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Freedom in our mind

Freedom in our mind; Faith in the words; Pride in our souls.
Salute to India on this Independence Day!

India celebrates Independence Day on August 15th each year. The students of Kindergarten celebrated this occasion on August 14th in their own special way.
The little ones arrived in school all dressed up in beautiful Indian outfits. They spent the day making flags, painting outlines of the Indian map, crafting peacocks out of paper and making tri-coloured buntings to hang in their classroom.
To help our young children understand the concept of Independence Day, a very simple presentation was made that told the children the story of India’s journey. To infuse the spirit of freedom and patriotism even more the children sang “Hum honge kamyab” and then The National Anthem.
The days celebration ended with a dance and each child getting a slice of yummy tri-coloured cake !

Amba Rao