INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

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Dentist Visits KG as a part of Theme-Based Learnin...

  As part of their Theme based learning on the topic, ‘Community Helpers’, Kindergarten invited Dr.Sameera, a dentist and an Inventure parent to speak about Dental care and oral hygiene. Speaking about the importance of taking care of our teeth, she demonstrated the proper way to brush and maintain hygiene to stay healthy. The children immensely enjoyed interacting with her. They promised to take care of their teeth by brushing twice daily and eating healthy food.

Inventurers Triumph at Volkfiesta!


Deens Volksfiesta Athletics Meet 2017

Under 17 - Seniors Under 14 – Juniors
Nitin Diwakar 100mtr Silver Khayaal Kadam Shotput Silver
Aryaman Dev Harlalka 100mtr Hurdles Gold Advika Ravish Yavagal Relay Bronze
Shantam Agarwal 100mtr Hurdles Silver Ananya Prakash
Sachin Dwarakanath Shotput Gold Harini Andal Srinivasan
Divij Gupta 400mtrs Gold Manasi Bommareddy
Aryaman Dev Harlalka Long Jump Silver      
Nitin Diwakar Relay Gold      
Shantam Agarwal      
Divij Gupta Under 12 - Sub Juniors
Aryaman Dev Harlalka Aayush Pavan Bhat Shotput Bronze
Advaita Dubey 400mtrs Gold Arushi Patel Relay Bronze
Armani Vikram Long Jump Gold Dhanya Kolisetti
Anika Desai Long Jump Silver Kannika Murthy
Tanya M Thatha 100mtrs Silver Gia Gupta
Advaita Dubey Relay Gold Trisha Marie Pereira Shotput Gold
Armani Vikram      
Anika Desai      
Tanya M Thatha      
Advaita Dubey 100mtr Hurdles Silver      

Final Medals Tally
Gold 8
Silver 7
Bronze 3
Total 18

‘Integrity and Hardwork’ pays off at H...

  Integrity and Hard Work, this year’s theme at the Harvard Model United Conference held at Hyderabad from 12-15 August paid off rich dividends with Inventurers winning many awards. The conference had more 1500 participants from schools in India and abroad and Inventure Academy was one of the largest delegations that swept the awards at HMUN 2017.Congratulations Team! Fantastic work! Best Delegate Award : Albana Khanna (12 A) and Pranay Bhootra (12 A) Outstanding Award : Maya Patra (12 A) and Anoushka Das (10 IG) Honorable Mention :  Rhea Rehani (12 A) and Bhavya Visal (10 IG) Verbal Commendations : Aayush Varghese (11 AS), Yashvardhan NC (11 AS) and Divij Gupta (10 IG)

Here are the few glimpses of the HMUN


Arogya Bhagya

  Kahaaniyan is the umbrella under which Inventure Academy, in affiliation with RoundSquare, will host its first event “Arogya Bhagya” which signifies good health in Kannada. The event is to be hosted on the 17th of July 2017 for over 500 government school students, with doctors from Inventure and the community donating their time and expertise. Through the active community outreach programs held at our school, we have interacted with many students that helped us understand the struggles each of them face on a daily basis. We realised that the lack of access to basic healthcare around various schools in Bangalore was either due to affordability, availability or the lack of information regarding basic health practices and it was due to this very factor that students were also losing out on school days. Partnering with numerous medical centres and individual practitioners, Kahaaniyan will administer four basic health checks for over 500 government students in under 5 hours. Dental, Vision and ENT specialists, along with a team of General Physicians will administer these basic tests and help identify health problems efficiently and with the utmost care. Additionally, our team also aims to create a clinic within each of these government schools by providing them with mattresses, bedding material, first-aid kits inclusive of sanitary napkins and gauze dressing, Over 100 of our student volunteers will manage the event and assist the specialists in ensuring the program runs smoothly. Moreover, government school children will also have the opportunity to play sports of their choice and enjoy a fun day at a mela organised just for them. Takeaways include a toothbrush and toothpaste for each student! In keeping with Inventure’s core value of ‘Encouraging Sensitivity’, as a school we recognise that issues such as lack of access to healthcare are serious implications to our society and while these issues seem difficult to tackle, together, we can make a difference. We, an enthusiastic team of students across all grades are certain that Kahaaniyan will be our first step towards creating and sustaining a change that will prepare us for a future that is healthier and brighter for all.   Roundsquare - Inventure Academy is one of three select schools in Bangalore to be part of RoundSquare. RoundSquare is a not-for-profit network of school of schools in 40 countries on five continents that share a passion for experiential learning built around six IDEALS of Learning: Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, and Service. At the 50th Round Square International Conference in Louisenlund, Germany, held in October 2016, Albana Arora Khanna, was offered a 2 week exchange program by Elaraki International School from Marrakech, a program that she participated in, returning to school with a memorable and enriching experience. A delegation of 5 students and 2 faculty members will be participating in the Round Square International Conference, Cape Town from 30 September to 5 October, 2017.


