INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

Faculty & Board of Advisors Testimonials

  • In an age of workable paradoxes, Inventure Academy is a school that dares to learn and brings to its Core Purpose the energy of change, innovation and fresh approaches, melding these with time-honoured and tested Values, Practices and Attitudes. I cherish being a part of creating children of tomorrow, without the rhetoric of yesterday.

    Pritam L. Benjamin
    Board Member and Former Principal, Inventure Academy
    M.A., B.Ed.

  • The essence of what I feel about being a part of this team in one word, is “Gratitude”. I am grateful that Inventure exists – a place and a culture that encourages me innovate and to contribute without inhibitions; an environment that is conducive to personal and professional growth. The school has helped me realise that it is possible for teachers to empower children to excel anywhere in the world.

    Sinduja T S
    M.Sc., B.Ed.,
    Founding faculty, Senior School Science teacher & Manager, Academic Quality Management System

  • ‘Inventure values its faculty as being the framework of the institution….’
    Teaching at Inventure for me has been a rewarding experience. I have been able to
    grow as a professional and experiment with both content and methodology. The school
    has been willing to sponsor teachers on various training programs both academic and
    non-academic to augment our skills. Most importantly, Inventure values its faculty as
    being the framework of the institution and we are involved in effectively running the
    school through the various committees that are managed and driven by us.

    A few aspects help to make Inventure the warm place that it is, an important one being
    the lack of hierarchy, which has made the management very accessible to the faculty.
    Another differentiating factor is the capacity and willingness to accept change and
    embrace newer modes of teaching. I was fortunate to be part of new teaching initiatives
    such as the RW program conducted along with Teacher’s College at Columbia
    University, NY.

    To make things even better, we end each term with a bang! Foot reflexology, bowling,
    sit down lunches are just some of the events that were part of our school calendar.
     I am looking forward to learning and growing as a professional in the years to come at
    Inventure Academy.

    Sowmya Narayan Ramesh
    Head of Department – English – 2012

  • When I decided to work as a teacher, my first concern was to find a school whose
    philosophy and culture would help me grow not only as a teacher but also as an
    individual. My journey with Inventure started two years back as I walked into the school
    thinking I know how to teach. Two years and an enriching learning experience later, I
    feel that I have a lot to learn in this field.

    The biggest learning for me in these two years has been the understanding that
    different people learn differently. Inventure introduced me to the idea of Multiple
    Intelligence in a way that a teacher can apply in the classroom to build on the individual
    strengths of the students. Through various workshops and training programmes I learnt
    to develop lessons which would cater to the needs of individual students and provide a
    variety of learning experiences for the same concept.

    Inventure allowed me the creative freedom to implement curriculum priorities, involved
    me in decision making, appreciated my strengths and gave me plenty of opportunities to
    work on my weaknesses.

    Apart from the academics I also learnt the skill to collaborate with the other members of
    the team. Working on the dining and the green team has been a rewarding experience,
    personally and professionally.  I look forward to coming to school every day and facing
    the challenges that present themselves on a daily basis – that’s what excites me and
    gets me charged to give my best and live the motto of the school – Carpe Diem, seize
    the day.

    Ekta Bhasin
    Science teacher
    , Middle School
    Dining Committee and Green Team – 2012

  • ‘At Inventure, learning has always been so much more than a transfer of information.
    Students at Inventure have taught me that learning is
    discovering that something is always possible.’

    Inventure has made my teaching experience rewarding and enriching in
    myriad ways. At Inventure, learning has always been so much more than a transfer of information. Students at Inventure remind me that there is a ‘seeker’ in their DNA and they have taught
    me that learning is discovering. The multiplicity of experiences here has nurtured in me
    an urge and a passion to create an environment to develop my students’ inborn traits
    and their natural intelligences. Inventure has furthered a belief in me that it is possible to
    paint a canvas in each classroom where learners who are different can belong, and where
    uniqueness is the norm.

    Inventure fosters in every mentor a commitment to learning – a conviction that a teacher
    must make a commitment to become learning partners, to learn about learning together.
    To quote Rachel Carson, “If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs
    the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy,
    the excitement and the mystery of the world we live in.”

    Inventure’s motto of “carpe diem” epitomises how it sees itself – not in the business of
    education, but one of seizing the moment, day after day, to work toward the betterment
    of each student. I believe Inventure sets standards for not only academic excellence but
    also for ethical behaviour and sportsmanship, leadership and personal integrity. This
    commitment to each student’s intellectual, moral and physical growth makes Inventure a
    rare educational institution.

