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Class Outbound Trip Updates

Inventure Academy Outbound Trips
Grade 11 Inventurers at Naagtiba

Outbound Trip Updates from INME- 17th October
What a wonderful day today in all the camps….

Grade 4- Coorg
Today is a non-physical day at the camp. Everyone will be inside the campus and doing different learning initiatives together. The kids will be divided into teams today and they will build their own mini campus out of the natural material available all around. They will also have a fun activity called Natural Outdoor Art where we let their creativity run wild with art supplies present at the camp. It’s a cloudy and cool day at the camp perfect for all these activities. Lunch will be provided with fresh fruits for them to relish. Post lunch begins HELTER SKELTER!! The Inme Olympics, The kids will be divided into teams and the teams will compete over a series of activities to win the Helter Skelter.

Grade 5- Yercaud
Today is a non-physical day for the campers. Everyone at the campus will indulge in activities that will take place inside the camp. Slight showers in the morning have cooled the campus, the kids enjoyed their morning hot milk and tea even more. They are having their learning initiatives now. and are making learning charts. In different creative ways they are putting down their learnings from the camp. Post lunch is the time for HELTER SKELTER. The Inme Olympics, The group will be divided into teams which will compete with each other in different physical and mental games to win the Helter Skelter.

Grade 6- Uroli
A great participation by kids in the learning initiatives last evening. After an enjoyable dancing session in the evening after soup time, they had a great star gazing session with the campus chief. They observed constellations like Orion and Taurus and were awestruck by the beauty of the night sky. Many of them had never seen so many stars and did not wish to sleep. Morning weather is amazing today the sun is shining bright and the temperature is just right for all the activities. Kaareena’s birthday today at the camp, an she is thoroughly enjoying the camp experience. Double O Seven and Fearless Phantoms have left for their WOW activities after a hearty breakfast of aloo parathas and bananas. Everyone is extremely happy and are enjoying the experience.

Grade 7- Rishikesh
Wonderful weather at the campus today. Group A left for their night out sometime back. They are carrying everything with them that they will need for the night. Tents, food supply, and everything required is being carried by them on this trek. All the group members were very excited to be a part of this night out.
Group B is on its way back to the camp and should reach anytime now. They had a lot of fun last night sleeping under the stars. Today morning they cooked their own breakfast, tea and coffee. They were all surprised to see how well they could all cook when they work as a team. Once they return they will have ‘river time’ where they will cool off in the serene waters of river Ganga. After lunch they will indulge in ‘Your Own Time’ and learning initiatives.

Grade 8- Tons
The group woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and the Tons River flowing right next to the camp. They had their first taste of the Power-Up. They were all warmed up for today’s activities after the exercise. The group was divided into two teams. Team A has left for rappelling, they are enjoying this activity thoroughly. They will return before lunch. Team B has started preparing and planning for today’s night out. They will leave the camp after lunch. They are carrying everything they need during the night out with them. They simply cannot wait to reach their campsite and enjoy the nature while they are at it.

Grade 9- Kedarkantha
Today the group begins its hike to the Kedarkantha Base Camp. They woke up in the morning and planned the entire leg of this trek. They will be taking all decisions independently, the instructors will be overlooking the entire trek as the children lead from the front. They will gain an altitude of 12,500 ft. Once they reach the base camp they will setup their camp and prepare meals. There are no signs of fatigue among the participants. They woke up early in the morning to plan and start their trek. The weather is cool and clear. The sun is shining brightly over the participants.

Grade 11- Naagtiba
Today the children begin the longer and more demanding leg of the trek. They are now acclimatised and are ready for the challenge ahead. The group will gain altitude today and is very excited to climb the height. Yesterday evening and today in the morning the group planned for their trek ahead and are doing a wonderful job. The instructors are continuously guiding them. As the do the trek they are encountering the beautiful views of the lower Himalayas. They also prepared a very tasty breakfast in the morning which was enjoyed by all the participants. (Parents make sure you make them cook some food when they reach back home. They are really good at it!)

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