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Grade 4 Learn Life Skills During their Outbound Trip!

‘Independence’ was the learning focus of the Grade 4 students on their outbound trip to Coorg. Elements of rope course like Dangle Duo and Target Jump, bouldering as a medium of understanding themselves better, a day out into the wilderness on different routes, were some of the activities the students participated in. They learnt to cook, to make a map and build a ladder amongst other things!

Outbound Trip

All activities during this Outbound trip was programmed towards exploring various avenues to learn how to be independent.
The trip had been meticulously planned for these students so that along with safety and comfort, they return with insightful experiences and a great deal of learning about independence and team-work.

Inventure Outbound Activity

Outbound trips are an integral and compulsory part of the Beyond Academics Program at Inventure Academy. INME has collaborated with Inventure to create a graded curriculum, so that every year there is a fresh focus and area of learning against the backdrop of adventure activities in different locations. The students learn a variety of skills, both physical and mental, all of which helps to develop their confidence and capabilities.