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Dr. Yellappa Reddy educates our students about Saving the Environment.

Students of Gr 7 at Inventure Academy were privileged to have Dr. Yellappa Reddy as a Guest Lecturer and educate them on Lake Revival as part of our Our Lakes, Our Voice initiative.
Dr. Reddy was here to educate the children about the lake revival programmes he is involved in, what they can do as students to save the environment among other topics.

Dr. Reddy shared his experiences with the students who were all ears. They acknowledged the fact by displaying perfect discipline, interest and curiosity throughout the session. His story telling capabilities filled with humour kept them glued to his words. They gave him a standing ovation, and bid him farewell, all the way to his car.

About Dr. Yellappa Reddy:

Dr. Yellappa Reddy is a Graduate in Agricultural Science and a Post Graduate in Soil Science. He is a member of the Indian Forestry Services, and has 4 decades of service in the IFS in Karnataka. Dr. Reddy has served as Administrator of Forests for 20 years. He was also in the Research Wing of the Forestry Services for 10 years, and has also held the post of Chief Conservator, Forests. He retired as Secretary, Deparment of Ecology and Environment, Karnataka. Dr. Reddy has written a book titled ‘Sacred Plants’ – this book is about the plants used in various rituals, and gives the logic and the aromatherapy science behind this usage. Today, Dr. Reddy is the Governing Council Member, Foundation for Ecological Security of India. He is also Member, Karnataka High Court Lok Adalat, as well as the Chief Advisor, Bangalore University Bio-diversity Park. Mr. Reddy is a very active member of Bangalore Environment Trust.

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