    Education at Inventure challenges one, but also prepares the learner for an exciting world that lies ahead for each and every Inventure graduate. It creates a bridge that enables the learner to carry the knowledge of the past into the unknown forms of the future. This whole process is an ‘empowerment’ for me and I am proud to be a part of this process.

    Shikha Roy
    Grade Teacher 3 and English Lead –  2010

  • The best way to describe my three years at Inventure Academy is to say that it has been
    an intense growth spurt.

    In Inventure, teaching has been a rewarding experience. The objectives are very clear. The
    smooth incorporation of the core values into the curriculum is made possible with the
    meticulous and advance planning by the academic staff. The monthly meetings and
    regular interaction with the heads give us the time and opportunity to plan our lessons and
    implement these ideas in our class.

    The syllabus, which has an international flavour, focuses on the child’s overall
    development rather than academic excellence alone. Through bulletin boards, assembly
    lessons and project work they get a varied picture of the different countries’ culture,
    cuisine, festivals and so on.

    Inventure has given me ample opportunity for professional growth. The management has
    empowered me by giving the freedom to apply my teaching experience and my knowledge
    in a creative manner to meet the unique needs of students.

    Inventure offers a multitude of enriched learning experience to its pupils, who they accept as individuals with different needs. It is overwhelming to hear them introduce themselves on stage as a member of the Inventure family.

    My students did an extensive unit on the Rain Forest, Birds and My State. This was a wonderful opportunity to teach the students about the culture of the people there and I look forward to exploring the Ancient Civilization next year.

    Teaching in Inventure for the past 3 years has been very enjoyable and rewarding. I feel proud to be a part of it and I look forward to growing with this organization..

    Neelu Das
    Grade Teacher 3 and Math Lead – 2010

  • ‘Independence and guidance provide great motivation’
    On a beautiful Valentine’s day morning in the year 2008, I walked into Inventure Academy
    and was warmly welcomed by the melodious tunes which filled the air from the music
    room. With great curiosity, I took my first few steps to peep down the corridor to find
    the whole school swaying to the tunes of the music teacher. My first rendezvous with
    the students reiterated my conviction to be a part of the Inventure Team. The days that
    followed only strengthened my belief in the system.

    The Core Purpose, “we aim to instill in students the ability and conviction to realize their
    full potential and excel anywhere in the world”, resonated in my thoughts and aspirations.
    Empowering a child to excel anywhere in the world is sine qua non in today’s global world
    and I am happy to be a part of this great mission. The independence to use innovative
    and creative techniques and the valuable guidance which we receive from the team is
    motivating. I am proud to be a part of the Inventure Team.

    Meenakshi Elangovan
    Grade Teacher – 6 in 2010
    currently Board Examination Coordinator and Grade Teacher 9

  • As a student, I could not understand some of the concepts taught, and on several occasions, although I did understand the concepts, I wondered why we had to learn them. Looking back, I realize that we just studied to pass an exam and never saw their relevance to real life.

    My priority as a teacher has been to get students to see the relevance of concepts and apply them to real life. I didn’t believe in the system of educating students to just write an exam so I quit teaching high school, and opted to teach primary school, where I had greater opportunities to help children develop their higher order thinking skills: help them think out of the box.

    For several years, I have been formulating ideas to make learning experiential, helping students analyse and discover a concept. These ideas are activity oriented and involve different teaching techniques. They have helped students realise their potential and see that there can be more than one way of looking at a situation and more than one answer to a problem. This helps students widen their range of thinking and also look at cross curricular links, helping them look at a holistic picture instead of just looking at it as a subject to be learnt.

    Another very important area that I feel strongly about is student-centred assessment. This kind of assessment helps students focus and convert areas of weakness to areas of strength.

    Thankfully, I am working in a place where I get to convert my ideas to reality. I have a receptive management, students and parents who have helped me make my methods successful, and also encouraged me to devise newer methods to making learning memorable.

    Radhika Surendran
    B.Sc. B.Ed., Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers (CIDTT), Founding Faculty, and Primary School Coordinator – 2008

  • When I walked into Inventure a couple of months ago, the infrastructure and the green environment caught my attention. I knew that was not enough for me to leave my comfort zone in Mumbai. As I went around, a flashback brought lovely memories of my school days. I knew a chord had struck somewhere deep within and was sure that this was the kind of place I would like to be in, as there is a fine combination of Invent + Adventure = Inventure!

