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Dear Week

Drop Everything and Read or D.E.A.R, as popularly known, was celebrated with gaiety by the Department of English of Inventure Academy, from 19 th of November to 23 rd of November 2012.The preparation for the weeklong event had begun well before the event with students pitching in to make colorful and vibrant charts of their favorite authors and books. The foyer of the school had a beautiful display stating DEAR in big bold letters inviting even a visitor who walks in to join in on the celebration.
Students of grades 1-8 took part in the D.E.A.R week .Everyday for a week, teachers and students stopped what they were doing and read for twenty minutes. No one had a clue as to when the slot would be in for the day. Ms.Shikha’s voice would float over the P.A system announcing “It’s DEAR time” and the whole school paused in their activity, picked a book and were transported to the world of imagination as they became immersed in reading. Teachers and students read side by side, the book of their choice.
Ms. Sowmya, Head of the Department of English, rightly captures the spirit behind this reading festivity when she says, “DEAR week for me is a celebration of reading. It allows the students to see reading as being part of a regular school day. It creates a community of readers and creates a buzz about reading, an activity that is losing significance in our fast paced world of electronics and computer games.”
Here’s what Inventure students had to say about DEAR week….
Albanna: “A very exciting event which gave me an opportunity to read and see my teachers read with me.”
Kevin: “I really enjoyed it, as I could read the book of my choice for twenty minutes in class.”
Ananya: “Awesome! I love reading. It was fun reading in class without being caught.”
Ayuj: “Dear week helped us try out different genres in a fun manner.”
Mairra: “It was fun and I liked reading along with my friends.”
Rohit: “The dress up day was creativity at its best, because we got to be any character we wanted to be.”
The weeklong reading culminated in a costume contest with the whole school transforming into their favorite characters. Inventure Academy was filled with Harry Potters, Hermiones, Matildas, Sitas, Ms.Marples, pirates and elves. Some of the best dressed ones went home bagging a prize.
The DEAR week was a great way of promoting reading across the whole school. It was a shared and wholesome experience, and got the Inventure community talking about books and reading while conveying a strong message that the school believes in READING .
To quote Johnson, “A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.”
By Ms.Lavanya Vimla
English Faculty