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Art Workshops – Museum of Art and Photograph...

  Throughout the academic year of 2017-2018,some art students of grades 7 and 9 attended a series of workshops at the Museum of Art and Photography. I really enjoyed taking a trip to the center of town to learn something important that we do not always learn about in class. It was a great learning experience for all of us. Our first workshop was on mythology,and we learned how various mythical beings were depicted in art. I realized that many things in the arts are interconnected - as an example, Raag Durga in Hindustani Classical Music has songs about the Mahishasur Mardini episode, which was one of the legends we learnt about. Similarly,my family friend who is a musician had told me about Gothic, Baroque and Impressionist periods in western classical music, and I realized it was connected to art forms also. It was amazing exposure. Then in October,we attended the second part of the workshop,this time the theme being Politics. At that time,we were studying Civics, so it was interesting to draw parallels between what we  learned in class and what we saw at the MAP Finally, we explored the theme "Ourselves". This time we investigated the difference between separate people,and how it was captured in art. In each Module,we did an exercise related to the topic at the beginning.We then studied the related art work,and finally we made our own,as a takeaway from that session. The staff was also extremely open to questions,and they were very knowledgeable in the field. Through these works hops we realized that Art is as much a medium of expression,and a language of communication about its times;as it is a subject to study.

                                                                                                    Pragya Bhatt

                                                                                                       Grade 7D

  We visited Tasveer Art Gallery, the museum of art and photography, thrice during this academic year. Each workshop was unique in its own way and revolved around a different theme. The first workshop revolved around the mythology of India; the second showcasing political concepts and the last catering to personal expression. We viewed many paintings and photographs from all these themes. Our guides were very knowledgeable and encouraged us to be inquisitive and share our opinions. I personally liked the hands-on activities such as the ''expressing India in 2030'', ''creating a mythological god'' and ''creating a self­ portrait'', which grabbed most people's attention. Here, we learned to work together as a team and at the same time being independent. In all honesty, we learnt about things that cannot be related to academics per se, although I found the information regarding the said subjects so interesting that I immediately wanted to learn more. I enjoyed the experience and the wide range of visual and conceptual knowledge we took away. Overall, I found the experience quite satisfactory and would recommend the school to arrange similar trips in the future for eager art lovers.                                                                           

                                                                                                            Anushri Savanth

                                                                                              Grade 9 IG

Artworks by the students

Art Work

Art Workshop

Museum of Art

Primary Showcases Writing Skills at Publishing!

  Primary students are being taught to hone their writing skills. During Publishing, where they showcase their learning, Grade 1 constructed stories based on the tagline ‘How to…..’ and wrote on topics like ‘How to Play Cricket’, How to Brush your Teeth and How to Decorate a Christmas Tree’. Meanwhile, Grade 2 and 3 were encouraged to write about small moments, with a focus on details, including showing a character’s small actions, dialogues, and internal thinking. Some very interesting stories emerged with titles like ‘The Last Point’, ‘My flight to Chicago’, and ‘The Ticklish Hour.’ Grades 4 & 5 were taught to conduct research using primary sources and write narratives that are reflective and theme-based. Some of the topics they wrote on included, ‘Animation’, ‘How firecrackers are polluting the Environment’, and ‘Drums’; all displaying immense talent and grasp of concepts taught.

Celebration of Learning (COL) with Primary Student...

  I was amazed to note how much the children have developed in the last year. They presented the learnings of the election process so well and related it to their personal experiences. They were also comfortable being spontaneous and funny. The debate was also very well done, with the children speaking so coherently on such an advanced subject. Topics such as Demonetization, GST, secular nation all seemed to flow effortlessly from them. Truly remarkable! I also noted how all the children seemed so comfortable with Radhika ma'am. She was in the background gently encouraging each child and they all seemed to draw their strength from her reassuring presence. The children also related so well to Vernon Sir and listened to him. I was pleasantly surprised to see a shy child like Abhishek speak so confidently in class. The school has helped him find his voice and self-confidence. Thank you! Viji Vennelakanti This year, Primary school students have been exploring ‘Patterns’ in their Theme Based Learning classes. The students shared their learning with parents and peers during COL through debates, displays, music, dances, and student-led sessions. Students of Grades 1 - 3 chose to create portfolios on topics like ‘Patterns’ in the body to sense the world around us’ and ‘Animals in the Desert’. Grades 4 & 5 focused on ‘Patterns in the Universe and the Solar System’ and ‘Patterns of Plants and Animals’ and debated on Demonetization, GST, and a secular nation. Some classes used portfolios they had created to take their parents through the learning, while some classes chose skits, dances, and music to showcase their learning; others chose to take their parents through guided instruction. They demonstrated experiments and tested their parents understanding by getting them to apply their learning and complete the lab activity. The students’ efforts were clearly apparent as parents who attended the event were truly appreciative and delighted by what they saw!

Grade 5 Moving Up Assembly

  At the end of every academic year, the fifth graders do a Moving Up assembly. It is a significant time as the students are moving up from 5th grade to 6th, from primary to middle school – where the changes are numerous. They take this opportunity to showcase their talents as a grade but more important, to bid adieu to their friends and teachers in primary. During the course of the assembly, many students expressed their gratitude to the teachers. The theme of this year’s assembly – ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’ - a quote by Helen Keller; which resonates with one of the core values of Inventure Academy - to constantly nurture teamwork and individuality. The different sections of Grade 5 held varied performances: 5a sang two songs – ‘Come Together’ by Beatles and ‘Alone’ by Alan Walker 5b displayed numerous yoga asanas and spoke about the benefits of yoga in today’s world 5c enacted a skit based on the theme of teamwork and integrated a dance in the story and a song at the end 5d synced a dance performance, which they had choreographed by themselves, to the tune of Cold Water by Major Lazer The students had put together everything from the yoga display to the storyline of the skit and the steps of the dance, within a span of two weeks.

Inventure Academy Primary School – Celebrati...

[gallery ids="4769,4770,4771,4772,4773,4774,4775,4776,4777,4778,4779,4780,4781,4782,4783,4784,4785,4786,4787,4788,4789,4790,4791,4792,4793,4794,4795,4796,4797,4798,4799,4800,4801,4802,4803,4804,4805,4806,4807,4808,4809,4810,4811,4812,4813,4814,4815,4816,4817,4818,4819,4820,4821,4822,4823,4824,4825,4826,4827,4828,4829,4830,4831,4832,4833,4834,4835,4836,4837,4838,4839,4840,4841,4842,4843,4844,4845,4846,4847,4848,4849,4850,4851,4852,4853,4854,"] Our Primary School students explored many wonderful things this year at Inventure Academy, including plants, the human body, bones, animals & their adaptations, living & non-living things, matter, maps, sound, and the universe - all through the theme of PATTERNS! Today, the students proudly presented an outstanding showcase of their year of learning. Parents, faculty & friends enjoyed their theme-based performances of song, dance, skits, experiments, mazes, and even a fashion show! Here are a few highlights from the day. Stay tuned for the full photo album and video.