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Swimming Meet – Individual Championships

  Topping the medal table with 25 points, Surabhi Parthasarathy (Grade 5) was a clear winner at the Primary Swim Meet, followed by Aayush Kannan Datta and Arin Vugane, who scored 19 points each. Surabhi said her victory was because of her training and determination. “I just wanted to win, especially for my brother who has gone off to college this year; to show my love and that I will miss him.” The full list of winners is below:

Individual Championships

Name House Points
1 Surabhi Parthasarathy Nurturers 25
2 Aayush Kannan Dutta Arin Vugane Nurturers Adventurers 19
3 Tia Bali Adventurers 18
4 Manan Gupta Venturers 15
5 Arjun Ambarish Kenghem Venturers 13
6 Sunaina Balakrishna Nurturers 13
7 Jiya Gupta Venturers 10
8 Aakriti Ravinder Inventors 8
9 Rohan Agarwal Shaurya Kaushik Adventurers Nurturers 8
10 Abhishek Mukherjee Adventurers 6

Inventure Academy wins Best Delegation and sweeps ...

Breaking all records, Inventure Academy swept the awards at the WE Model United Nations (WEMUN) China Expo 2018, held from 2 to 8 August 2018 for high school students. WEMUN plays host to delegates from up to 30 different countries. It in the largest permanent Model UN conference in Asia. A total of around 900 delegates participated at WEMUN 2018. Team Inventure bagged 10 out of 12 awards including the most coveted WEMUN award for Best Delegation (#1 team overall), beating reigning champions the All American Team (who have been champions since 2012)! Individual awards for Inventure Academy included: ● 5 Best Delegate awards: Kaavya Mundkur (Grade 9), Dhruv Iyengar (Grade 9), Kiara Jacob (Grade 9), Arya Murthy (Grade 10) Vaania Kapoor (Grade 11) ● Best Position Paper: Anirudh Mody (Grade 10) ● 4 Honorable Mention awards: Anjali Agarwal (Grade 12), Manas Singh Bhati (Grade 9), Raghav Chari (Grade 9), Yash Visal (Grade 9) Nooraine Fazal, Founding CEO & Managing Trustee, Inventure Academy: “In a world which is increasingly voting for autocratic leaders, “strong men”, and getting polarised, it is important for children to learn how true democracy works and the benefit of global institutions such as the United Nations. It is critical for our children to learn the power of collaborating effectively with other leaders & nations to find solutions for the many problems that we face as humanity. In addition, China is now well on its way to establishing itself as a super power, perhaps even displacing the US hegemony. It is therefore good for our students to get exposure to China & establish friendships with Chinese students.” Inventure Academy has been participating at WEMUN for the last three years. A 20 strong contingent participated in WEMUN 2016 and won the Outstanding Delegation Award (overall runners up team), besides bagging 15 individual awards. A team of eight Inventure delegates won four awards at WEMUN 2017. The WEMUN Expo is an internationally recognized Model United Nations platform headquartered in Beijing, China. Since 2007, they have hosted the WEMUN Expo Conference, a collaborative effort between Boston University, the University of Chicago, McGill University, Oxford University, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University and others. The WEMUN conference is facilitated by Worldview Education, a global academic simulations platform, which engages in educational experiences in India and around the world. The MUN experiences in this program include Harvard India, China and Boston. It also includes Yale MUN, Ivy League Conferences and several other international conferences. The program includes a historical and cultural exposition of Chinese heritage and tradition. Inventure Academy has been working closely with Worldview Education for over eight years now.

Inventure Academy hosted second Arogya Bhagya (Go...

Inventure Academy, in affiliation with Round Square, hosted the second edition of Arogya Bhagya – a health camp event for neighbourhood government schools. A day long event, it took place at the Inventure campus and catered to over 300 students from these government schools. The event saw doctors and volunteers from the Inventure community volunteering their time and expertise to provide medical screening and create medical records (or Kahaaniyans) for these less privileged students. The health checks comprised:
  • General medical examination, height, weight, BMI
  • Vision and auditory test
  • Basic dental health check-up
  • Deworming Tablets twice a year
Through this event, we hope to improve the general health of students so that they can further enjoy the benefits of education. According to government sources, every year about 2 million children under the age of seven lose their lives due to preventable diseases and we hope to change this through these initiatives. We aim to conduct health workshops and screening camps interspersed through the year in the three government schools around our community in Dommasandra.  Happiness and bonding are also by products of this venture – with fun and games organised for the kids while they waited their turn. Popcorn, cotton candy, game stalls, mehendi, face painting were on offer for these delighted kids. The close bonds between the Inventure and government school kids was evident - a result of Inventure’s ongoing Community Outreach programme.                        Darsh Kadam (Grade 12) said this about the event, “Days and weeks of planning were finally worth it when we saw how happy the children were when they came to our school. They rarely get the freedom that they had at Inventure and the sight of them running around the corridors definitely taught us all not to take things for granted.” While Rivika Aarons (another Grade 12 student) said, “Arogya Bhagya was a day full of patience, hard work and fun. So worth it in the end, as we now look forward to seeing all these children healthy and fit for school.”  

