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Graduation Ceremony 2012

Graduation, the time in life where the straight asphalt road branches off into several new paths. On March 29th our beloved 12th graders graduated, and left to embark on their individual paths. The highly anticipated “Grad ceremony” took place in the evening, and our graduates looked resplendent in their sarees and suits. An air of pride and poise surrounded them as they made their way to their seats. A sea of proud family member and friends were present at this intimate yet important ceremony. The 10th graders also celebrated their “Moving up Day”, during which each of them held a candle, and when their candles were lit by Mr.Ganapathy and Ms.Varsha Saxena, it became a symbol of added respect and responsibility.
Mr.Irfan Razack, Mr.Lalitesh Katragadda, Ms.Nooraine Fazal and Mrs. Nafeez Fazal
The ceremony started off with numerous speeches that the graduates will fondly remember in the years to come. Our esteemed guest Mr.Lalitesh Katraggada, founder of Google India and Google Map maker, enthralled us with his motivational speech. Our trustees Mrs. Nafees Fazal and Mr.Irfan Razack, and our very own principal Ms.Mallika Sen and CEO Ms. Nooraine Fazal gave us their words of wisdom and advice. Students from the graduating class:Surya, Divya and Shalaka also shared their thoughts and emotions, on what was a truly momentous day. Not only were there speeches, but there was tons of music as well. From songs sung by the choir, and a moving song by the famous graduate duo Aashna and Akshay, the ceremony was tinged with a musical note.

But the best part was the intros for each graduate, ranging from funny to outright hilarious these descriptions aptly portrayed our graduates! Not to forget the thoughtful CD that accompanied them. Pictures speak more than words, and this was proved by the slideshow that was put up, memories captured by camera….it rendered our graduates speechless. After the entire ceremony, the graduates and 10th graders posed for a host of pictures, so that every moment could be remembered…..
However, after 8:00 was when the real fun began! Following their rendezvous with their family, the graduates were ushered to the “AFTER PARTY”. Though our graduates are leaving Inventure, they’re only moving on not out. They will always be a part of our school and they will be fondly remembered. Each of them will take a separate path and we wish them all the best in their lives to come. As a school they are assured of our love and support. Bye bye 12th graders we will certainly miss you but we’re sure you’ll never forget Inventure!
Sruthi Ravichandran
Grade 9IGCSE