INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

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Fashion Design POD

The Fashion Design POD was newly formed this semester, the first of its kind. It comprised of around 15 students from grade 6 upwards, all girls unsurprisingly. These students included Evanka, Samhita, Maya, Lola, Shivani, Maigun and many more. Some of the students were part of the costume design department during the production of The Kick, The Quest And The Question and were quite aware of design and costume creations. 20140311_134311 Through the course of these few weeks I executed a plan to teach them how to sketch designs in a more professional manner. They learnt to label each part of their sketch, include fabric swatches and use colors to represent their ideas in a more professional way. To get them accustomed to the proportions of a human body, they were given templates to sketch on. This helped them understand lengths and patterns in applicable to the female form. They also looked at designs from their favorite brands and movies for ideas. This made them see the variety of elements that come together to make a single piece. 20140311_134300 They explored various aspects of the use of colors with the trendy fading of one color into another. In terms of patterns they looked at the harmony of silhouettes-necklines, sleeves and hems, as well as fabrics appropriate for a particular design. The students were given samples of all kinds of different patterned and colored fabrics from embroidered silk to rough jutes. They learnt about textures and the fall of fabrics. 20140311_134354 Some of them took inspiration from the fabrics and incorporated them into their design. For example one of them saw a piece of sequined sheer fabric and coupled that with turquoise to create a beautiful boat necked dress. Others only needed their imagination to give vent to their creative juices to spew design after design. 20140311_143012 From ball gowns and beach dresses to crop tops and smart shirts, these budding designers produced some really amazing sketches, finally putting them all up on display on the day of the PODS exhibition. 20140311_134405 Shraddha Nair

Tournament Of Mind- Second Round Results

Tournament of Minds Winners 11th March    image001
Division Events House
Division 1 Singing Adventurers
Division 2 Singing Venturers
Adventurers and Inventors
Division 3 Band Nurturers
Grades 1 - 5 Drama Inventors

Inventure Students Shine at the 3Peel Art Square

We have good news on the Art front.! The 3peel Art Square, a novel platform for a first of its kind professional children's art show has declared its final round of shortlisted artworks. And five of our' Art' students’ works have been selected for a curated exhibition at the exclusive Sublime Galleria , UB City. The selected upcoming artists from Inventure are: • Sakshi Nishu, 8IC • Stuti Sen, 8IC • Jhanvi Jain, 8IG • Megha , 9IG • Evanka Thimmaiah, 8IC This exhibition brings together 100 works of art by children selected across Bengaluru and some other cities , from schools who offer art as a special subject from grade 8 to 12. This Art Square offers art collectors & enthusiasts the opportunity to discover tomorrow's promising talents. Our student's artworks would fund a noble cause as proceeds from the sale of artworks will go towards a charitable organization. Also, our shortlisted participants and their parents will be invited for a exclusive preview of the 3peel Art Square, scheduled in the first week of April. We will keep you all posted on how much our artworks fetched for the charity. Art Department

How Much Do We Really Need? – Reduce, Reuse, Rec...

Four hundred Primary School students of Inventure Academy, one of the top ten Pre K – Grade 12 co-educational schools in the country located on Whitefield-Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, in association with the Shankar Mahadevan Academy (SMA), put on a spectacular program for their parents, friends and other guests.  The program, called “Celebration of Learning”, is an annual Inventure Academy event that showcases children’s learning through theme - based innovative, experiential activities and exhibits. This year’s program on the theme of “How Much Do We Really Need? - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace,”  focused on raising awareness about the environment, the peril faced by endangered animals like tigers, indiscriminate waste of resources through human activity and the resultant generation of non-biodegradable refuse that humanity will have to contend with for posterity.  Given the scale and nature of this year’s program attended by 1,100 parents and friends of Inventure Academy, it was held today, March 22, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the MLR Convention Center in Whitefield, Bangalore. The 1,100 seater auditorium was filled to capacity with an initially expectant and later, exhilarated audience. When Shankar Mahadevan, renowned music director and singer, along with representatives of his music academy approached Inventure Academy to launch a music program at the school, a unique and novel idea began to germinate in the minds of the school’s curriculum development specialists – an idea that would develop into more than a mere musical performance. Music, art and dance, are the most natural, instinctive and universal mediums of human communication that present no barrier across all age groups and cultures in approaching teaching and learning of complex themes.  Since this year’s theme for the Celebration of Learning Program focused on “How Much Do We Really Need?” - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace - what better way to approach the theme than through music, art and dance?  And so, the students and teachers of Inventure Academy, along with the able guidance of teachers from the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, embarked on a three month-long teaching / learning program, involving five grades with three sections each, comprising a grand total of 400 children culminating in today’s show, which was delivered with aplomb and received with much acclaim. All the songs, dances, art work, written messages as well as the sets and props on stage, were designed with a theme in mind and endeavored to educate the audience through the appeal of catering to at least one of the 8 human intelligences – musical /rhythmic, visual / spatial, verbal / linguistic, logical / mathematical, bodily /kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. These eight spheres of human intelligence are based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which underpins all teaching and learning activity at Inventure Academy. The compositions and lyrics for all the songs in English, Bengali, Kannada, Hindi and other regional languages, were composed representing a variety of genres and written by specialists from the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, based on the theme based lesson plans that the Inventure Academy teachers had developed.  All the dances and artwork were conceptualized, choreographed and supervised by Inventure Academy teachers. The result of this innovative, integrated approach was a spectacular show that highlighted how teaching and learning need not always be based on textbooks and tests, but more effectively  internalized and shared with others through more instinctive and appealing modes of communication. Shankar Mahadevan, who capped-off the show by singing a stirring rendition of his popular hit Taare Zameen Par with 400 delighted students of Inventure Academy, enthralled the audience with his mellifluous voice and charisma.  Before singing this song, Shankar Mahadevan saluted the students and teachers of Inventure Academy as well as his own academy (SMA), for their efforts: "Music is existence. It's not about the ‘sur’, (pitch) or hitting the right note every time. It's about the understanding, the appreciation and learning through music in so many ways like the kids showed us today. I am floored by the students of Inventure Academy!” Shankar Mahadevan’s second song was a lively rendition of “Senorita” from the film Zindagi Na Milege Dobara, which he dedicated to all the female teachers of Inventure Academy in appreciation for their efforts. All Inventure Academy teachers along with their students and members from SMA, danced with abandon onstage, with a wonderful singer who had planted a seed that quickly grew into a wonderful concept.

