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Grade 7 Class Outbound Trip – Rishikesh

Waking up to the early morning sounds of the Ganga. The morning was cool and the day is expected to be pleasant and perfect for camp activities. The group is excited and pumped up for the day’s activities. Group A will work towards the next level of ropes course. Focusing on the learning theme of caring for others and empathy, they will indulge in activities that will further help them in gaining physical and mental health. Group B after packing their back packs with all the supplies required have left for the night out. Tonight they will spend their night under the stars with the mighty moon looking over them. They will prepare their dinner on their own and will share the days learning from the trek around the camp fire. The smiles on their faces as they left the camp was contagious. Many just can’t wait to spend many such nights next to the river and under a sky full of stars.

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