    This school has a blend of the latest technology, coupled with the tried and seasoned evergreen values. A couple of years ago, I.Q of the child was given utmost priority, but now it is the E.Q. At Inventure, there is definitely great scope for the students to be emotionally balanced, mentally strong, attain the right attitude and learn to make choices.

    This ‘Utopia’ ambience at Inventure helps students grow into good responsible citizens. In fact the day does not start or end at school. It starts and ends with the bus ride. There are discussions, arguments, debates and sharing on various topics that may range from mythology to patriotism or movies! There is a bonding and mutual learning between teachers and students of various age groups.

    Even during meals, when I eat along with the children, the imaginary walls crumble and trust begins to grow. It’s like one big family having a meal together beneath a huge umbrella. There is a saying that ‘values are not taught but caught’. Students learn not to waste food.

    The research work, presentations, reference work, field trips, along with all the other co-curricular activities aid in the holistic development of the students, which in turn will make them ‘Smart working’ – which is the need of the hour.

    Even as a teacher, there is a lot of scope to innovate and invent. I think I am at the right place at the right time and am doing what I believe in. Moreover, in the short span of time I have been here, I feel I am an ‘Inventurian’! If, as a teacher, I feel so excited going to school…the students…WOW!

    Snehalata Ramachandran
    M.A., B.Ed., Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers (CIDTT), Primary school Cultural & Sports Coordinator, Primary School lead teacher for English and grade teacher for Grade 4 – 2008

  • Having worked in the field of education for the last two decades – both as a regular teacher, and in the area of special needs, it was indeed a pleasant surprise when I was invited to join Inventure Academy. Few schools have the vision to recognize that it is sometimes just a little ‘informed nudge’ that helps a child to recover his/ her confidence and become a productive member of society.

    The wide open, flower – filled spaces around the buildings, the unrestrictive design of the school and the caring teachers make it a cheerful and happy place to be in. This manifests itself in the enthusiastic chatter of the children as they busy themselves in their activities.
    The guided structure that exists – but is never imposed – will enable the children of Inventure Academy to mature into confident, well informed citizens of tomorrow with innovative and enquiring minds.

    Sumita Pillai
    Consultant in Special Education – 2008

  • Based on current training practices – Inventure Academy has studied in depth, the latest techniques and practices from around the world, and given children access to international standards in training at school. It provides me with the opportunity to teach and train the children using these methodologies.

    Kishen Whabi, Sports Director
    2007 to 2012
    National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA – Performance Enhancement Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Kinetic Chain Assessment Analyst, Youth Fitness Specialist

guest faculty testimonials

  • Univariety
    The first workshop conducted by Univariety was an eye-opening experience. I learnt how
    exactly to apply to universities and colleges and the dos and don’ts of applying. The team
    was efficient and fairly interesting in their explanations of various examples of colleges,
    universities, applicants and clients who they have managed in the past. Their explanation
    on the courses available in every subject and the universities offering them had to be
    rushed in order to cover as much as possible, but they managed to convey most of the
    information clearly. It was a learning experience and I look forward to working with them
    and attending their workshops to get a better understanding of colleges and universities. It
    is good opportunity at the right time.
    Sourav Roy 11 AS

  • Univariety
    From this experience, I gained a lot of knowledge not only about the college application process, but also
    the different factors that govern the importance of identifying colleges that best fit me. By talking to the
    counselor, the whole process was clearer and a base has been set for me to plan my college endeavors.
    Vinay Ramkumar

  • Workwise
    This program was immensely helpful in identifying my strengths and weaknesses through various
    psychological and counselling procedures. I was able to shortlist a set of possible careers by exploring my
    personality, interests and aptitude. Although the session lasted for almost the entire day, the end result was
    worth the wait and the whole experience has led me to understand my capabilities and career options. I’m
    sure their advice and feedback will help me make my career decisions more effectively.
    Vinay Ramkumar

  • INME
    Even though I came on the second day of the Inme programme, I still took a lot
    away from the programme. Our instructor was a sincere and very experienced
    man. He was very interactive and he made the programme very thought
    provoking and interesting.

    Read More…
    Payal Kela – Grade 10 IGCSE

  • INME
    Tell a bunch of high schoolers to spend the weekend at school doing leadership activities
    and you will not exactly hear cheers. On an early Saturday morning in July, 2011, we sat in
    our school, drowsy from the heat, waiting for our instructor from Inme to arrive.
    Read More…
    Radhika Malaviya – Grade 10 IGCSE