Student Council Members 2018 – 19


Middle and Senior School

School Captain Divij Gupta
School Vice Captain Bhavya Anil Visal
Sports Captain Vinaya Seshan
BA Captain Kaushik Kunal Singh
Adventurers Inventors Nurturers Venturers
House Captain Sarah Abraham Ridhi Saksena Rivka Aarons Nilanjana M
House Vice Captain Sports Varun Bali Anjali Menon Rishi Gupta Aashna Naik
House Vice Captain BA Garima Amarnath Ananya Seth Anoushka Das lshita Gupta
Academic Prefects  Changemaker Prefect Community Outreach Prefect  Academic Prefects
  Samyukta Shrivatsa 12 ISC Ananya Gupta 11As  Aditya Kolisetti 11As
    Ananya Chaudhary  11As

Primary School  

Head Girl Kayli Diya Maini
Head Boy Samit Rao Vudathala
Sports Captain Arhaan Sehgal
BA Captain Aanika Abhay Feagans
Adventurers Inventors Nurturers Venturers
House Captain Ojus Mehndiratta Ekaansh Balaji Surabhi Parthasarathy Yash Dhawal Parekh
House Vice Captain Saanvi Prasanna Mia Bhat Aadi Gupta Naisha Kunal Ruvala

Workshop on Cross Cultural Intelligence for Grade...

  An insightful session into what it takes to work with people from different cultures was held for Grade 12 as part of Preparing for College and Beyond. The session was facilitated by Ms Rachna Singh who has over 20 years of experience as a Learning and Organization Development professional and has studied cross cultural communications at the Tokyo Academy of Communication, Japan and developed several learning modules on cross-cultural skills. Rachna Singh is also one of India’s top humour writers and has published five books. Workshop on Cross Cultural Intelligence The topics covered were:
  • A broad model that can be used to characterize different national characteristics as linear-active, multi-active, and reactive.
  • Different cultures and how they shape attitudes toward time, leadership, team building, and affect a range of organizational behaviors.
  • Common patterns in different cultures with examples of how different groups act under different situations.
  • How to prepare oneself for being a successful professional in a multi cultural organization.
Grade 12 Inventurers Her depiction of real life situations in other countries due to cultural differences was hilarious and had the students enjoying every bit of her lecture. Yet, they understood how important it is to recognize and accept cultural differences and the best ways to work around it while studying / working in another country.