As part of this year’s Inventuring from 15 to 19 May, Lama Yeshe Rabgye is leading workshops on meditation and mindfulness for students and faculty at Inventure Academy. Lama Yeshe Ragbye, originally from England, now lives in Northern India, where he focuses on Mindfulness and conducts workshops for people of all ages. Lama Yeshe has a practical approach to teaching and a keen sense of humour. He says, “The current generation spends more time on Facebook and Twitter and have lost the ability to connect with their emotions. Their emotions are now expressed through emojis! Children spend more time messaging each other rather than being socially interactive.” meditation and mindfulness workshop Moreover, children face enormous amounts of pressure and tension, and need to find ways to channelise their emotions. The Yeshe says, ‘It is important for students to know the techniques of Mindfulness; to know and learn ways that can help one to breathe, relax and be calm. Once learnt, these techniques can help you for the rest of your life.’ meditation and mindfulness classes   Students at Inventure are enjoying practicing the different techniques the Lama has taught them as part of Inventuring week, where our students learn rich and varied ways to nurture their talent and to engage with the world around them. It is also an opportunity for our teachers to see the world around us through the eyes of the children. Aarushi, a Grade 12 student at Inventure, really enjoyed the session with the Lama. She says, “The workshop taught us how to relax and concentrate on our breathing and to deal with stress, using the breathing techniques. Another really helpful tip the Lama gave us was to do a quick recap in our minds of the important points of the lesson learnt at the end of each period, which will enable us to retain the topic better and longer.” Inventure faculty has also benefitted from the Lama’s workshop done as part of their Teacher Training program. Lama Yeshe hopes that the teachers are not only able to encourage the students but also practice Mindfulness themselves - learn to be calmer, more patient and therefore, more tolerant of each other and their environment. Sanaaz R Doust, Counsellor, Middle & Senior School at Inventure says, “Mindfulness is learning to appreciate the moment we have now. It is all about taking a moment to breathe, to just BE.” meditation workshop As Nooraine Fazal, CEO and Managing Partner of Inventure Academy says, “We live in rather turbulent times, with people expressing strong opinions and behaviours against others they believe to be different from them. This includes what people perceive to be right / wrong, good / evil… these negative emotions do not allow us to understand another human being’s  perspective and  work collectively towards a more harmonious world, where everyone has a shot at achieving their life’s purpose. We need therefore to teach children & faculty to become more mindful, and take responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, words and actions.”

About Inventuring

Inventure students from Grades 1 to 12, both existing and new, are oriented into the school culture through exciting projects and experiences throughout the week of Inventuring. Bonds are forged with peers, teachers and the school itself. Activities include hands-on projects based on Multiple Intelligences, Circle Time for sharing of learning, reflection and journal writing. Each of these experiences is designed to develop specific skills and attitudes in children, forming the foundation of their approach to life and learning in the days to come.  

Sahithi Pingali, Inventure student wins Gold at IS...

