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Deen’s Academy Cricket Tournament by Teghveer Singh Rekhi

This cricket tournament was a really good experience for me since it was my first time attending a tournament.  Our team faced many challenges like misfielding, dropped catches and cross-running.  The first match we played was against Gopalan National School.  We were all wired-up and excited.  Our coaches Jerrs Sir and Deepankar Sir motivated and encouraged us a lot.  Unfortunately, Gopalan initially won.  But, this was not the end…  One of the players on their side was over-age for the tournament, so we had to play a 3 over match against them, which we handily won!

After this game, we had renewed confidence in our own abilities.  We played strongly in every match after that; there were no more mis-fields, dropped catches and no cross-running.  We all felt an immense sense of pride as we reached the Finals.

On the day of the Finals, we played our hearts out against Deen’s Academy and won the tournament!  This was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life and I will never forget it.  I hope we keep performing well in the future, too.  Many thanks to our awesome coaches and to Inventure Academy for supporting and encouraging us!

Teghveer Singh Rekhi

Grade 5