Celebration of Learning – Inventure Academy, pri...

Poster How many shoes do we really need? Do we think about how much paper we use, how much we waste? These were the kind of questions that the primary school children of Inventure Academy explored and mulled over in their lessons over the last three months. Starting with field trips that included surveys, interviews and photographs, the children developed awareness around the theme of ‘How Much Do We Really Need?’IMGL7945 (1440 x 960) This morning, as a Celebration of Learning, they shared all that they had discovered and learnt with their parents. 398 children performed for an audience of nearly 800 parents and grandparents, encapsulating their learning with fine art, music and movement. With expert input from the Shankar Mahadevan Music  Academy that worked with the children on a regular basis for over two months, the students conveyed their understanding about a global concern for the future of our planet through a range of displays. IMGL8016 (1440 x 960) Appreciation of rural and urban lifestyles and what each could learn from the other was explored through  visits to neighbouring villages by the students of grades one and two. Their findings found expression in the stories of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse and the Tourist and the Farmer. With a generous dash of songs in Kannada, Hindi and English, accompanied by dance sequences, and supported by brilliant art work done by the children themselves, the audience was regaled with the conclusions that people in cities and villages were dependant on each other to achieve a balanced life style. IMGL8272 (1440 x 960) Grades three and four focused on the use of plastic and paper with the mantras of Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and Replace being stressed with the display of large scrolls of paintings in the Poto Chitro style, accompanied by folk and contemporary melodies in English, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali and Tamil. Questions about deforestation to make paper and the toxic effluents of paper making were presented in Haiku accompanied by percussion ‘Bol’ and solutions were offered in chants of various kinds.IMGL8720 (600 x 400) Grade five represented all the natural and human resources that go into making devices that we take for granted – a pencil, a tennis shoe and an ipad. They represented the processes through mime and stomp – a dance form originating in Native American communities. The grand finale was the arrival of Shankar Mahadevan himself and his singing of Taare Zameen Par, accompanied in the chorus by all 398 kids! He also sang Senorita for the teachers of Inventure and the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, a fitting tribute for all the tireless hard work that had gone into this project.IMGL8731 (600 x 400) It was evident to the audience that the children had had a joyous journey of learning, culminating in their presentation, and hopefully, would have built attitudes that will last a life time, of caring for and sharing our planet earth. IMGL8273 (1440 x 960) Tara Kini Consultant, Education and Music

Inter House result for Grade 3

Boys 1st Akshat Agarwal   Green House 2nd Bidipto. C             Blue House  3rd Yokesh                 Red House  4th Ashwath Singh    Yellow House    Girls 1st Anandita Roy   Green House 2nd Khushi              Blue House 3rd Mrunmayi. K   Yellow House  4th Saachi Bhasin  Red House  

Inter House result for Grade 2

Boys 1st Nimith. G    Green House 2nd Krishn. G    Yellow House 3rd Niyor. G     Red House 4th Ameya. S   Blue House   Girls 1st Anushka. V  Yellow House 2nd Tvisha. C     Yellow House 3rd Ashna. K    Red House

Inter House result for Grade 1

Boys                                                                                       Girls 1st  Raghav   Green House                                                     1st Enaya Ali  Red House 2nd Vishwa. S   Red House                                                      2nd Sanjana  Green House 3rd Yousuf. F  Yellow House                                                   3rd Siksha   Blue House 4th Krish. K    Blue House                                                        4th Ameya   Yellow House


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