08 May 2017, Bangalore: Sahithi Pingali from Inventure Academy won the Gold Medal at the ISWEEEP (The International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering & Environmental Project) Olympiad, the world’s largest science fair focused on renewable resources for high school students. This was the 10th edition of the fair, which is held at Houston, USA every year and had over 600 finalists from 62 countries. Sahithi, will be accompanying the five member Indian team (which won two gold, one silver and two bronze), back to India, only to return to the US for the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), which will be held in LA from 14-19 May. Sahithi is the only student from India who is a finalist at both ISWEEEP and Intel ISEF this year. Sahithi was first exposed to the impact of development on Bangalore’s lifeline - our network of lakes - in July 2015, when she won a scholarship from Inventure to participate in the American India Foundation (AIF) program, to study the impact of urban development on scarce resources. Sahithi was also part of the Inventure team that participated in the Our Lakes Our Voice (OLOV) (an Inventure Change Maker initiative) aimed at students from AIF and Inventure doing an experiential case study on Varthur Lake, a 450-acre water body in Inventure’s vicinity. The team’s findings through OLOV prompted Sahithi (the Change Maker OLOV student coordinator) and her team to research the various factors that contribute to the pollution of our water bodies through surveys, sessions with experts, and interviewing people who live and work around the lakes, while carrying out regular testing on ten different Bangalore lakes, for over a year. Sahithi went on to develop an integrated mobile phone app and lake monitoring kit which is being used to visualize changing lake conditions by crowdsourcing lake monitoring to citizens and students (our future citizens!). All the collected data feeds into a first-of-its-kind live web-based water health map of the world which automatically indicates the status of each monitored water body. The months of hard work and perseverance paid off when Sahithi’s research project 'An Innovative Crowdsourcing Approach to Monitoring Freshwater Bodies' won her the Grand Award at the IRIS National Science Fair in Pune. At a separate event, the Indian National Science and Engineering Fair held at Rajkot - Gujarat, Sahithi competed against the top 20 Gold medal lists of the country and emerged as one amongst the top 3 winners to represent India at ISWEEEP. This is what Sahithi said on winning the Gold Medal at ISWEEEP: “I think the best part is how much attention this prize brings to the polluted lakes and freshwater bodies in Bangalore, India, and the rest of the world. Water pollution is such a terrible, invisible problem that affects so many people across the globe. Winning this prize is the first step towards creating a network of hundreds of thousands of citizens who are in touch with their environment and are gathering precious scientific data to help us combat water pollution. It starts in Bangalore. My classmates, OLOV team mates and I are already monitoring ten lakes using my system, and I hope more people, especially school students, will step up, adopt lakes, and truly make a difference to help rejuvenate lakes and other freshwater bodies.” “The interesting thing about my project is that it’s all about crowdsourcing, getting students and citizens to contribute scientific data. OLOV was the inspiration for this – it was the dedication and commitment of my team members at Inventure that convinced me that high school students were capable of gathering such reliable data, while increasing their environmental awareness and knowledge of science. I hope students all over Bangalore will take this as a call for action to adopt lakes and lead the way for the rest of the world.” Her father, Dr Gopal Pingali said: “I am thrilled and feel blessed that Sahithi has won a gold medal at I-SWEEEP 2017. This is a great recognition of her passion, innovation, and hard work towards the cause of reviving freshwater bodies across the world through a coordinated scientific approach that is spearheaded by school children. I am sure this award will be an inspiration to many brilliant high school students pursuing scientific innovation all over India. My wife Aruna and I are full of gratitude to Inventure Academy, Science Society of India, and all Sahithi’s mentors who have been guiding her on this project over the last year.” Nooraine Fazal, Co-founder & Managing Trustee, Inventure Academy, said, “We are very proud of Sahithi’s humility, focus, discipline and grit. The outcomes, i.e. the opportunity to represent India and the gold medal(s) are icing on the cake. Its very rare for someone her age to have these a5ributes and be so excited about spending weekends at our polluted lakes, which most of us avoid or drive past in air conditioned vehicles (even while holding our noses!). It “takes a village to raise a child,” and Sahithi has made the best of the eco- system that her family, the Inventure learning community, IISc, KK School, and Whitefield Rising have collectively provided her.” Mr. Narayan Iyer, the President of Science Society of India, said, "We are proud that the students have brought laurels to the country by winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, and encourage other students to be part of this science.” The other projects/medalists from India were: “At-Home EEG Graphical User Interface for Cognitive Analysis” by Rohan Hundia from Ahmedabad. (won a Bronze medal at I-SWEEEP) “A Novel, Low cost, Eco friendly Composite Particle Board from Sugarcane Bagasse and Corn Cob” by Thejas Varadaraju from Bangalore. (won a Bronze medal at I-SWEEEP) “Averrhoa bilimbi - A Natural Coagulant for Rubber Latex” by A U Nachiketh Kumar and Aman K A from Pu5ur. (won a Silver medal at I-SWEEEP) “Real Time In-Situ Detection Of Heavy Metal Ions In Water: A Novel Approach” by Shivam Singh from Chandigarh. (won a Gold medal at I-SWEEEP) About ISWEEEP The International Sustainable World (Engineering Energy Environment) Project Olympiad brings together hundreds of the brightest STEM-focused students from all over the world each year, to compete in a fun and collaborative environment. The 2017 issue of the Science Fair had students from 62 countries and over 600 children participating, where Team India won 2 gold, one silver and two bronze medals. About Inventure Academy Inventure Academy is a Pre K – Grade 12 International School, established in 2005, located on Whitefield-Sarjapur Road, and ranked among the Top 5 Co-ed day schools in India, and second in Karnataka by the C-Fore Survey. Inventure Academy’s unique curriculum, which equips children with life skills, is focused on the holistic development of children, with the expectation that each child will flourish in academic, athletics and other co-curricular spheres. Inventure Academy offers K-12 curriculum, based on guidelines from IGCSE, A/AS Levels from CIE and CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination). The school has affiliation with both examining boards. About Inventure Changemaker Program The Inventure Changemaker Program is a platform to teach our high school students to be advocates of positive change, in their neighborhoods and beyond. This program is run by a pioneering teaching-learning community of volunteers, including academic experts, parent-entrepreneurs & activists, Inventure management and faculty.


