INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

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Grade 7 Class Outbound Trip – Rishikesh

[gallery columns="4" ids="3925,3922,3921,3927,3920,3931,3919,3923,3930,3924,3926,3928,3929,3932,3933,3934,3935,3936,3937,3938,3939,3940"] Waking up to the early morning sounds of the Ganga. The morning was cool and the day is expected to be pleasant and perfect for camp activities. The group is excited and pumped up for the day's activities. Group A will work towards the next level of ropes course. Focusing on the learning theme of caring for others and empathy, they will indulge in activities that will further help them in gaining physical and mental health. Group B after packing their back packs with all the supplies required have left for the night out. Tonight they will spend their night under the stars with the mighty moon looking over them. They will prepare their dinner on their own and will share the days learning from the trek around the camp fire. The smiles on their faces as they left the camp was contagious. Many just can't wait to spend many such nights next to the river and under a sky full of stars. INME Leaders

Pre- School Grandparents Day

IMG_7325At Inventure Academy, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive community. Not only are Parents an integral part of our lives at Inventure Academy, but our Grandparents also have a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom to offer, and we are very appreciative for their participation and support of Inventure Academy. Here are some highlights of the recent Grandparents Day hosted by our Pre- School. [gallery columns="4" ids="3898,3899,3900,3901,3902,3903,3904,3905,3906,3907,3908"]

Inventure Academy- Overall Champions of Volksfiest...

[gallery columns="5" ids="3854,3855,3856,3857,3858,3859,3860,3861,3862,3863"] Inventure Academy participated in the Volksfiesta 2014 Deens Academy Athletics Meet held on 26th Aug 2014 at Gunjur. We are proud to announce that Inventure Academy has been declared as the winner of Overall Championship. All the students showed great spirit and worked tirelessly to achieve this feat. Congratulations to all the participants! Over All Medals Tally - 17 Gold Medals - 6 Silver Medals - 4 Bronze Medals - 7

The HMUN 2014 Experience by Anusha Ramji

[caption id="attachment_3846" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Inventure Academy students at HMUN 2014 Inventure Academy students at HMUN 2014[/caption] “It was that time of year again, 15 of our school’s best MUNers were chosen to represent Inventure Academy at Harvard Model United Nations 2014 – one of the most prestigious Model UN’s in the country.  With 4 days of intense debate, delicious food, amazing people from all over the world, and crazy social events – HMUN had it all!  But what was the best part about HMUN, you might ask?  Above all, was the fact that it brought the 15 of us that much closer.  Although we ranged from grades 9 to 12, our mutual love for MUN brought us together. In the end, we did so well because we learned from each other.  Namrata Ramesh and Tejas Rao unsurprisingly won Outstanding Delegates, and a lot of us also came very close.  Experiences like HMUN are incredibly valuable because they teach us to be independent, and most importantly, to stand up for what you believe.  In today’s world, belief is of the utmost importance.”  - Anusha Ramji, Grade 11   

CIS Canadian Universities Tour visits Inventure Ac...

[gallery ids="3836,3837,3838,3839,3840,3841"] 2014 Council of International Schools (CIS) Canadian University Tour of India came to Inventure Academy today. Now in its tenth year, the Tour was an excellent opportunity for students and parents to connect with representatives from Canada’s leading universities. The format today included a brief presentation on studying in Canada and was followed by a time for students and parents to meet directly with university representatives at small tables. The institutions represented today were: THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Vancouver & Kelowna, British Columbia CARLETON UNIVERSITY Ottawa, Ontario CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Montreal, Quebec LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY Thunder Bay, Ontario UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH Guelph, Ontario MCGILL UNIVERSITY Montreal, Quebec RYERSON UNIVERSITY Toronto, Ontario YORK UNIVERSITY Toronto, Ontario

Inventure Students are in Hyderabad attending HMUN...

[caption id="attachment_3815" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Inventure Students at HMUN 2014 Inventure Students at HMUN 2014[/caption] "Harvard Model UN India is an initiative which converges the future generations from across the world in this very country whose success will be crucial for everyone, especially to all those who believe in Democratic Principles, Human Rights and Free & Fair Trade. Bringing together delegates from premier institutions around the world, the fourth session of this conference is being marked by the presence of thought leaders from across industries and will provide platforms for delegates and faculty advisors to interact with these leaders and other revered speakers." Stayed tuned for details about Inventure's participation in the HMUN 2014.

INMUN 2014

[gallery columns="4" ids="3775,3776,3794,3777,3778,3779,3780,3781,3784,3782,3783,3785,3786,3787,3788,3789,3790,3791,3792,3793"] INMUN 2014
Inventure Academy's fourth INMUN consisted of six committees: DISEC, CSW, NATO, AD Hoc Crisis, Paris Peace Conference and Press Corps.
The INMUN team was led by Tejas Rao, Grade 12, Anusha Ramji, Grade 11, and Siddharth Saxena, Grade 11. Each committee was presided over by a Director and an Assistant Director. There were 120 participants in all  from Inventure Academy (Grades 8 to 12), and 30 participants from other schools (individual delegates), and 20 volunteers. This year's topics revolved around contemporary issues such as Russian intervention in Crimea, Piracy in the Indian Ocean, Gender inequalities and the impact of traditional practices on Women, including an AD Hoc futuristic committee and historical committees such as the Paris Peace conference. Also introduced along with the historical committee, was the Press corps.
Dippanita Mukherjee, Grade 12 created a blog to report the proceedings: 

Inventuring 2014- Thermal and a Quarter performs a...

Every year, Inventuring ends on a high note of showcase performances, music, and dance. This year, apart from student performances, we had guests, Thermal and a Quarter perform live at school. Here they are talking to our students about their kind of music - Bangalore rock, the process of writing songs, and playing to an appreciative audience. On advise to our budding musicians at Inventure, Bruce Lee Mani, lead singer said, "It's hard to follow your dream, you have to be a bit mad, and keep at it."