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Dommasandra Village Experience – Grade 7

On 14 February 2018 the 7 graders of Inventure Academy visited the Dommasandra villagers to conduct a population survey. This was a memorable first time experience. We met the villagers and had a friendly conversation to find out more about their lifestyle. We analysed age, life expectancy, dependency ratio, literacy, ethnicity and some other demographic concepts. It was mostly a weaver’s community and most people were self-employed. Our curiosity led us to discover more about the habitants of the village. It was a great learning opportunity for us to converse with the villagers, and the demography of the village made our concepts clearer. It was great to connect what we have learned in the classroom to the wider world and real life. We credit this wonderful approach to learning to our wonderful Geography teacher, Ms. Seem Khan.

-Pragya, Tzaara and Kriti;
On behalf of Grade 7