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Community Outreach Program

I would like to share my experience with the Inventure Academy Community Outreach Program at TC Halli Government School, Dommasandra, Bangalore.
To be frank, when I was listed to go, I thought -‘Oh my Saturday is gone’. Anyway I went to TC Halli School with a open mind. I with my little daughter I took a bus to the nearest point and walked to the school as I didn’t want to use my transport to go there. Mr Ramesh and I entered the class to be welcomed warmly.  It was a great feeling to enter the class filled with bright, children who were waiting to learn.
We had 9 children from our school. After introductions among the children, we did a recap of what was taught. As I  knew Kannada, it was easy for us (those kids and me ) to communicate.  We then assigned each of our children to 4-5 of those children. As instructed the children pointed to  the body parts and started mutually learning it in English and Kannada. In a couple of minutes the children both ours and the T C Halli children  finished the task we had wanted to accomplish for the day. Our children were  tested for the Kannada they had learnt from those children.
The two beautiful things that we (Mr Ramesh and I) noticed were, firstly how easily our children blended with those children and secondly how well behaved and enthusiastic they were. We signed off with a test of what they had learn t and what our children had learn t.  We came out with the feeling of wanting to do more for those children who want to learn.
My fifth standard daughter also had a give and take and enjoyed the experience.
Would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers of the community outreach program for having given us such a warm and enriching experience. I felt we had accomplished something good for the day.

I cannot miss mentioning how cooperative and participative the Inventure bus driver was, during the program.

Prabha Guhan,