Inventure Team Finalists @ Wharton School of Inves...

  Alchemists, one of 12 finalists in the Wharton School of Investment competition! The Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS) Investment Competition is an online investment simulation for high school students. Students learn about teamwork, communication, risk, diversification, company analysis, industry analysis and investing through this competition. Each competing team is responsible for managing a portfolio of $100,000 in virtual cash using Wharton’s OTIS online trading system and is asked to develop an investment strategy. Students had to present a brief mid-project team review and a more comprehensive final policy. The duration of the competition was 10 weeks and the teams were ultimately judged by how well they develop and articulate their investment strategies, not on the percentage gains of their portfolios. Inventure team “ALCHEMISTS” had 5 members across grades 9 to 11 participating in this project. They chose Boeing as their case study as they were asked to chose a company which is a part of our portfolio and justifies its fit to the overall investment strategy. Out of the 200 teams that had registered, 12 finalists were selected over a period of four months, who presented their investment strategies at the One Globe Forum to a jury of senior members of leading investment companies. Overall it was a thrilling experience for the students who had learnt something outside their course curriculum but mirrored the real world complexities of our financial markets.

Winners of Nazariya Art Competition held at Invent...

  'Nazariya' is a national painting competition by The Heritage foundation of Art & Culture portraying children's view on the environment. 209 Inventure Academy students from Grades 1 to 10 took part in the various categories. The winners also qualified for the Nationals, with Dishita Bajaj and Dhriti Das Purkayastha of Grade 3 winning in the sub junior category, and Vanshika Somani (Grade 7) winning in the Senior category. Details of the school-level winners - Sub junior category (Grades 1 to 3): 1st prize: Dhriti Das Purkayastha (Grade 3) 2nd prize: Medha Maheshwari (Grade 2) 3rd prize: Dishitha Bajaj (Grade 3) Junior category (Grades 4 to 6 ): 1st prize: Siddha Chimote (Grade 6) 2nd prize: Akul Jindal (Grade 6) 3rd prize: Ashreya Goyal (Grade 6) Senior category (Grades 7 to 10): 1st prize: Vanshika Somani (Grade 7) 2nd prize: Anusha Kumar (Grade 8) 3rd prize: Ananya Gupta (Grade 9)

Makkala Habba 2017

  Makkala Habba, literally meaning ‘A festival of kids’ was held at Inventure Academy on March 25 2017. Celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervour, the Kindergarten Graduation event brought out the best talent of Inventure Kindergarteners. The kids had been working very hard for the past month to put up a wonderful show for the audience. Combining their best talents, which includes music, art (especially in the backdrop and props), dance and theater; this glorious day of celebration, awards and graduation was a huge success. One of the major highlights of the event was, “Namma Neeru, Namma Ooru” (Our City, Our Water) a theater act put up by the children of KG1 & 2, which was a compilation of music, dance, drama and art. This spectacular act was presented in the form of characters from popular fairy tales who decide to come together to speak about a very important topic ‘saving water’. The play began with four main characters; Chota Bheem, Superman, Mighty Raju & Dora who are friendly with the villagers in Sarjapur, Karnataka. The villagers, especially the farmers, were very unhappy as the village was facing a drought. Unable to see their plight the four friends devised a plan to help them. They travel to various parts of the world, requesting their friends to help the villagers in their gloomy times. The theater act was followed by a dance presented by the children of ‘Thayi Mane’, a children’s home located on Sarjapur road, Bangalore. They performed on the beautiful song ‘Taare Zameen Par’ where they emphasized on the importance of child education. The event ended with the awards ceremony for the students, who were presented with a certificate for their special skills like ‘The Most Obedient Child’, ‘Miss Congeniality’ ‘The Smartest Kid’ etc. A grand graduation ceremony followed where the children, along with their teachers cut a delicious chocolate cake. ‘Makkala Habba’ ended with much praise, admiration and love from the parents, families and friends of these incredible children!

Adventurers Rule @ Inventure Academy Annual Swim M...

  The Primary Swim Meet held in October saw students and parents having a whale of a time cheering on their team mates, friends and children. There was an exceptional display of teamwork which made the Annual Swim Meet 2016 such a success. Here are the House points: Adventurers:  198 points Venturers:      116 points Nurturers:       84 points Inventors:       76 point