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Engaging Students with Science, Art and Literature

Dr. Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD from New York University and a current professor of Physics at UMass, gave a small talk titled “Engaging students with Science, Arts and Literature”

Professor Eisenkraft’s talk was about an on campus Science magazine in which he used to publish physics based problems. Unhappy with the illustrator that he had been assigned, he requested his non-science-based friend Tomas to do the illustrations.

Tomas brings out some very innovative designs which aptly indicate the problems that Dr. Eisenkraft produces, while also making social and political statements.

In the first article he ever published, Tomas illustrated a photon, or a beam of light, as a superhero with the ability to travel extremely fast. He shows this Photon-Man bouncing of various mirrors and thus illustrates the properties of reflection and refraction.

In a similar manner, Tomas continues to provide a deeper and more artistic outlook to various Physics-based phenomena like the dual nature of light, Electron spin, photoelectric effect, and many more.

Dr. Eisenkraft proved to us that science was more correlated to art and literature than we had ever known, and it is often wise to incorporate them both to give ourselves a wholesome education.