several wished they knew what was being said in an American accented English, wished they understood what ‘Acorns’ or a ‘Ladybug’ meant but that didn’t deter them from learning. They asked for help, they asked for online hints, they watched videos and they all loved the smiley faces on the screen when they figured out how to solve a problem! They learnt shapes, how to tell time, add and subtract and did lots of word problems in a language they barely followed. And they never gave up. Not one of them threw up their hands in despair, not one of them said I don’t want to continue. Even the children who were weak in math said they would like to do it again because they love math! This experimental pilot was conceived and led by Nooraine Fazal CEO, Inventure Academy, Mallika Sen, Principal,  Inventure Academy & Lavanya Vimla, Teacher & Community Service Lead at Inventure Academy and Sumedha Rao of Whitefield Rising to understand how much of a barrier language was in the learning of math through Khan Academy. Our experiment clearly shows that even  though language was a constraint for some, it did not stop the learning process. In our feedback, each and every one of these children said that they would like to continue this type of self-paced learning and had fun doing so. In order to give these children an opportunity to continue to learn using Khan Academy in their own schools, we need your help – we need techies who can work with us in providing:
  • Affordable Solar powered UPS systems for these schools to ensure that they have uninterrupted power supply and
  • Reliable, affordable Internet connectivity and PCs
  • Setting up networking, security and firewalls for these PCs
Do you want to be part of this Math Magic? Please email Viji Vennelakanti at

Inventure Academy Student, Alisha Kalyanpur excels...

Inventure Academy Student Alisha Kalyanpur Alisha Kalyanpur of Inventure Academy, Bangalore, who had topped South India and was the second highest scorer in the country with an aggregate of 98.2% in her ICSE Exams in 2013 has done it again. Two years later Alisha has achieved yet another milestone in her journey of excellence.  She has achieved the highest possible grades in the Cambridge AS / A level syllabus scoring an average of 95% in her five subjects (three A* at the A Level and 2 A’s at the AS Level), with a score of 99% in math. It is exceptional for a student to achieve such results in the Cambridge system. Alisha has decided upon a career in medicine and says “By studying and practicing medicine in India, I’ll have opportunities to give back to my country.  There is a huge need and I am happy here and see no reason to go elsewhere.” Alisha also goes on to say “my teachers at Inventure were extremely supportive and believed in me more than I believed in myself. I owe my success wholly to them. I would like to thank  Nooraine Ma’am (our Managing Trustee) and Mallika Ma’am (our Principal) and the entire school for standing behind me and believing in me.” Alisha strives for excellence in all that she does.  Over her years at Inventure, Alisha has been appreciated as an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and keen tennis player. She has been an excellent ambassador for the school and truly embodies the ethos and holistic educational philosophy of Inventure Academy.