King Constantine Medal Winners

  Sahithi Pingali and Sanaya Katrak receive prestigious Round Square King Constantine Medals for outstanding spirit of service and work for the community Each year, the prestigious King Constantine Medal* is awarded to deserving students in Round Square member schools, who have shown exceptional acts of service to others creating a positive and long-lasting impact on the local environment and community and helped promote and support the ideals of Round Square in their school. This year Sahithi Pingali and Sanaya Katrak (from the Class of 2018) are our inaugural King Constantine medallists for their commendable efforts. Read more about their accomplishments below. Congratulations to both! *The medal is named after the King of Greece, Constantine II, who is currently the President of the Round Square Board, as well as the Patron of Round Square. As a teenager, he attended Anavryta School in Athens which later became a founding Round Square member school, which started his lifelong connection to Round Square. Sahithi was first exposed to the impact of development on Bangalore’s lifeline - our network of lakes - in July 2015, when she won a scholarship from Inventure to participate in the American India Foundation (AIF) program, to study the impact of urban development on scarce resources. Sahithi was also part of the Inventure team that participated in the Our Lakes Our Voice (OLOV) (an Inventure Change Maker initiative) aimed at students from AIF and Inventure doing an experiential case study on Varthur Lake, a 450-acre water body in Inventure’s vicinity. Sahithi The team’s findings through OLOV prompted Sahithi (the Change Maker OLOV student coordinator) and her team to research the various factors that contribute to the pollution of our water bodies through surveys, sessions with experts, and interviewing people who live and work around the lakes, while carrying out regular testing on ten different Bangalore lakes, for over a year. Sahithi went on to develop an integrated mobile phone app and lake monitoring kit which is being used to visualize changing lake conditions by crowdsourcing lake monitoring to citizens and students. All the collected data feeds into a first-of-its-kind live web-based water health map of the world which automatically indicates the status of each monitored water body. Sahithi won several awards for her research on 'An Innovative Crowdsourcing Approach to Monitoring Freshwater Bodies' at key Science fairs in India and the US. Sanaya has been working for the environment since she was in primary school and successfully convinced her school in Delhi to switch from paper to electronic communication - thus reducing the use of paper. Sanaya joined Inventure in Grade 10 and has been doing much to share her love for our Earth and its inhabitants: including interviewing pourakarmikas and writing articles about them for Citizen Matters online magazine to contributing to our Our Lakes Our Voice project. Sanaya and Sahithi and their team worked together with faculty to set up a water testing lab at school. Sanaya Sanaya's smiling face has been a constant in whatever she does: from helping to organize changemaker events at school, gathering volunteers for several projects to being the MC for our first ever changemaker challenge event at UB City. changemaker events at school

Inventure Academy teams up with Mu Sigma to bring ...

Why do sales of ice cream fall in the summer in Dubai?* This question kicked off the muPathshala decision sciences workshop at Inventure on 24 May. muPathshala has been designed through a unique collaboration between Mu Sigma and Inventure for our 9th and 11th Grade students. The workshop aims to equip students with the skillset, toolset, and most importantly mindset required to tackle VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) in today’s constantly changing real-world paradigm. It complements academic education with real-world problem solving skills to empower students with an interdisciplinary approach to connect Math, Technology, Design Thinking, Arts and Behavioral Sciences for problem solving.                       The workshop will be conducted over four sessions in the next few weeks and will culminate on 14 July when our students will present their learning to parents, faculty and their Mu Sigma mentors. During the first session, students were split into teams to work on real life case studies that have especially been created for our students, with accompanying data sets and charts. The students were excited to embark on this unique journey in problem solving and learnt that Mu Sigma evaluated answers to complex questions as either “correct” or “not yet.” One 11th Grader aptly summed up the first session with his comment: “this is so cool!!!”

Kaushik Kunal Singh wins four awards at the 2018 I...

  Kaushik Kunal Singh continued his winning streak when he won three Special Awards and one Grand Award at the recently concluded Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) at Pittsburgh, PA. He competed in the Plant Sciences category with his project “The Plant Doctor: An Artificial Intelligence Based Collaborative Platform for Plant Disease Identification, Tracking and Forecasting for Farmers”. Intel ISEF is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition and featured nearly 1,800 young scientists selected from 420 affiliate fairs in 81 countries, regions, and territories. Kaushik qualified to be a part of Team India at ISEF by winning at India’s largest research based science fair IRIS (Initiative for Research & Innovation in Science) National Science Fair, organized by Intel, Department of Science & Technology of the Government of India, and the Indo-US Science & Technology Forum (IUSSTF). Kaushik received the following awards at Intel ISEF on 17 & 18 May, 2018: First Place Science for Development Award by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) USAID is the federal government agency responsible for administering foreign aid. USAID works to promote economic and social development in more than 100 countries around the world. China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) Award for Ability and Creativity in Science and Engineering Project CAST is the largest organization of scientists and technologists in China. One of its missions is to promote public understanding of science. CAST awards are given to the projects that best reflect the originality and innovation of the students' work in all scientific disciplines. Samvid Education Foundation – (Third Place) Agni Award, honoring Dr. Abdul Kalam, former Hon. President of India SAMVID, a non-profit organization, provides a platform for K-12 students and encourage them in honing their academic skills in STEM areas of specialization. Grand Award - Fourth Place, in the Life Sciences Category Team India’s exciting journey for Intel ISEF in Pittsburgh started in New Delhi with a sendoff ceremony and Technology Day organized by the Government of India (attended by the Hon’ble President of India and the Minister for Science and Technology). At ISEF, after an enjoyable grand opening ceremony, the team got down to work with the project setup and preparations. After months of perseverance and many rounds of judging, he was overjoyed to receive the awards at ISEF. Kaushik is looking forward to continuing his work to alleviate the plight of farmers who lose significant crops to diseases without access to agricultural experts. He is also elated that his passion for applying the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud to come up with innovative solutions to broad challenges has been recognized. Kaushik is very thankful for the support and guidance he received from school, family and mentors at every step.

