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Grade 5-7

Inter-Disciplinary Learning in Grade 5

This term, Grade 5 is going to reap the benefits of inter-disciplinary learning by exploring Egypt and all things Egyptian, in English, History, Geography, and Art. Team teaching is a wonderful tool, because it encourages your child to explore connections and think laterally.

History teaches us about the grandeur of the Egyptian civilization. We learn that it was an age of thinkers and philosophers, a time in which people were far ahead of their Western counterparts in science, in religion, in social structures and everyday values.

We trace the journey of the Nile, from its source to its beautiful, fan-shaped delta, learning about the silt-rich alluvial soil, and how the Egyptians planned their crops in preparation for yearly floods.

We study the constellations as the Egyptians saw them. We also discuss the impact, big and small, of stars on our lives. When we finish, the list is very long, and we realise how important astronomy must have been to the ancient Egyptians.

We code the symbols in the hieroglyphs to the letters of our English alphabet, and start a small journal in the persona of a Pharaoh, an accountant, a farmer, a mason, a cat… all written in that amazing pictographic form.

We use paper cutters (with Ma’am supervising us) and old pencils to create styluses, so we can reproduce the hieroglyphics found all over the tombs and pyramids of the Egyptian civilization. Some of us make portraits, and others, scenes from the desert and the building of the pyramids. One group is designing masks that the Pharaohs used to wear.