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What Does Excellence Mean To You, by Anusha Ramji

Inventurer, Anusha Ramji wins “Mercedes Benz – What Does Excellence Mean To You” contest.  CEO of Mercedes Benz India, Eberhard Kern, recently prompted students throughout India to write 150 words on what excellence means to them.  We are proud to share Anusha’s essay, which was selected in the top five winners of all India.

Excellence, is sheer perseverance.
Excellence, is not being afraid of falling and making mistakes.
Excellence, is tolerance and self-motivation.
Excellence, is taking the stand for what you believe in.
Excellence, is being passionate and feeling strongly.
Excellence, is following your dreams, no matter how impossible they might seem.
Excellence, is finding greatness in the smallest of things and sharing the beauty of them.
Excellence, is accepting that you can do better, even when you’ve done your very best.
Excellence, is striving for perfection.
Excellence, is looking at a problem from every possible angle before making a decision
Excellence, is going out of your comfort zone.
Excellence, is doing and not just trying.
Excellence, is taking a deep breath and making the jump.
Excellence, is living life to the very fullest and seizing the day.
Excellence, is throwing yourself out into the world and embracing it wholeheartedly.
Excellence, is very simply, happiness.

by Anusha Ramji, Inventure Academy, Grade 11