“The Sky Isn’t The Limit” Our Experience at ...

Overview Last week, 7 students from Inventure Academy of grades 7 to 10 visited Mayo College, a prestigious boarding school in Ajmer, Rajasthan for a conference based on space science - Mission Discovery. The highlight of this conference was the contest based around it- to design an effective and noteworthy experiment that could be conducted on the International Space Station. The winning experiment would be launched into space to be carried out by the astronauts aboard the ISS. Teams were assigned to the students: sixteen groups from a massive number of about a hundred and thirty students. After a few team building activities, we were all set to the task. It seemed incredibly daunting at first, but we had several mentors to help us. Steve Swanson, a retired NASA astronaut who had been to space not once, but four times; Sarah Murray, who also worked at NASA on the Orion mission project, and Chris Barber, the director of the program were present to teach, lead and assist us. They provided a remarkable insight on life on the ISS, and working with NASA - everything from spacewalks and suit dynamics, to how to work well in a team. Through the team building activities we did, we were able to work past our differences as a group and get to know each other better. On the third day of the conference, another mentor, Julie Keeble, a pharmacologist at Kings’ College, London, joined the team. She helped us take our ideas a step further, meeting with all sixteen teams and answering the endless flow of questions we had. By the end of the program, we had all worked extremely hard to present the final outcome of our research. Every team managed to put a thought provoking and intelligent experiment on display. We were content and proud that we managed to navigate our way through the seemingly mammoth task, and made it out successful in the end. Winning team and team building activity winners Through several team building activities, such as giving their teams interesting and memorable names and coming up with catchy newspaper headlines based on astronaut Steve Swanson’s space experiences, the students at the Mission Discovery conference had a chance to have their work and abilities recognized by their peers. Their creative writing and design skills were put to the test when they were given challenges that focused on their communication abilities, and how accurately yet interestingly they were able to convey their learnings from Swanson. Several teams won a challenge, which was motivating, as well as standard-setting for the other teams. The team naming challenge was won by the team called ‘Captivating Comets’, including Inventure Academy student Siya Dwivedi, and the newspaper headline challenge based on Steve Swanson’s space mission experiences was won by the team called ‘The Infinites’, which included Anvay Das, another student of Inventure Academy. As the sessions involving the real experiment design came to an end, the students of all 16 teams finalized their experiments and prepared for their presentations. At the end of the 16 presentations, 6 teams with promising experiments that were likely to work and make a difference were chosen by the judges. The teams then had to then present their ideas in front of a panel of judges and all of their peers, as finalists. There were two finalists from Inventure Academy: Sanjana Shahane, whose team found a way of reducing carbon dioxide on the International Space Station, and Siya Dwivedi, whose team investigated methods of increasing the immunity of plants to be grown on the ISS. Although neither of these teams won Mission Discovery, a very worthy and interesting experiment did, based on decreasing the amount of plastic on the ISS through the use of waxworms. The students returned home more certain on what they want to do with their futures - ready to face what awaits beyond our planet. By Akriti Kartik, Sanjana Shahane and Siya Dwivedi

Holi by Shrushti and Inika

  I thought Holi was…. A celebration of good over evil A festival of colours A time for communities to come together A new beginning But yesterday it became A distasteful affair A shrewd opportunity for unknown hands to grope me I looked around for the culprit But all I see are people behind coloured masks In despair I vow Never again It’s a scheming event for acid attacks Lives ruined under the pretense of celebration Undeserving pain and burnt skin Wondering why me? In the end all I have is Bitter reminiscence of traumatizing touch And tenacious throbs of scalded skin I check the news and see The sheer number of narcotic-induced fatalities Is this really Holi? A celebration of good over evil? A festival of colours? A time for communities to come together? A new beginning? It’s time we restore Holi to its founding truth So no man Or woman Or child Walks away disheartened Or traumatized Or scarred It’s time we stopped and see who we’ve become So we leave Inspired Dignified Determined And spread colour Instead of darkness Spread harmony Instead of nuisance Spread faith Instead of fear It’s time we restore Holi to its founding truth