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Inventure’s outstanding Grade 7 & 8 stu...

Inventure Academy is proud to congratulate our students who have qualified for the Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search, with 11 students scoring in the 100 percentile in at least one subject! An outstanding 47% of our Grade 7 and 38% of our Grade 8 students have scored in the 95 percentile or higher, across India, in at least one subject. Well done Inventurers! What is the Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search? The Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search is an international talent identification program aimed at identifying academically talented students from grades 7 and 8 and then providing them acknowledgement as well as educational opportunities to hone their skills and help them reach their true potential.The Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search aids gifted students in recognizing their strengths as well as areas to improve, and provides knowledge and insight that can assist them in making the best use of their academic talent. How does the Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search help gifted students and families? The Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search offers educators,students and their families the opportunity to recognize and understand how advanced their students’ academic abilities are, and to learn what kind of educational challenges will be appropriate for them. Academically talented 7th and 8th graders who enrol in the Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search are invited to join other such talented peers across India and the UAE to take an above-level ASSET test. Participating students receive a comprehensive results summary of their performance on the above-level test, in addition to various educational resources and benefits that help them make the most of their academic talents. Inventure fully supports these outstanding students as they proceed to the above-level tests and seek eligibility to attend programs developed specifically for academically talented students, including online courses or Duke TIP’s renowned three-week residential Summer Studies Programs in the United States and India. Inventure students TIP ASSET qualifiers

Update on IGCSE, AS, and A Level Exam Results R...

​Inventure Academy is proud to share our outstanding results of the IGCSE, AS, and A Level Exams!
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Arincheyan Gerald- A*s in all eight subjects (94.88% overall average).
Sridhar Prabhu- A*'s in eight subjects out of nine (93.89% over all average with 98% in Physics, Maths and Additional Maths)
Prerana Pahuja- A*'s in seven subjects out of nine (94% overall average)
Ananya Ramgopal- A*'s in all eight subjects (93.62% overall average)
Keya Vishwanathan- A*'s in seven subjects (92.88% overall average)
AS Levels:
Tejas Rao- A*'s in two subjects and A in one (84.5% overall average)
A Levels:
Duruvan Saravanan- 3A*'s and 1A (90% overall average)
Chetan Kandwal- 3A*'s and 1A (89.8% overall average)
Ansaar Fatehally- 2A*s and 2A's (88.5% overall average)
Congratulations to both students and their teachers for achieving these excellent results!

CIE Results- Waiting is the hardest part!

[caption id="attachment_3801" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Inventure students & teachers anxiously waiting for Principal, Mallika Sen to the distribute mark-sheets Inventure students & teachers anxiously waiting for Principal, Mallika Sen to distribute the mark-sheets[/caption] With a touch of nerves and hearts beating quickly, students & teachers waited in anticipation for exam results this morning. Although, once the mark-sheets were received, the excitement could hardly be contained and joy filled the corridors!  Congratulations Inventurers! Highlights of CIE results: IGCSE 
Topper- Arincheyan Gerald- 8 A*'s
7 students have got 7 A*'s
A Level
Topper - Duruvan Saravanan- 3A*'s
2 students have got 3A*'s and 1A
2 students have 2A*s  and A's.
Well done!

Inventure Academy partners with Taaqademy for Musi...

[caption id="attachment_3757" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Taaqademy auditions at Inventure Academy Taaqademy auditions at Inventure Academy[/caption] Inventure Academy is proud of our partnership with Taaqademy, who has set up and is running our outstanding Music Program.  Taaqademy faculty are all highly qualified, performing musicians who have developed a serious and well-organized system for music education.  The program includes formal training in all aspects of music theory, with a specially developed syllabus and curriculum. Our students in year one, will develop a sound grasp of theory and music fundamentals, learn to read melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic notation, and be exposed to a variety of genres & styles of music.  Beginner music students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and vocals (both Indian Classical and Western).  Our more experienced music students and players will hone their skills and join ensembles for performing at school events. As this is the first year of this Music Program, the objective is to introduce music as a serious subject, requiring focus and attention, but still being a lot of fun. Music study has also proven to deliver positive effects on overall cognitive development. Students will develop confidence and crossover skills that will serve them well no matter what their eventual choice of study stream or career.