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Food Court

Yummy food!

As I heard the bell ring signalling the end of English, I slowly jumped up. “Finally, we’re doing the food court “I whispered to myself. I couldn’t even stay still for a minute.  Everything was too exciting and I could see everyone else was happy too judging by the noise in the classroom. At that minute Neelu Ma’am arrived and we started to put all the food in our stalls. We had to wait for ages but the time was spent well by practising serving food to customers over and over again. Suddenly the noise died down “Good morning Radhika Ma’am” the class cheered. After that tons of teachers started coming in- Shikha ma’am, Prabha ma’am, Anitha ma’am, Lekhana ma’am, Akash sir, Sushil sir and many more. It was such great fun serving all the teachers and at the end of it they all loved it.

After the teachers had left, the class and I got to taste all the food.  It was delicious (the papad didn’t even last a minute). Everyone was completely full and couldn’t even have lunch.

It was a great experience and we learnt a lot.


Grade 4 C

Different Places ….. United by Food

All tables filled with food

Everyone in a hyper mood

That’s when the customers come pouring in

People’s plates full to the brim

Oh what fun opening a food court

Food of all different sorts

“Welcome and good morning “we all say

Everyone shouting Hooray

Rajasthan and the Northern plains

Food that you wouldn’t get in a train

Don’t you think food unites us?

Brings us all together

Food is always there

Whenever, wherever

Even if you don’t like dosa or rice

Food is always there to make our day extra nice


Grade 4 C

Food from all over India!

Yummy Yummy Food

Many different places

All united as one

By yummy yummy food

And we had a lot of fun

We tasted many dishes

And ate to our hearts content

And when we finished all of it

We left a nice comment

We worked very hard

To achieve our goal

And at the end of all of it

The food was stone cold

When everybody left

We packed up all the food

And I for one

Was in a very happy mood

Sannah Mudbidri

Grade 4 C

We tasted most of India!

Did you come to the food court, that was held in 4 C?

Teachers came pouring in fast. Oh My! Oh Me

We tasted most of India, there were delicate surprises

We read and researched it, there were many choices

We were sad when the food court ended, we could not believe it was done

We want to do this again; it was just so much fun

Can you come next time; we will make the food even better

Come for such delicious food, and hearty fourth grade chatter

Kareena  Nair

Grade 4C