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Happy Teacher’s Day


Knowledge –

Great, Everlasting

Shines like light

Reflections on the truth;


It shines like a beacon in the distance,

So easy, yet impossible, to attain;

The ultimate treasure which one can seek to gain:

That glowing lamp, shrouded in mist;

Obscured by the fog of ignorance.

Without it, one will be lost,

Filled with fear and doubt.

Just a blind man, wandering about.

So avoid all foolish delusions,

Reach that brilliant lamp, at any cost.

It is difficult to find it all by oneself,

Several guides must show the way.

And in the end, one owes it to they:

Wonderful, loving TEACHERS,

Who reveal the path to success.

They tirelessly explain and instruct,

Helping one learn from one’s mistakes,

They put in all the effort it takes,

Preparing one for all obstacles,

Showing how to rise and construct.

So celebrate every teacher,

Give thanks to those who helped you discover:

That wonderful lamp in the distance,

No longer obscured by doubt and ignorance.


Intelligent, encouraging

Steer lives towards knowledge

Deserve so many thanks

Sahithi Pingali

Grade 7 A