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Field Trip to Art Bengaluru 2016.


As part of the endeavor towards visual literacy in Art, the Art department had organized a field trip for students of Grades 6-11 to the modern & contemporary art festival called the ‘Yes Bank Art Bengaluru 2016’ on Friday 26th August 2016, at UB City.

The trip was organised for all the students who take Art as an Elective Subject as well as those who have opted for the Art POD for their Beyond Academics.

The Art curriculum demands a constant exposure to artists & their works across categories, & genres. In keeping with this requirement 64 students were taken through a curated walk as they experienced the process of viewing, internalising, brainstorming & learning to critique artworks as a holistic approach to the subject.

They were taken through the artworks of 12 International artists from France, China, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Israel & Peru.
Our students had the opportunity to experience a diverse repertoire such as Abstract & figurative paintings, Kinetic Sculpture , Art Installations, Photography & Prints.

Some of the artists artworks they spent time observing & taking notes on were Daan Oude Elferink, Gao Rong, Henk van Putten, Ji Zhou, Marco93, Shay Peled, Dilip Chaudhury, Sachin Deo , Satish Bhaisare , Siddharth Kerkar , Subodh Kerkar & Surya Prakash .

The trip ended on a high note as the students were surprised by a impromptu interactive session with the Dutch artist- Daan Oude Elferink …who willingly sacrificed his lunch for a question & answer session.


# ” Imagination ” – the one word description by Daan impressed Advit Gupta.
# Every picture /painting was unique – Varun
# How different mediums reflected the mind of the artists & the mood of the painting – Kavya
# Inspiring – Anjali Mallamputy
# Beauty can be found in places that we wouldnt normally expect –
# Fruitful & inspiring journey. – Janet
# All the artists have a different perspective – Aarushi
# Experienced how diverse Art can be – Siddarth John
# Daan advises to follow the field – Stuti Sen .
# Every effort & little detail made the artworks special.- Sarah Baskar
# Art isn’t just brushes & paints.- Rudri
# The artists werent afraid to think ot of the box – Ananya Vepa
# Each artists captured a different emotion – Ishika Singh
# Different & unique methods of painting – Nicholas
# You dont have to be an artist to create Art – Aarushi Matiyani
# Each Artwork showed anyone can connect – Sanjana Bakre
# Variety – Rhea Sokanda

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