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Field Trip: Places of Worship

I had a great field trip and visited many different places of worship. The different places are the Ramakrishna Mutt , Ulsoor Gurudwara and St Mark’s Cathedral Church. Each of the places had its own beauty and I had a great time with my friends. I saw  many people at each of these places praying to God and we also joined in the prayers.

The church is a religious place for Christians. St. Mark’s Cathedral is found in 1808. The main features are the beautiful bells and Roman arches. The Holy Bible was there in the Church. We sat on the benches and read the Holy Bible. I saw the Cross and Jesus Christ. It was a beautiful experience.

Serene and silent

We also went to the Gurudwara which is the place of worship for the Sikh religion. It is a very sacred place and we had to be all very quiet. The Gurudwara is a stunning, white building near Ulsoor Lake. Thousands of people come from miles away to get a glimpse of this splendid building. A lot of people gather at the Gurudwara to eat lunch at the “Langar”.

The Sikh’s place of worship
Reverence to the Guru

The final place of worship was the Ramakrishna Mutt. The Mutt has been built in memory of Shri Ramakrishna, a great spiritual leader. It has a beautiful garden that has catfish swimming in water and a pretty, lily pond. It was founded by Shree Ramakrishna’s main disciple: Swami Vivekananda.  The President, of the Mutt, greeted each of us and gave us a pen and notepad and a chocolate.

I had a wonderful day and believe that all religions are equal and we should love all forms of God. We should live in peace and harmony and respect each other’s faith and religion. There is unity in diversity.

Alisha Bose

Grade 3 -A