INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

Deens Academy Volkifiesta

As I walked into school I felt really nervous. Today was the day of the limerick competition that I was participating in .With my bag slung over my shoulder I walked to the dining hall and had a quick lunch. After gulping down a quick breakfast I frantically looked around wondering where to go now. That’s when I glimpsed Pranav, my partner sitting in Shikha Ma’am’s class 3A.I jogged excitedly to the class room. I sat down and the next few minutes were spent talking to Pranav anxiously. 5 minutes later Shikha Ma’am arrived with a huge bag of supplies from sketch pens to color pencils. “Good luck and have fun kids” she greeted us warmly. Later Babini Ma’am, the teacher accompanying us on the trip and Vanshika and Diya the 2nd graders who were competing in the Storytelling contest also arrived with a huge smile on their faces.

We entered the large vehicle and drove out of the school premises .Everyone was chatting and listening to the car’s radio music so 45 minutes sped by. As we were stuck in a long line of traffic Babini Ma’am told us “Are you kids ready, do you all have your proof of birth document. Everyone shook their head in agreement. Finally, we reached Deens Academy right on time. All of us were confused as to where to go but we followed the big signboards and found out we had to go through a proof of identity and age check first. There was a lot of waiting as our Limerick event only began at 10.00 am. But Diya’s and Vanshika’s event was now so we wished them luck many times. Soon it was time for our event too.

Ma’am gave us a cheerful thumbs up as we entered class 5B where we would be writing. I stared at the topics written on the board and then at the rules sheet. There were many students from various schools and lots of teachers in the crowded room but thankfully we found a good desk to work at. “Ok kids these are your topics……you have to write two poems………these are the rules…….don’t forget the illustrations….you may start now! “The teacher droned on. Once the teachers handed out the papers we began. Me and Pranav brainstormed for ideas on the topics (food, an inspiring personality and a place) and got off to a great start. 45 mins was almost up and so far we had written two great limericks. One was called once upon a time in McDonalds and was about two fast food items fighting. The other was a very humorous poem about Mr. Bean who had the amazing ability to make everyone around him laugh. We hurriedly finished the drawing and managed to color it in neatly.

“That’s it times up “a teacher announced. Everyone stopped working and I re-read my work asking myself if it was competition-worthy. We walked out of the room munching on late snacks. We waited for Babini Ma’am and the girls and then agreed to have an early lunch as the sun was scorching hot and we were all exhausted. Ma’am kindly bought us enough lunch tokens for the mouthwatering food in the set up stalls. We all had a yummy meal of kaati rolls, dumplings, French fries, pizza , candy floss and many more. With a full stomach we were ready to hear the results.

I walked into 5B with my finger crossed hoping we did well. Once everyone had settled down a member of the staff loudly exclaimed “All of you did well but the winner in first place is …………INVENTURE ACADEMY!” We were so surprised as we walked to the front receiving rather heavy packages and freshly printed certificates. Everyone clapped and congratulated us and as we heard 2nd and 3rd place I couldn’t help wondering what happened to the Storytelling event. We found Babini ma’am who praised us on our win and then said calmly to us “They did really well but did not win “.

“I’m sure you did really well” I added patting the 2nd graders on their back. Many people were sweating and we drank tons of water as we entered the car. The journey took a long time and as I thought about it Deens was very different from our lovely school. We got stuck in traffic many times but thankfully the buses waited as we came 15 minutes late.