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Field Trip to Madura Fashion

Adarsh Sekar, “It was an experience like no other!”

Dhruv Suvarna,”It was really a good experience, to see how hard people work, and contribute to the GDP of the economy.

Raoul Nath,”I found it really interesting how the management allowed the staff to come up with their own innovative ideas on their own, to solve on how to increase efficiency.”

Sanjay Rajesh,” Even though they were 12th grade dropouts, the firm was interested in hearing their ideas on how to increase efficiency.”

Sridhar Prabhu,”It’s always fascinating to see theory being applied to the real world. The management made sure the workers (who are 12th grade dropouts) are involved in the decision-making process.”

We would like to thank Madura fashion ltd. for taking the time and patience to enlighten us through an enjoyable way. Also, we would like to thank  Jyoti  Ma’am and  Inventure Academy  for providing us with this great opportunity to expand our knowledge. Grade  11 ISC

We the students of grade 12 Business Studies, would like to thank Madura Clothing for allowing us to visit their factory and see all the concepts that we have in our textbook in actuality. It’s definitely one thing to read a textbook and another to see how lean production, price determination and other business concepts take place in real life.

It was an incredible learning experience for us and the initial 1 hour presentation was very insightful. It’s quite fascinating to see how we underestimate the amount of work that goes into the manufacture of an article of clothing –this field trip showed us the other side of the fashion industry.

The kaizen room at the end of the door was perhaps the most memorable part, because seeing work enhancing inventions brings a new dimension to the work experience on a whole. We found ourselves admiring the creativity of the workers and it’s hard to imagine that the simple shirts we wore consisted of nearly 21 parts!

Us students are deeply thankful for this glimpse into stock management, kaizen and lean production. We truly appreciate the efforts taken by Madura Clothing to make it a fun, informative trip and we can honestly say that our operations management chapters will be much better understood after this.